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Rosebuds® : The glittering anal jewel, made in France

What is the rosebud?

The rosebud is a sextoy used as anal jewel. Invented to highlight the buttocks and the anus, it has since been adorned with various ornaments: precious stones, various shapes, animal tails... The jewel is a real kiss in the center of the buttocks.


Where does the rosebud come from?

The anus jewel was created in 1996 by the artist Julian Snelling. Early adopters quickly became interested in the erotic dimension of the object, and BDSM enthusiasts began using it to stimulate their partners.

In the same way, the pretty sextoy was adorned with fetish accessories to please the greatest number of people. We find anal plugs with various animal tails.

Sexy and sensual, this intimate object has become a widespread fantasy, as well as costumes or the bDSM toys.

What is the difference between an anal plug and a rosebud?

Although quite similar in shape and use, there are slight differences between the anal plug and the rosebud.

The plug is used to dilate the anus progressively and to favour its opening before a possible penetration. Thus, the size and shape can vary according to the desired sensations.

The rosebud is above all a jewel, and is worn as much to stimulate the anal mucosa as for the pleasure of the eyes. This toy is generally made of metal, which allows you to play with its weight and better explore its sensations. Its slim silhouette allows it to be worn over a long period of time without the risk of losing it.

In both cases and in all accessories intended for the anus, the conical shape ends with a widened base in order to prevent any aspiration in the rectum. This is why it is preferable to invest in specialized equipment to indulge in anal pleasure.

How to choose a rosebud?

To begin with

Aesthetics is often what attracts curious beginners, and it is, indeed, important to choose a nice model that you will keep all your life. If some rosebud tempt you more, choose small sizes to initiate yourself to anus jewelry. You will be able to increase the size later on, once you have discovered the sensations of anal penetration.

Turn to teardrop-shaped models first, as they allow for a smooth insertion and you will be able to better determine the rhythm that suits you.

Prefer lightweight aluminum models to metal plugs, which are for the more experienced. Take the time to discover your toy without the weight disrupting the initiation session.


Boxes of 3 to 5 plugs are the best compromise to discover anus jewelry. You can start with a small diameter of about 2 cm, limiting the risk of pain and therefore apprehension.

It is also the perfect ally to dilate your anus little by little during the same evening, for example.

Regular users may prefer an average size of about 5 cm and more, or different shapes from the classic cone. There is a wide range of anal plugsfor all levels.

In any case, listen to your body to prevent any injury or damage to the rectal tissues.

The material

As for all sex toysthe material is among the most important criteria. A good quality toy guarantees optimal durability and, above all, impeccable hygiene! Always prefer to invest in a good, reliable and durable accessory than in a potentially dangerous cheap sextoy.

  • Soft and flexible materials are more suitable for beginners, as they will insert more gently. Silicone anus jewelry is a perfect example. Non-porous and hypoallergenic, silicone is soft and durable: very popular with the uninitiated, it can be worn for a long time without problems.

  • A metal plug is more for the experienced, because of its weight. Easy to insert and maintain, its cold touch is just as exciting as the temperature changes it offers...

  • Hard materials such as stainless steel do not shrink during insertion. In addition, they are heavier and less comfortable to start with.

  • Very aesthetic, aluminum is a good compromise to try the metal plug. Easy to clean, it is perfectly smooth and adapts easily to the owner's morphology.

The new sensations offered by hard materials are very appreciated by experienced people. Moreover, their quality allows them to be kept for many years.

The shape

An anal plug is usually conical, which guarantees easy and gradual penetration. However, anal jewels come in a variety of shapes, more or less fanciful depending on the manufacturer. This is also an opportunity to try other radically different accessories, such as the anal hook.

The interest of the shape of a plug is to stimulate the anus differently when inserting or withdrawing it, because once in place the toy will only be slightly felt.

Some kits for beginners offer several shapes of toys to discover different sensations.

Finally, some accessories are specifically designed for men or women. They propose either to increase the pressure on the vagina, or to stimulate the prostate during penetration or masturbation. In the latter case, choose a slightly inclined position.


Choose your sex toys carefully and look for the widest possible base. This way, you will limit the risk of the toy getting stuck in your anus.

However, you should know that the wider the base, the less comfortable it is. A wide toy cannot be worn for long, but some manufacturers have developed oval bases to remedy this.

The different models

  • The rosebuds small

The rosebuds small measure approximately 2.5 cm in diameter and 3 cm of penetrating base, for the moderate anal pleasure lover.

  • The medium rosebuds

The medium rosebuds have a diameter 3 of cm for a penetrating length of 4,5cm.

  • The large rosebuds

The wide rosebuds are for experienced people. They measure 3.5 cm in diameter and the penetrating base is 7.8 cm.

  • XL rosebuds

The rosebuds XL measure 4 cm in diameter for 8.6 cm in length. As for the xXL rosebudsrosebuds, they require some training.

  • The tail rosebuds

The rosebuds tailare both visual and sensual, feeding many fantasies. Ideal to finalize an animal costume, a standard model measures 2.8 to 4 cm in diameter and can be equipped with a tail of fox, horse, rabbit ...

  • Silicone anus jewelry

The silicone anus jewelry are available in various sizes. Flexible and soft, they are perfectly adapted to beginners.

How to use a rosebud?

Discovering anal penetration

Choosing to engage in anal sex alone or with a partner requires a certain openness and a minimum of confidence in your own body.

Start by relaxing, so that your anal passage is relaxed. Put a dab of lube on your finger and massage the entrance to the anus in small circles. When you feel ready, insert your fingertip slowly, without forcing it. Push it in if it feels good, otherwise don't push.

As you practice, it will become easier and more pleasurable to slide one or more fingers into your anus, and then you can insert a small toy.

Where and when to wear a rosebud?

The rosebud is intended to be both aesthetic and sensual. So you can wear it outside, before a sexual intercourse or during a BDSM play session with fetish tendencies.

Obviously, the ornaments of some anus jewelry do not allow to wear clothes over it. This is the case for example with the plug tail, whose furry tail can be quite bulky depending on the model.

Rosebuds are also sex toys used to stimulate and dilate the anal cavity to increase sexual excitement. Try wearing it before a sodomy to prepare the anus, or during a vaginal penetration to discover new sensations. It will then put pressure on both the base of the penis and the vagina during the back and forth movements.

The visible part is always wider than the penetrating part, in order to be able to extract the anus jewel easily.

Precautions for use

Always remember to use anal lubricant before inserting your sextoy. Unlike the vagina, the anus cannot lubricate itself!

Gently massage the anal flower with a suitable product. For a silicone toy, a water-based lubricant is required. A silicone-based gel is suitable for all other toys.

Anal plugs are for men who want to stimulate their prostate as well as for women looking for excitement.

Anyway, the main interest of this sextoy is the erotic game in which it projects the two lovers...

To begin, the ideal is to wear it during caresses and preliminary massages. It is also possible to put it during a walk or a dinner in love, during which you will be two to know your small secret.