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The rabbits

Rabbits : For a double stimulation and intense orgasms

The "Rabbit": a double stimulation for a combined orgasm

The Rabbit dildos with their vibrating rabbit ears have been a great success with their users and have created many fantasies. Now, they are among the most purchased models.

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Showing 1 - 6 of 9 items

What is a Rabbit vibrator?

The Rabbit is a 2-in-1 vibrating dildo dedicated to female solitary pleasure. It differs from its peers thanks to its flexible but firm ears, which vibrate directly against the labia and the clitoris, while the body is inserted into the vagina. Its shape has been studied especially for women, in order to stimulate the G-spot at the same time as the clitoris, all with the aim of creating powerful orgasms.

Where does this vibrating dildo with rabbit ears come from?

The Rabbit was conceived in the land of the rising sun, namely Japan, where sex toys were paradoxically taboo and forbidden when they took the shape of a penis. The Rabbit was then imported to the United States in 1983 by the Vibratex brand, whose president wanted to develop the concept. However, it was not until 1998 that the Rabbit became famous: thanks to an episode of the famous series Sex and the City.

With the arrival of online shopping, the Rabbit is discreetly added in all virtual baskets, and the sextoy becomes a must-have of female pleasure, in addition to democratize and dedicate the subject. More and more, women assume and assert themselves sexually; the taboo of female masturbation falls little by little, and the Rabbit becomes one of the most sold and declined sextoys in the world in its category.

Why this dildo and not another one?

The Rabbit is not women's favorite vibrating dildo for nothing: the rave reviews about it are the proof. Since its great success, the sales do not weaken, and for good reason: its qualities are undeniable.

The double stimulation

To begin with, it offers a double stimulation at the level of the G spot and the clitoris. Its shape has been thought for women, and the ears vibrate all the erogenous parts of the lips to the glans of the clitoris. Inside the dildo, rotating beads provide heightened stimulation. In addition, many Rabbit dildos are textured, such as with a ring, ripples, or even spikes.

Contrary to popular belief, the vagina is a poorly innervated area. In fact, only one fifth of the vagina is sensitive to touch and temperature changes. This means that only one-fifth of the vagina can provide pleasure. That's why the shape of sex toys is so well thought out: it has to stimulate the right vaginal walls, like the G-zone. Therefore, the double stimulation, of the G-spot associated with the clitoris, offers an ideal combination for pleasure.

The rabbit and its vibrating ears

Many women feel more pleasure when the clitoris is stimulated: this is normal, as it is the only human organ that is solely dedicated to pleasure, and it has about 8,000 nerve endings. It is considered that only 10% of women manage to obtain an orgasm without clitoral stimulation. The small vibrating ears of the Rabbit dildo are therefore the main asset of this sextoy.

The ears vary from one model to another, but they almost all have in common these two small vibrating excrescences. Some ears are longer than others, more flexible, or more rounded: it all depends on the desired sensation.

At the same time, some models have eliminated their ears in favor of a smooth bulb, which acts in exactly the same way, but on a larger surface. The stimulation of the clitoris is then done around the cap as well as on the glans, in order to propagate the vibrations in the whole erogenous zone.

For those who like double penetration

Because the Rabbit is not a dildo reserved for solitary female pleasure, models are designed for double penetration, to be fixed around the penis with a ring. This way, the dildo goes into the anal area, while the penis penetrates the vagina. On the top, the little ears stimulate the clitoris with each movement of the pelvis, offering vibrations to both bodies in action.

How to choose your Rabbit dildo?

Precisely because each woman reacts differently to clitoral stimulation, it is important to be able to select a dildo from the Rabbit range that suits your expectations. For this, you can base your choice on several criteria.

The firmness of the ears

The firmer the ears of the Rabbit vibrator, the stronger the vibrations. The sensations are increased, the pressure exerted as well, and they hold well. However, people who are too sensitive may experience slight discomfort. The Rabbit's soft ears allow the entire clitoris, as well as the vulva, to be explored simply by placing them where they are needed, without having to change position completely.

Rotational movements

Vibration isn't everything, and neither are your hands! Most Rabbit dildos are equipped with rotating mechanisms. Some offer circular motions at the penetrating body, while others relax to simulate back and forth. However, sometimes women don't like the sensation of rotating limbs, and that's not a problem at all, as many Rabbit dildo models don't rotate.

The different types of vibrations

Today, most vibrating dildos have several speeds and modes to suit the user. Some prefer discretion, while others opt for intensity. Whatever your case, there is bound to be a dildo Rabbit to suit your taste. For example, models that have traded in the ears for a smooth surface offer intense and diffuse vibration in and around the clitoris. Others have a vibrating ring that moves along the main body to vibrate in depth and motion.

The body of the Rabbit

The main part of the Rabbit is a vibrating dildo shaped to fit a woman's vagina. The inflated tip and the bumpy sleeves allow to stimulate several very erogenous zones of the vagina: the G-spot of course, but also the deep point. The latter is located near the cervix and is divided into two parts: the front and the back. These are highly innervated areas which seem to appreciate stimulation. However, this one is not or not very possible with her fingers: the sextoy is thus an excellent understanding.

This is where the Rabbit comes into play, since its body is precisely studied to stimulate the G-spot and the deep area with its main handle. The sensations are then multiplied tenfold, and the orgasm is only stronger. Not to mention the play of texture: smooth, beaded, ribbed, realistic, bulbous silicone, with ring... all tastes are represented, so that each woman can take the most pleasure possible.

The bonuses

They are less recurrent and target specific trends, but still exist: the Rabbit dildos with options. There is for example, the one mentioned above, especially dedicated to double penetration in couple. There is also the Rabbit dildo equipped with an electric stimulation mode, as well as the triple stimulation model for anal, vaginal and clitoral pleasure. Some Rabbit dildos are dildo-belts without harness, others have a heated body, and still others are used as cock rings. There is no shortage of models, and all of them are designed to give you a powerful orgasm.

How to clean your Rabbit dildo?

Beyond the rudimentary hygiene, cleaning your dildo Rabbit allows to maintain it in the long term. To do this, you should remember to wipe it down and then clean it with an antiseptic soap after each use. If your Rabbit dildo is waterproof, don't hesitate to wash it under water. If it is only waterproof, use a soft sponge specifically for this purpose. Generally speaking, vibrating silicone dildos should be cleaned with a mild soap and a suitable antiseptic, then wiped with a damp cloth.

Unlike non-vibrating dildos, vibrators have a motor that can be damaged. For this, refer to the instructions or use a sextoy cleaner: they were designed for just this purpose. Be careful not to make a mistake: if non-vibrating dildos can be sterilized in boiling water, it is not the same for vibrators. Finally, when you're not using your toy, just remember to remove the batteries to make sure the motor stays at rest when you are.

How to use a Rabbit dildo?

First of all, get to know your new sextoy. Learn about its features, modes and speeds, touch its different textures and check that its little ears are to your liking. Once you've familiarized yourself with it, and are ready to use it, cover it generously with lubricant. You can now insert it slowly and gently, place the bunny ears at the lips or around the glans of the clitoris, and start enjoying yourself.

Finally, you should know that penetration is not mandatory to use a Rabbit dildo. Nothing prevents you from turning the toy to one side to benefit only from the vibrating ears. And nothing prevents you from sliding them on your body, around your nipples for example, on your belly, or in the inner thighs.

What are the precautions to take with a Rabbit dildo?

The three most important rules about using a dildo are: impeccable hygiene before and after each use, the mandatory and systematic use of a lubricant before penetration, and gentle penetration. For this last point, it is important to specify that the toy must not be on before insertion: start the vibrating functions only once the dildo is inserted, in order not to hurt yourself. However, if you are looking for penetration, of course.

Once the dildo is in place, adjust the intensity and rotation according to your desires. Gradually increase the speed so as not to rush your body, and be sure to avoid too much penetration from the start. Once you've tamed your new toy, you'll be able to use it more freely. And don't forget, after each use, to wash it properly before storing it in the dark, away from humidity and light.