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Indulge in anal pleasure with our range of specialized plugs

The anus is the object of many taboos, but it is the gateway to a whole range of pleasures. The anal plug and other prostatic massagers are the ideal accessories to discover them and free yourself from unfounded complexes.

What is an anal plug and why use it?

The anus is an erogenous zone in the same way as the glans in men or the clitoris in women. It also deserves to be pampered and to stop being neglected. The anal plugs are these small gifts which one can make to him to honor it. There is no shame in experiencing pleasure by playing with his anal area. Taboos are no longer necessary and many people prefer a life made of all kinds of sensations.

An introduction to anal pleasure

The anal plug is a member of the sex toy family, just like the dildo. Unlike the dildo, which allows you to experience the pleasure of complete and deep penetration, the plug helps you prepare for anal sex. During foreplay, in particular, it will titillate the muscles of your anus - an extremely erogenous zone - to gradually relax them. This sextoy, a real object of pleasure, becomes the preliminary step to tame and overcome your fear of sodomy, especially during the first times. It is used whatever the age, the sexuality and the gender. Indeed, anal pleasure is not reserved to a particular gender: men have as many nerve endings in their anal area as women. When he has accepted that experiencing pleasure through the buttocks does not make him a repressed homosexual, he can give himself up to the joys and orgasms that prostate massage brings him thanks to the plug.

For tenfold sensations during sex

The plug is also an excellent way to strengthen the male erection - by stimulating the penis at its root - and to have abundant ejaculations. For women, the anal plug helps tighten the walls of the vagina by triggering muscle contractions. It thus enables her to increase her feelings at the time of her sexual frolics, in particular by the stimulation of the glands of Skene (glands located between the vagina and the urethra). For couples, it enhances vaginal penetration: when he penetrates his partner, the man can feel pressure on his penis through the wall between the vagina and the anus. Single men are not left out since the anal plug invites to powerful masturbatory sessions where the feelings are amplified. It can also be a good preparation for the dildo.

A jewel to highlight your buttocks

This toy is also an anal jewel - called rosebuds - of different shapes and materials, decorated with stones for example, and can be worn during the day discreetly under clothes. Each move becomes a source of pleasure totally invisible and ends up becoming a game between the members of the couple. The partner imagines his half walking by his side, wearing the plug in the middle of the crowd. A little advice: go to sleep with an anal plug and enjoy the sensations when you wake up!

Now that you know a little more about this little anal toy, let's see what is available on the market and in our SM store.

What are the different types of anal plugs and their specificities?

There are different models suitable for beginners as well as the more experienced. You will find the model that suits you best according to the anal pleasure you are looking for in our BDSM store:

  • basic plugs: of different sizes, they have a conical shape to facilitate their insertion in the anus. As you insert them, the diameter of the plug will increase to finally reduce once completely inserted. There is no risk of the sextoy disappearing into the rectum once inserted since the base of the anal plug is usually a wider, flat base - whether vented or not. Basic plugs can be made of soft rubber or silicone. They can be made of other materials such as glass, metal or wood;

  • ball, bead or pearl plugs: they are generally found in a round shape. They are intended for the more experienced. Inspired by Geisha balls, these plugs contain a ball or a bead - of different sizes - and can form a whole string. Designed to prolong and punctuate anal pleasure by providing breaks between each ball pass. It is up to the user to choose according to what he wants to feel;

  • tunnel plugs: they are inserted directly into the anus to enlarge its diameter and allow the passage of a male sex or an object such as a dildo, for example. They can also be slipped over the partner's penis to give it more thickness for more sensations during penetration. These plugs can have different specificities: with balls, vibrating or dilators for the amateurs of strong sensations;

  • spreader and expansion plugs: a step further, if you are a fan of dilation, whether it is to experience anal orgasm or to prepare for fisting. These plugs are great choices for relaxing and stretching your anal walls by applying pressure to them;

  • vibrating plugs: once inserted, the vibration of the anal plug tickles the entire erogenous zone of your bottom. On some of them, the vibrations can be triggered by the partner using a command;

  • rosebuds: small jewels to bring an aesthetic touch to your posterior and to provide you with anal pleasures;

  • prostate stimulators: for you gentlemen, these plugs are designed to massage your prostate, a real zone of pleasure and orgasm.

With so many choices, it's not always easy to know which plug to buy. Let's discover together how to choose your future anal toy.

How to choose your plug ?

Choose your anal plug according to its use

The choice of your anal plug will depend on the use that you will make of it. If you are a beginner, do not burn the stages and start with a small basic plug in the shape of cone, small and fine (from 1 to 3,5 cm). You can then evolve in the game and start on more specific and larger plugs.

The type of material of the different plugs

The type of material is a criterion not to be neglected since it can influence the hygiene of the product. It is advisable to choose a durable, non-toxic (phthalate-free) and waterproof (non-porous) material. Let's review these materials together:

  • silicone: it is hypoallergenic, durable, flexible, pleasant to the touch, non-porous, can be sterilized by boiling and is easily heated to body temperature;

  • metal: durable, easy to clean (by sterilizing it in boiling water or in soapy water or bleach), does not deform, allows the play of temperatures (it can be heated or cooled in water.) ;

  • rubber: it is soft, hypoallergenic, flexible, durable and is found in most sex toys in general. However, its smell and taste are not unanimous. It is also porous and more difficult to clean;

  • glass: easy to clean because it is non-porous. It is resistant and requires less lubricant than other materials since glass is naturally slippery. Suitable for freshness sensations. It is also phthalate-free;

  • wood: rather used as a decorative object, it can become porous and rough with age. It is advised to put it in a lubricated condom before introducing it;

  • plastics: not as pleasant as silicone, nevertheless, they are non-porous and recyclable materials. For those who are concerned about the environment...

Have you made your choice yet? It's time to take action!

How to use an anal plug: instructions for use

The best time to use your plug

The best time to use a plug is when you are completely relaxed. It's best to start foreplay with your partner to build up sexual desire. When the temperature has risen a notch, the anal plug is the perfect time to discover new sensations.

The ideal position to introduce your sextoy

The ideal position is the one that suits you best: lying on your side, on all fours, squatting, etc.

Preparing to use your anal plug in the best conditions

First of all, make sure you use a well-cleaned product. It is strongly recommended to use a lubricant to facilitate the passage of the toy and avoid pain and tears. You smear some on the object itself and on your partner's anal crown with one or two fingers. It is advisable to be delicate during this stage, the important thing is to adapt to the person who will be penetrated.

Inserting the plug

Once the anus is well lubricated, the plug can be inserted gradually. It is a moment of listening to the partner who will decide on the depth and rhythm of the penetration.

What are the risks when inserting an anal plug?

The risks can be bleeding caused by micro-tears. To avoid this, it is advisable to prepare the session well with lubricant and not to choose a plug that is too big if you are not used to it.

And after the session, what do I do?

Once the sextoy is out of the anus, it is important to clean it. To do this, clean it according to its type of material. It will then be clean and ready to be used for the next play session.

We're there! Your session went well and you are ready to complete the sex toy case under your bed. The Dèmonia fetish store has many accessories to add to your collection of pleasure objects.

What should I use my anal plug with to vary the pleasures?

You've discovered the pleasures of inserting a plug - and the pleasures of removing it - and you'd like to know how to vary the pleasures with other accessories? Here are some suggestions:

  • dildos: Dildos are generally shaped like male genitals to allow for anal penetration and to get pleasure from the back-and-forth motion. They come in all sizes and materials with certain specificities such as vibration, for example;

  • aneros: sex toys designed to massage and stimulate the prostate, the G-spot for men;

  • inflatable plugs: real alternatives to traditional plugs to play with pleasures and push back its limits;

  • the remote-controlled vibrating egg : for women who want anal and vaginal pleasure! An egg to be introduced into the vagina to stimulate the G-spot and the clitoris.

Your BDSM store wishes you a lot of sensations and provides you with the best to pamper your anus.