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headbands, masks

Accessories to spice up your lovemaking

BDSM headbands and masks to awaken the senses

Only visual, to increase the senses, to constrain, to dominate or to submit... Headbands and masks, very appreciated by fetishists, are an integral part of the BDSM sphere.

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Showing 1 - 6 of 9 items

The place of these accessories in BDSM

The blindfold as well as the mask are used to constrain a partner in order to deprive him of one of his senses: the sight. These accessories are naughty because they come out of the so-called "vanilla" sexuality, that is to say typical. From the soft to the hardest, there is something for all tastes, so much so that a simple silk headband is enough to be classified in the bondage category. There is nothing wrong with wanting to spice up one's sexual practices to give them a new dimension; especially since the blindfold and the mask are much more common than we think. Practically commonplace nowadays, it would be a shame to deprive oneself of them.

The sexual use of masks and headbands

The use of these SM accessories is well known, both among beginners and amateurs of soft bondage, as well as among the most experienced. Because the deprivation of the senses is a common BDSM practice and it increases the sensations tenfold in all respects. It is well known that a person deprived of one or several of his senses develops more the others: a visually impaired person, for example, has a finer sense of hearing. The headband and the mask have the role of intensifying them, by depriving the subject of his sight.
The skin becomes more sensitive, the sounds are amplified, and the excitement rises, wondering what the master or mistress will have planned as punishment. From simple caresses to more severe punishments, these accessories allow you to feel every fiber of it, mixing apprehension with impatience. This is why it is necessary to establish a real relationship of trust between the two partners, and to know the intentions of each before anything else to avoid bad surprises, in particular through an oral or written contract.
Masks, such as wolves, are also used in private parties to allow swingers to remain anonymous. Being watched by several people wearing masks can also increase arousal if you like to be the center of attention.

The diversity of bondage headbands and masks

There are many models in the SM scene, for both women and men, to suit all tastes. The shape, the texture, the opacity, the comfort, the size, the elasticity... Are as many details to delight all the followers.

The different materials of these erotic accessories

Silk and satin headbands are among the most widespread, because they are soft to the touch and particularly elegant. They are noble textiles that are easy to tie and have a good opacity. They are very popular with women and beginners, as they allow a gentle approach to bondage.
Equal to silk and satin in terms of popularity, leather headbands bring a fetishistic and powerful touch. They usually come with adjustable buckles to fit all sizes and are sturdy as well as being totally opaque. Beyond the sensual texture on the skin, whether the leather is grainy or smooth, it has another asset up its sleeve: its smell. And with the deprivation of sight, the sense related to smell is also exacerbated. It is well known that the smell of leather, animal and refined, has a sexual power.
Latex or spandex headbands are rarer, because this material is often reserved for full face masks or hoods. Sometimes latex headbands are padded, but the purpose of the material is not comfort, so they are usually kept thin to precisely mold the face. These textures have the merit of attracting many fetishists.
More economical, cotton headbands and masks are not the most aesthetic nor the most sensual, but they remain affordable and functional. It is a good alternative for partners who are timidly launching into sensual deprivation and who are looking to be comfortable with accessories.
Moreover, they happen to be lined with a fake fur, or fleece, so as to harmonize comfort and a soft sensuality. These masks are ideal to combine with fur restraints for a complete bondage outfit.
More aesthetic, the lace masks and headbands arouse mystery and plunge partners into a boudoir atmosphere. The lace can be silk, to be soft on the skin and make the fabric elastic, or cotton, or polyester, for the more fanciful shapes. Some masks, which are more like wolves, are even made of metal.

The art of tying your mask

The mask can be tiedto the fabric with an elastic band, a Velcro strap, a buckle like a belt or lace: there are many possible fastenings for headbands and masks. It is advisable to select the SM accessory that will fit on your head, because it only takes one fall to regain your senses and start over. For this, Velcro and buckles are the best choice as they fit all heads.

From comfort to aesthetics

For beginners, collections made of soft materials and sexy shapes are the most used. It is rare that a neophyte goes straight into hard BDSM under latex submission hoods. Thus, lace and elegant designs belong more to the aesthetic domain, while silk or satin headbands are more reserved for comfort. However, for the latter, there are a few details to know to make bondage sessions more enjoyable.

Indeed: punishment doesn't have to be uncomfortable, just like sensory deprivation. That's why many brands have thought of padding the masks around the eyes, nose and ears, to combine practicality with ease. Others have thought of creating a double strap for a better fit, while manufacturers have looked at individually removable eye patches to match any view.
However, an accessory can be pretty and harmonious, while being convenient to wear; one does not necessarily go without the other. Many leather masks have developed designs that are well-made. The downside is that the investment is more expensive, but excellent in the long run. Patent leather masks with chains, visor-shaped masks with a crest of golden nails, rabbit, cat or fox masks, others with patterns or even with a leash... There is something for everyone.

Their versatility in intimacy

Headbands often have the advantage of being long. Either to double the thickness and add opacity, or to be used as hand or foot restraints. If the art of shibari is otherwise acquired, then it is possible to bind feet and fists together easily. With enough length and practice, tying the head to the hands or feet is not impossible either and makes for a versatile BDSM accessory.
Masks, meanwhile, are often equipped with small details, such as buckles and straps to attach a leash or restraints. There are also dual purpose masks with a gag attached.

The SM variants

There are many derivatives to these bondage accessories. The wolves, chiseled in a beautiful lace or metal, are often used, both in bed and in swingers' parties, where anonymity can be kept under such an accessory.

The hood can be integral in the manner of a bondage hood - isolation hood, or incomplete. In all cases, it is a hard variant of bondage masks. Very popular with fetishists and sadomasochists, the deprivation of senses is not limited to sight for this object. The submissive can be deprived of hearing or taste, or even both at the same time, and exercise total control over him. Sometimes the hood is even worn over a zentai for the feeling of being cramped or locked in.
Otherwise, it can be equipped with openings such as a zipper or a hole in the mouth to alternate the pleasures. The balaclava is nothing more than a full face mask for those who like to be in control.
But this accessory is not only for the dominated, since it contributes to multiple role-playing. For example, by taking on the appearance of a burglar or a stranger, the master can become any power figure and chastise his partner from his full height.
Finally, zoomorphic masks are also regularly represented. The figure of Catwoman is the most famous in popular culture: her latex mask with cat ears has made many fantasize. There are also masks of wolves, rabbits, dogs and other pets. Because that's the whole point of these accessories: the domestication of the other through sexual practices and games.

With everyday accessories

Of course, it is not necessary to always use a specific BDSM accessory. With a little imagination, it is not difficult to use everyday tools. A tie, for example, makes an excellent headband, but also a good restraint. Tights can also do the trick, as long as they are not tied around the neck and there is no risk of uncontrolled strangulation. Finally, scarves such as bandanas are also good allies, but they remain less aesthetic and less comfortable accessories than masks and headbands designed for this purpose.

Some safety rules

Safety first: this aspect is never to be neglected during sexual intercourse, especially when it is naughty. The different accessories must be known and mastered before each use, and the practices must not exceed the limits of both partners. The use of a safe word is systematic, in the form of a word, color or object. As for the proper use of these accessories, particular attention should be paid to hoods: the submissive must be able to breathe properly and must be able to use the safe word put in place at any time.