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Womanizer DUO

Womanizer duo, double your chances of reaching orgasm

Women's sexuality is no longer a taboo. Whether alone or with a partner, the vibrator is becoming the essential accessory for discovering the female sex and its hidden pleasures.

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items

Womanizer duo, a clitoral stimulator that also takes care of your G-spot

Since the first women's liberation movements, taboos concerning their sexuality have been lifted and they have shouted to the world their right to pleasure. The female sex then opens its doors to a relaxed exploration in search of its pleasures. Even if it is still difficult to demand an orgasm from their partner for some of them, womanizers have been invited in their intimate games to maximize their chances to touch the 7th heaven.

A new generation of sex toys for these ladies, the womanizer was designed to make this small erogenous organ with 8,000 nerve endings wriggle: the clitoris. Thanks to the device's air pressure waves, adjustable in intensity, the clitoris is caressed without being touched. This is to avoid an over-stimulation that could become unpleasant. This clever clitoral massage dosage leaves you with no choice but to quiver with desire. From now on, you won't be able to see your foreplay in the same way.

And as if that wasn't enough, this powerful clitoral stimulator comes with a vibrating dildo to titillate your G-spot. What do you mean, you don't believe in the G-spot? Maybe you never found it. It's that small, highly erogenous area about 3 cm from the entrance to the front of your vagina. It is the point of contact between the inner wall of your vagina and the inner part of your clitoris. Imagine being stimulated simultaneously externally and internally at different intensities! This is what the womanizer duo offers. With it, the G-spot will no longer be a myth and you will be able to find it easily to play with it.

The specificities of the womanizer duo, the womanizer for your intimate games

The womanizer duo is both a clitoral stimulator and a G-spot detector. With its ultra modern and sober design, it will find its place even in the most reluctant environments to show this kind of sex toys. With its silicone coating for a touch similar to a soft caress, the sextoy has two independent motors. One for the vibrating dildo with 12 powerful variations to get to know your vagina and its sensitive point. Another for the clitoral stimulator working with Air Technology. A technology that uses air to transform it into pressure waves. The sensations on the organ are then intense and incomparable. With 12 intensities, it adapts to the most sensitive clitoris with its Super-Soft mode as well as to those of the most expert with its Super-Power mode. The stimulator is sold with two heads including one XL. Completely waterproof, you will be able to scream your orgasm under a cool shower or a hot bath. The womanizer duo has an autonomy of 120 minutes: 2 hours of ecstasy to chain orgasms. Comes with a small bag to store it inside and keep it away from prying eyes of children or relatives. The womanizer can be refilled as many times as you like. It is easily cleaned with a simple sex toy cleaner. A water-based lubricant is recommended to facilitate your intimate massage sessions.

Why use a vaginal and clitoral vibrator?

While many women are content with their partner to have a fulfilling sexuality, some of them like to vary the pleasures and need certain stimuli that only an expert of the female body can offer. For the play partner, the womanizer is a great way to fulfill the tactile expectations of the lady. Not only does it allow their users to get to know their clitoris and G-spot, but it also raises the desire before a more traditional penetration. Indeed, it is often said that the female sex is like a diesel engine: it needs to be revved up before it can function at full speed. The womanizer duo makes it easy to put the lady in excellent conditions of desire and pleasure so that she can then take care of her partner.

For singles, the womanizer duo is a good substitute for a man's penis for vaginal stimulation. The clitoral stimulator provides the same effects as a well done digital or oral caress. Don't be afraid of masturbation. It is no longer a taboo and more and more women are talking about it openly without any embarrassment. It allows you to get to know your body better by awakening your senses, but also to reach orgasm more easily when practiced regularly. You will be able to guide him more confidently when the opportunity arises.

Our range of masturbators is a testament to this revolution in lifestyles: the womanizer one to focus solely on the clitoris, the womanizer liberty for your naughty desires while traveling or on the go, or the womanizer premium which combines the new technologies smart silence and autopilot. The recent brands of connected sex toys we vibe and romp join and diversify this growing market.

In short, whether you want to spice up a session for two (as foreplay or alternating throughout your lovemaking) or to enjoy yourself solo while discovering new sensations, the womanizer duo is the gift to give yourself.

How to reach orgasm?

Orgasm is not reserved for only one part of the female population. If some women have forgotten about it, thinking that they are unable to reach it because of their past experiences or their age, perhaps they have not learned to feel the different parts of their body sufficiently, especially the most erogenous zones like the clitoris.

During intercourse, it's important to release mental tension and be in the body. To do this, begin to relax by taking a nice bath or shower while soaping yourself in full awareness. Feel the touch of the sponge or hand on every part of your body. Don't put up any mental barriers when you start to feel the pleasurable sensations. It is normal to feel pleasure when touching an area of the body that is denser in nerve endings.

If you're with your partner, show him or her the areas that are most sensitive to caress and that feel good to you. Give him the rhythm and the intensity to adopt so that his touch is the most pleasant possible and does not become a bad moment to spend. Only you know each other perfectly, educate him to your body map by expressing yourself to him like a compass.

The womanizer duo has been designed as a real expert of your erogenous zones. Moreover, it adapts to the size of your clitoris thanks to its two stimulation heads. The clitoral stimulator will titillate the pleasure button without touching it thanks to air-pressurized waves that you can adjust in intensity. A clitoris caressed continuously and too hard can cause unpleasant sensations. That's why the womanizer will alternate the pressure waves. The sexual tension rises gradually. The clitoris is filled with blood and becomes denser. It is also stimulated on its inner wall thanks to the vibrating vaginal sextoy, specially adapted to caress this area. The famous G-spot! The small organ with thousands of nerve endings is thus caressed on its external and internal part. The body contracts as the desire and pleasure rise. When the sexual tension overwhelms you, when it reaches its highest level of intensity, the orgasm is triggered. This is followed by a much appreciated relief phase with the relaxation of the body. The muscles relax, causing spasms or tremors.

How to use the womanizer duo?

Take a moment to relax if you are solo. You can start to rub a moisturizer all over your body to get in touch with it. If you like erotic literature, it's great for creating an atmosphere for masturbation. When you feel relaxed, slowly caress your erogenous zones such as the clitoris. As your excitement builds, invite the womanizer duo into your session by moistening its penetrating part with a little water-based lubricant. Then turn on the device and set the desired intensity. Slowly move it towards your crotch and let the sextoy penetrate you. Place it so that it is in contact with the front wall of your vagina and listen to your feelings. Once inserted, bring the clitoral stimulator closer to your clitoris. Adjust the head if necessary and vary the intensity of pressure according to what suits you best. Now feel the clitoral area being stimulated externally and internally. Let yourself go to the pleasure. Play with the vibratory variations to increase the sensations. The 7th heaven is getting closer to you little by little.

For a session for two, invite your partner in a game of caresses and kisses. When you feel the desire, ask him to stimulate you with the womanizer duo and watch him while you feel the pleasure.

When you're done with your session, clean the masturbator with a sex toy cleaner. These cleaners are designed to keep the silicone coating of these devices clean. You can then store the womanizer duo in its very discreet bag until its next use.

What additional accessories can I use to intensify the effects of the womanizer duo?

For more pleasure and for more experienced women, you can couple clitoral and vaginal pleasure with anal pleasure. Our fetish and bdsm store has many toys to awaken you to this practice. Anal plugs for example are ideal to discover new sensations. By a game of introduction and extraction, the anal zone which is very erogenous will awaken and make spout a whole cascade of pleasures. You will find them in different sizes and materials, vibrating or inflatable. For those who like to stay in the classic, we have online more conventional dildos in different sizes.