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Written by Marc Dannam
208 pages


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Our society is full of prohibitions... It's time to play with them!

Inspired by the most surprising prohibitions, this book proposes 120 games for adults only: as many ideas for scenarios, to flirt with the limits and play with them. The objects, the places, the roles, the wildest fantasies...
Everything will be a pretext for erotic situations that are a little transgressive - but never dangerous, of course.
Adults and consenting, without violence or humiliation, you will play with everything that comes to your mind or to your hand, as long as it is a bit disturbing or usually forbidden

It is forbidden to waste food!

So let's play with fruits and vegetables,

especially if they have explicit shapes.

Public profanity is not allowed,

let's abuse the "dirty talk".

It is forbidden to be topless? Let's free the breasts!

It is forbidden to usurp an identity, so let's be someone else..

No cheating on exams?

Let's reinvent the classroom!

The book also offers a glossary of all the "paraphilias", these bizarre erotic fetishes, which we do not even suspect the existence: 200 terms explained and giving rise to ideas for scenarios, which will allow you to play and shine during the dinners!