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Anal/Vaginal Speculum

If you like to play doctor, the Anal/Vaginal Speculum will be essential for you

Penetrate your partner's intimacy with the speculum. After using it, you'll know each other more deeply than ever. Anal speculum or vaginal speculum, it's up to you to decide where you want to explore.

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Showing 1 - 6 of 9 items

What is a speculum used for?

A speculum is a tool used to spread the walls of the vagina or anus. This allows you to see inside these cavities and gradually dilate them. Inserted into your partner's body, it allows you to gradually reveal her intimacy while providing new and exciting sensations.

Where do speculums come from?

The word "speculum" comes from Latin and means "mirror". In fact, in ancient times, speculums were simple pieces of reflective metal that allowed doctors to see inside their patients. They have evolved since then and today include branches to hold wide open body cavities such as the vagina, the anus, but also the nose and the ear. In particular, they allow observation of the cervix, the eardrums and the rectum. Gynaecologists and other doctors also use them to perform examinations, take samples or operate on certain lesions. Speculums are therefore, at the base, real medical instruments. However, these objects have been somewhat diverted from their primary function to serve our pleasure. The anal speculum and the vaginal speculum are now an integral part of the BDSM accessories.

Speculums in BDSM

In the SM universe, speculums can be used to dilate the vagina or the anus in view of a penetration with another object like a dildo or a penis. In this sense, a speculum has the same function asan inflatable plug. It allows training in anal or vaginal dilation, which can lead to practices like fisting. The difference is that the speculum has a stronger fetishistic connotation than the inflatable plug. It is also of interest to sadomasochists, as the insertion of a metal speculum usually provokes a mixture of pain, excitement, fear and pleasure. The cold titillates and stimulates the lower body strongly, like a gentle bite.

Speculums are also great for experiencing a sense of submission. With your orifice open in this way, you are totally at the mercy of your master. He will have all the time in the world to observe you from every angle and to impose a wider and wider spacing. Some spreaders are even lockable, as an additional mark of power and possession. You will feel vulnerable and this will be an opportunity for you to surrender, to leave the reins of your pleasure to your dominant. If you like it, you can even ask your partner to put you through some minor humiliation. In the same vein, you can use labia clamps to clear the access to the clitoris and the vagina. Your partner will then have

control over you and can even use them with other BDSM accessories such as a gag or breast clamps.

Medical fantasies and role playing

As specula are basically part of the health world, it is normal that they are regularly used in gynecological and other medical games. Do you fantasize about doctors or nurses? Whether you have a fetish or not, you can imagine an erotic scenario to fulfill your desires. The vaginal speculum and the anal retractor will be a great help to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of this very exciting role play. If you want to make your medical fantasy even more realistic, you can use gloves and masks as well as costumes. Role-playing is a great way to boost your libido and spice up your sex life. Caught up in the game, you will find it easier to forget your daily worries and you will be able to devote yourself entirely to your partner. For the more shy, a naughty scenario allows you to free yourself and dare new practices without feeling embarrassment or shame.

The speculum, an intimidating-looking accessory

At first glance, the speculum can be impressive. It is originally a medical instrument and looking at it from the perspective of pleasure can be unsettling. In addition, it often evokes forbidden fantasies, as it is associated with sodomy, BDSM and fetishism. Unfortunately, these practices are sometimes frowned upon and taboo, whereas they are completely normal, totally healthy. Everyone has their own tastes and preferences. Even if you don't identify yourself as belonging to the world of S&M, you can still feel excitement and pleasure with a speculum. You don't have to use it in role-playing if that's not your thing. You can think of the vaginal speculum and the anal retractor as simple tools to help you relax before you get serious. So don't censor yourself!

What criteria should you look for when choosing your speculum?


Before making your choice, look at all the dimensions of the speculum. If this is your first time using this accessory, don't choose a model with an insertable length that is too long. Demonia offers specula in small, medium and large sizes. These models have two settings: one for the initial opening height and another for the distance. Again, if you are not used to and do not know how to handle a speculum, do not aim too high. For a vaginal speculum, choose small models with a maximum spacing of less than 7 centimeters. For an anal retractor, start gently and do not stretch your anus beyond 3 or 4 centimeters at first.

The material

You should choose the material of your speculum according to the use you will make of it. For example, metal speculums are reusable while plastic ones are not. To clean a metal vaginal or anal speculum for reuse, use a sex toy cleaner or sterilize the accessory like a surgical instrument, by boiling it for a few minutes. With metal, you can play on the temperature, the cold bringing new and very pleasant sensations. Metal is generally very popular for BDSM accessories, as it is a healthy material for the body. It also gives an upscale and luxurious feel to sex objects. However, if the cost of reusable metal specula is a turn-off for you, you can definitely opt for a plastic accessory. Some are transparent and offer maximum visibility during use. Ideal for voyeuristic games. Since they are compatible with medical use, the plastic used for speculums is subject to strict standards. It is therefore safe for the body when used properly.

Vaginal speculum or anal speculum?

Speculums are shaped differently depending on the cavity you wish to use them in. The vaginal speculum consists of a handle with screws, to place the object and play with the distance, and two branches, two rods to insert into the vagina. You can use a vaginal speculum in your anus, but this is best done by experienced people, as the size of the object is quite large. There are speculums specifically designed for anal use. These retractors are smaller and also have an insertable part, with two or three prongs, and a small handle. They are best suited for beginners.

How do I use an anal or vaginal speculum?

Vaginal speculum

Start by adjusting the starting height of your accessory if your model allows it. Before placing the speculum, it is essential to prepare yourself a little. You and your partner can use your tongues, fingers or lubricant. As arousal begins to build, spread the vaginal lips and insert the insertable part of the speculum into the vagina. Do not be too rough. When the accessory is in place, stretch the walls with the handle and the adjustment screw. You can lock the spread so that you do not have to hold the handle all the time. You are then free to enjoy the spectacle of your partner's sex. You can continue to stimulate her vagina and clitoris with your fingers, for example. To remove the speculum, reduce the distance to a minimum and gently pull the object towards you.

Anal retractor

Just like when you insert an anal plugmassage the area beforehand with a little lubricant. When the muscles are sufficiently warmed up, insert the anal speculum slowly, without forcing. Once it's in, you can have fun gradually increasing the distance. When removing an anal retractor, remember to reset the settings to the minimum beforehand to avoid injury.

Tips for use

  • Agree on a safety word with your partner before you start your games. If it is spoken, everything must stop. Choose a non-sexual word, preferably one that is not related to the context of the session, so that there is no confusion. This safeword is particularly useful in role-playing. It allows you to get out of character and quickly brings you back to reality.

  • Always go to an SM specialty store when it comes to buying sex toys or other BDSM accessories. The items you receive will be trustworthy and you will avoid dangerous counterfeits full of manufacturing defects and machined with uncontrolled materials.

  • If you are concerned about encountering fecal matter while using an anal speculum, you can do an enema beforehand. Nevertheless, the speculum can be an opportunity to de-dramatize this taboo. This BDSM accessory is a great help for an effective enema since it spreads the anal walls. Put aside your prejudices and apprehensions and make this hygienic gesture a naughty moment for two.

  • In order not to hurt your partner, always start by inserting the speculum in the position of minimum separation.

  • During the insertion of the object, talk to your partner to make sure that he or she does not feel too much pain.

  • It is important to prepare the vagina or anus with lubricant before insertion. This way there will be no unpleasant rubbing and you can concentrate on your pleasure.

  • Practice handling the speculum before using it during sex. Familiarize yourself with this new accessory by getting used to locking the distance and adjusting the size with the screws.