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Panties and Thongs

Discover our selection of sexy panties and thongs

Whether it is to gain confidence in oneself and in one's sex appeal, to get in the mood for a naughty evening or to prepare for it, to complete a look of dominatrix or, on the contrary, of submissive... all the reasons are good to crack on a pretty panties or a tempting thong.

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Showing 1 - 6 of 46 items

Panties and thongs

When choosing sexy lingerie, take the time to compare the different shapes and materials available, as these two criteria in particular will have a great influence on your comfort.

Do not hesitate to try several models in order to determine those in which you feel the most comfortable. The important thing is that you like your panties or fetish thong: if you find them pretty and comfortable, you will be much more easily tempted to wear them and they will make you feel sexy without any effort!

The different types of panties

Panties, thong and tanga

When it comes to sexy lingerie, there are many models to choose from. The most widespread and easy to find are the panties and the thong, revisited by many designers of women's underwear.

The panties

Everyone knows the traditional panties, this feminine underwear fitted sometimes wise, sometimes naughty. Allowing a multitude of shapes, materials, colors and accessories, it covers the female sex and part of the buttocks.

The panties can be a nice finishing touch to a sexy outfit, but they can also stand on their own. Moreover, some models are designed to be worn even during your games with others!

The thong

The thong covers only the pubic area and leaves the buttocks visible. Its name, meaning " string " in English, refers to the string located at the back of the garment and passing between the buttocks.

Thus, the thong is appreciated for not leaving any panty mark under the clothes, whether it is a fetish pants, a fetish dress or a sexy skirt!

The tanga

The tanga is a clever in-between, mixing the comfort of the panties and the exposure of the buttocks.
Its shape is less minimalist than the thong, while keeping its sexy aspect. If their cut is indeed strongly similar, the back string that is found in the thong is replaced by a triangular strip of fabric covering the top of the buttocks, while sculpting them.

In recent years, the tanga has caught up with the panties in the ranking of the most popular women's underwear, but also the most sold. It has also become a very common form of swimwear.

At the same time, the world of naughty accessories for men has also appropriated this highly sexy piece. Men's thongs are made up of a single elastic band running along the waist, the only link between the two complementary pieces of fabric.
You will find many models of underwear and other leather harnesses for men at Demonia.

Open panties and thongs

We mentioned above the underwear designed to be worn during group play, such as penetration. This is indeed the case of open panties, also sometimes called bare ass panties. As the name suggests, this accessory leaves the vulva and/or anus area completely open, depending on the model.
This can be a nice surprise for your partner, who will have nothing to take away from you when discovering this naughty accessory!

There is also a thong equivalent, since the principle of the split thong is to reveal the vulva through its thin opening along the lips.
So take the time to explore your preferences to find the accessory that suits you best!

Garter belt panties

We all know the garter belt, the sexiest accessory that must be fully assumed by its owner. Although highly seductive, the garter belt can nevertheless be complicated to wear, impractical or uncomfortable.

That's why a garter belt model can make your life easier. Once put on, the garter belt stays in place, does not come off and does not slide down the thigh, unlike traditional garter belts.

Other panties and thongs

Lovers of naughty lingerie are fortunate to have many variations ofsexy accessories at their disposal.

To complete a rocker or fetish biker costume for example, there are leather studded panties with small straps or adjustable rivets.

If you prefer lighter, more delicate and feminine materials, turn without hesitation to the ruffled panties. They remind of the classic dancers' tutus, both light and airy.

Finally, fans of open panties or slit thongs can also try out zip-up panties, or unzippable or detachable panties. These offer the advantage of being able to remove without sliding down the legs. Ideal for those in a hurry... or during bondage sessions, where one of the partners will be totally immobilized!

The different materials of panties and thongs

The material is one of the most important criteria to take into account when choosing your sexy lingerie. Indeed, some materials are more comfortable than others: so privilege the materials pleasant to wear if you begin in the universe of the bdsm or the soft fetish!
On the contrary, the regulars can explore their sensations with more imposing models, which will not fail to surprise and excite their partners.


Latex is probably the most emblematic material of theBDSM universe. This synthetic elastic material has been popularized by fictional characters such as Trinity in the Matrix trilogy, or Catwoman in one of the Batman movies.

Both sheathing and flexible, latex is known to enhance the curves of the figure while enhancing the forms. Quite comfortable, the second skin aspect of latex panties and thongs gives the impression of a naked body covered with paint. This is why this material is particularly appreciated by fetishists!

However, be careful to maintain your latex underwear, because this material is relatively capricious and not very breathable. Finally, use talcum powder if you have difficulty putting on your latex accessories.


Vinyl is often less expensive than its cousin latex, but it also lasts less over time. However, you'll have much less maintenance to do, since you'll only need to wash your underwear in soapy water after use.
And to make your vinyl panties or thongs shine, you don't have to do anything: they shine naturally by reflecting the light!

Be careful, however, if you're hoping to sculpt your figure, as vinyl is much less shapely than latex. However, it is much easier to put on and breathes perfectly, which is much more comfortable for a long wear.

The wetlook

The matte and metallic look of wetlook is reminiscent of a slightly shiny vinyl. Wetlook panties and thongs are appreciated for their breathability, flexibility and elasticity.
They are also easy to put on and take off, while remaining comfortable.

Wetlook is as shapely as latex, and therefore ideal for drawing the eye to your shape whatever your morphology!


Lace panties and thongs are perhaps the easiest to wear if you are just starting out or if you don't dare to wear provocative outfits yet. Often made of silk, linen or nylon thread, lace can also be made of richer fibers.

Very pleasant to wear, to look at and to touch, it brings a touch of sophistication and femininity to any naughty outfit, while letting the skin show. Be careful though, lace is fragile and does not like snags!

Why choose according to brands

You can select your sexy lingerie based on the brands you already like. Many brands specialize in erotic lingerie, such as Maison Close or Catanzaro: by following their new releases at Demonia, you can easily renew your panty and thong collections.

You can also be sure, by choosing a serious and recognized brand, to invest in high quality accessories and pieces that will accompany you for years!

Finally, you give yourself time to get to know new sexy lingerie models that you might not have allowed yourself otherwise or that would have intimidated you at first..

Indeed, sexy panties and thongs are a great excuse to slip into a character or to try out new practices with your partner, all in a comfortable and safe environment.
Ask yourself what attracts and excites you, but also what intimidates or repels you, and share these fantasies and limits with your partner. Then, why not get interested in concepts that are completely new to you, such asswinging or libertarianism!

This can be the opportunity to discover together the world of BDSM and its derivatives. Let yourself be tempted by sexy outfits and costumes, or new sex toys... Some of them are absolutely essential as their success was resounding, as it is for example the case of the Womanizer.
Think also of complementary accessories such as lubricants and other stimulants to spice up your moments together and discover new sensations.