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Bondage accessories for a complete domination

Whether you are an enlightened amateur or a BDSM novice, restraint is a key bondage practice that allows you to spice up your sex. Chains and carabiners will allow you to immobilize your partner in order to inflict the exciting punishments he deserves. To practice bondage, it is essential to choose quality chains and carabiners of the right size, in order to immobilize your partner at your convenience. These will allow you to fully submit your partner.

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Showing 1 - 6 of 17 items

What is Bondage?

Bondage is one of the four components of BDSM (Literally: bondage, discipline, domination, submission, sadomasochism). It is a practice that generally aims to immobilize one of the two partners during sex, usually until orgasm. The immobilized person is placed in a position adapted to the sexual act with the help of bDSM accessories such as leather harnesses, ropesropes, straps or even spreader bars.

The word bondage itself comes from the English "to bond", which means "to bind" or "to tie". It also covers the whole of the practices of immobilization like camisoles, neckbands, corsets, the leashes of subjected or subjected or other clothing restricting the movement of the person.

Sexual restraint is practiced by men and women of all sexual orientations. It is an art of letting go. The submissive position has nothing to do with heterosexuality or homosexuality; this is why it is common to see purely heterosexual men taking pleasure in being tied up with chains or wearing an SM collar.

Immobilizing your partner: a thrilling BDSM practice

As part of a sex game, the immobilization can be more or less extensive: some will choose to immobilize only the upper body, others may go as far as to completely immobilize their partner's body for a long time, up to several hours. Indeed, one of the advantages of this practice is that it can be adapted in intensity to the desires of the partners and to their attraction for BDSM. It is possible to start slowly in the world of SM constraint by attaching for example with chains a handcuffed person to the bars of a bed. For the more expert, the constraint can be more intense, placing the submissive person in a humiliating position thanks to ropes and snap hooks, fully offered to his dominant who can then dispose of it or correct it as he wishes.

Once taboo, this practice is nevertheless ancestral, and some countries have even raised it to the rank of art. This is the case in Japan, where the submissive is tied up with ropes in positions as artistic as sensual, on the ground or suspended. This particular way of constraint is called Shibari or kinbaku. Whether suspended or tied to a bed, the possibilities offered by the immobilization of a partner are numerous and exciting. This practice allows you to realize your fantasies of submission, but also of humiliation, torture or domination.

Why immobilization can spice up your sexual relations?

You may be wondering how immobilization can add something to your sex. In fact, it has many benefits and will allow you to experience the pleasures of sex in a different way. By being totally or partially offered, the immobilized person can completely submit to their partner, letting go of everything. He or she is no longer in a position to decide and can therefore rely on others. The person who restrains her partner will feel a great deal of excitement at being in total control of the BDSM game. She will decide when the other person will feel more or less intense arousal, and can take advantage of this to use other sex toys such as sex toysshe may also use other sex toys such as sex toys, controlling the timing of the submissive's orgasm or, conversely, preventing him from reaching orgasm until he gives the order.

Coercion during the sexual act can take place as part of a game of submission and domination only in the bedroom, or more generally in everyday life. The subjected person, who can also wear an SM necklace to show his belonging, or a leash of submissive or submissive, will be able to feel a total abandonment and to devote himself to the good pleasure of his master. This one will be able to take advantage of the immobilized body of his partner, taking him to the end of the pleasure.

How to choose your chains and carabiner for BDSM play?

The constraint within the framework of a SM game is a very common practice, which gets very strong sensations. However, in order to fully enjoy this moment of pleasure, it is necessary to carefully choose your SM accessories such as your ropes and other carabiners. These two BDSM accessories have different uses. Indeed, the ropes make it possible to bind the members of the subjected person or to bind the partner in the manner of shibari. The carabiner allows to link together various instruments of constraint, like handcuffs or or spreader bars to a collar or a leashto a collar or leash for example. Carabiners can also be used to connect a BDSM accessory such as handcuffs to a leather harness worn by the submissive.

In order to fully enjoy the delights of restraint, it is necessary to choose reliable and robust SM accessories. That's why Demonia offers you only high quality accessories. You will find in particular ropes typified shibari skin-friendly shibari ropes, so that you can tie your partner up safely. For the choice of carabiners, you will find carabiners and chains that are resistant to pressure, so that they do not break during SM play. It is also possible to opt for a stress kitwhich contains all the necessary elements for BDSM restraint. Of course, all our packages are sent in total discretion.

Then, you just have to choose the BDSM accessories that you will use during your SM games. For that, the master is you. Indeed, the only limits are your imagination and the personal limits of each participant. It's up to you to imagine the positions in which you want to immobilize your submissive, according to the practices and corrections you are planning, but also to the material you already have. Don't hesitate to choose several sizes of chains so that you can dispose of your partner's body in the exact way you want.

How to immobilize your partner for a BDSM game?

Bondage is a sexual game that is practiced between consenting adults. As for the number of participants, it is up to you to define it. It can be practiced between two people, in couple or not, but also with several. In this SM game, we distinguish the person who ties, the dominant, and the person who is forced, the submissive. The roles are not gendered: it is not uncommon to see a woman tying a man, quite the contrary. All the interest of BDSM is to put in scene its fantasies and to leave the shackles as well as the predefined roles in our society.

Before starting the bondage game, the parties involved establish a "contract" which stipulates the limits of each one and in particular of the subjected person. This agreement is necessary before the game, because it is possible that the oral communication is not possible during the bondage, if the person is gagged. By having specified in advance which practices she formally refuses, the submissive person can confidently rely on the dominant person. This allows the submissive to let go with confidence and without worry.

To ensure safe play, the parties also agree on a code that signifies an immediate end to the game: the safeword. This is a word that, when spoken by the submissive, ends the act in progress. The dominant stops whatever is going on and releases the submissive, untying the ropes and removing the BDSM restraints. In the case of a bondage session where the submissive cannot speak, the safeword can take the form of a specific movement, such as a certain number of ground strokes or any other code understood by both parties. This measure allows the dominant to respect the submissive's limits and not to cause him more pain or humiliation than he could bear.

These two measures, the contract and the safeword, will ensure that your SM play is respectful and fulfilling, for your greatest pleasure.

You will have understood it, it only remains for you to choose your chains and other BDSM accessories in order to spice up your sexual life. These practices will allow you to discover a world of pleasure and consensual suffering that will overturn your senses. Thanks to the chains and carabiners offered on our online sex shop, you will be able to give free rein to your fantasies of submission in complete safety, since you will be able to fully rely on the sturdiness and quality of your BDSM accessories. So, are you ready for new sensations and to put yourself fully in the hands of your partner?