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The cosmetics of pleasure.

YESforLOV, a French cosmetic of excellence, at the service of intimate and loving well-being

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Showing 1 - 6 of 11 items

The first luxury brand exclusively dedicated to sensuality was born in 2008, on the Champs-Elysées

YESforLOV, natural erotic cosmetics, typically chic and glamorous, terribly "Made in France". This year, say "YES" to a practical and uncomplicated love life, demanding and fun.

Learn the art of love the French way. Whatever your orientation, explore a complicit and sensual sexuality, for a refined and always renewed pleasure.


In their products? Unprecedented sensory experiences, innovative formulas, specific textures and irresistible fragrances. Everything is done to make YESforLOV an indispensable part of your bedroom

From the couple's elixir to the intoxicating massage oil and the unlimited freshness lubricant... All the YESforLOV products offered at Dèmonia are linked to the pleasure of the skin and the games to be shared

Thanks to innovative packaging and the highest standards of quality in their field, YESforLOV combines everything related to the blossoming, comfort and inventiveness of love life under the same banner: YESforLOV, a French cosmetic of excellence, at the service of intimate and amorous well-being.

The YESforLOV approach..

To invent the cosmetics of pleasure by taking inspiration from the best of nature to innovate in a sustainable way.

To achieve this, Christian Palix, the founder, has surrounded himself with a team of researchers, formulators, biologists, perfumers, regulatory experts, sexologists and even gynecologists to identify needs that have been ignored for years

After 15 years of expertise, YESforLOV continues to transmit its art of love, products that respect your intimacy to help you explore each other's bodies, to awaken the magic of each other, the taste for play for a program full of joy