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Magic Wand: the reference clitoral stimulator

The Magic Wand clitoral stimulator, formerly known as the Hitachi Magic Wand, is the reference clitoral stimulator in the Womanizer range.

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Showing 1 - 6 of 10 items

What is the magic wand?

Known as a real orgasm machine, the magic wand stimulates the clitoris in a few seconds. However, it can be used all over the body, according to your erogenous zones.

Vibrators have long deserved their reputation, associated with solitary pleasures. However, the wand has been invited into the games for two to spice up sexual relations and share new experiences together.

Vibrator, sextoyclitoral stimulator or even vibrating dildodespite its many names, the magic wand has only one objective: to stimulate the clitoris. This small organ, located at the top of the vulva, is a real gateway to female pleasure. More or less sensitive depending on the woman, it can be awakened in different ways. The wand plays on several speeds of vibration in order to adapt to all the desires and expectations of its users.

Where does the magic wand come from?

This famous vibrator is both a sextoy and a massager designed to relax tense muscles.

Designed by the Hitachi electronics brand in the United States in 1968, it was originally designed to relieve the neck, until the sex educator Betty Dodson adopted it as part of her workshops to teach women different masturbation techniques. The Magic Wand became her favorite tool, and began to be marketed as a sex toy in the 1970s.

One of the factors of its dazzling success is undoubtedly its silhouette, far from the phallic shape suggesting that the female pleasure would be necessarily subjected to the penis. Moreover, its robust and durable construction has seduced buyers for 50 years.

What does the magic wand promise?

The models have diversified widely over time: larger or more compact, wired or wireless, the wand massage looks like a large microphone because of its long handle and round head. It stands out from its competitors by its powerful and very effective vibrations, allowing even the most unsatisfied women to quickly reach strong orgasms.

This sextoy differs from the classic vibrator by its use. Indeed, it is only suitable for external stimulation, while the vibrator is suitable for both external and internal use.

How to choose a magic wand

The choice of the best accessory must be made according to your own criteria:

  • Are you going to use your sextoy alone or with a partner? In bed, in the shower, on a trip?

  • Do you prefer batteries or USB recharges?

  • Do you want external stimulation only or possibly internal?

  • How many different speeds do you want to test?

  • What is the size of your ideal sextoy?

After thinking about these questions, you can determine what your needs are and what features are most important to you. Large, compact or travel model, battery operated or not, wired or wireless, waterproof or not, with more or less different modes: it's up to you to choose your priorities.

For example, if you want to take your wand on a trip and relax in the bath, a compact, waterproof massager that can be recharged via USB is the best choice. On the other hand, if you plan to use your toy at home, you can opt for a larger model running on AC power.

However, you will find accessories to add to your magic wand to test the internal stimulation, using the handle of your massage toy. You can explore your G-spot, your clitoris or your anus.

The different brands

Always prefer to invest in quality equipment. You will then be able to use it without problems for many years. Sub-brands, although cheaper, often offer materials that are not suitable for intimate use and that allow microbes and other germs to proliferate.

It is better to turn to recognized brands that have proven themselves: this is the guarantee of taking care of yourself in complete safety, with peace of mind.

Among the most famous, we can mention :

  • Lovensewhose new models are among the most powerful on the market;

  • Womanizer offers very effective products, which can provide several orgasms in a row;

  • Lelo offers a varied catalog to meet the vast demand of the market. Clitoris vacuum cleaner, cunnilingus simulator, massager for couples, there is something for everyone;

  • The We Wibe is a sextoy for couples, stimulating both the clitoris and the inner wall of the vagina during penetration. It is currently the only vibrator for couples available;

  • Born from the merger of We Wibe and Womanizer, the brand Romp offers effective and affordable accessories.

If you wish to acquire an accessory dedicated to an internal use, turn to the various sextoys available. The rabbits offer to stimulate the clitoris while penetrating the vagina.

To have fun together, from a distance or outside, the connected sex toys are perfect. They are controlled via a mobile application, allowing your partner to make you vibrate with pleasure anywhere and in complete discretion!

How to use a magic wand?

Solo or in duo?

You are free to use your wand during your masturbation sessions alone, or with a partner. It lends itself readily to foreplay, thanks to its rounded head and flexible neck allowing it to reach your erogenous zones without problem.

Solo, you are in control of the situation and have total control over the movements of the toy, its vibrations and their intensity. Lubricate the head sufficiently before clitoral stimulation for a better experience. If the vibrations are too strong for your taste, try the wand through your underwear to gently tame your sensations.

Once you are comfortable with your accessory, you can invite your partner to join you. Give him the object, indicate the areas you want him to explore or, on the contrary, give him carte blanche and relax. This is an opportunity to let yourself be surprised and to lose control for a session.

Which areas to stimulate?

The clitoris

Don't hesitate to combine clitoral and vaginal stimulation: many women need both to reach orgasm. You can thus caress yourself at the same time, during penetration. Stimulate your clitoris yourself with your magic wand, or let your lover do it himself.

Apply a water-based lubricant it is suitable for all accessories, has little risk of allergy and protects the mucous membranes. Turn the massager on to the lowest vibration setting, rub your lips against it and place the handle on your belly before being guided.

If the sensations are pleasant, continue and spread your legs, then stimulate your private parts at your own pace. It is up to you to alternate between the different modes of vibration as you progress.

You may want to intensify the vibrations as you get closer to orgasm. Some accessories are designed to further stimulate the clitoris, such as the rabbit ears found on the rabbitthe famous sextoy that takes its name from its clitoral antennae.

The G-spot

It is possible to pamper the G-spot by using a complementary accessory to the wand. Check its size and compatibility with your device.

Apply lubricant once more, before inserting the nozzle. Its powerful vibrations will awaken your G-spot in no time: vary the positions to find the ones you like and that stimulate you the most.

The anus

If you are a fan of anal pleasureif you are a fan of anal pleasure, you can use this sextoy to stimulate your anus or your partner's. It's a great opportunity to gently stimulate the prostate.

Be careful, never insert the head of the magic wand directly during anal stimulation, use an appropriate accessory that will not get stuck in your rectum.

Test your erogenous zones

Having fun exploring your different erogenous zones can be a very exciting foreplay, or a way to get to know your body better.

Run the sextoy up your legs to your thighs, then over your genitals, up to your breasts and nipples... Or try it on your partner! Thighs, flanks, buttocks, nipples can be particularly sensitive to stimulation, as can the penis and its glans.

How to clean a magic wand?

Remember to clean the toy properly before and after use. Warm water and soap may be enough, but prefer a daily sextoy cleaner. This will ensure impeccable hygiene, while limiting the risk of mold and infection. Let it air dry, or with a clean, lint-free cloth.

Avoid sharing your toy. As it is in contact with mucous membranes, it is very important to disinfect it with a suitable product. Shower gels or dishwashing products are not suitable, and do not protect you from possible contamination or allergies!