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Penis sheath

The sextoy to boost your performance

The penis sheath is an accessory to be placed on the penis in order to enlarge it, to lengthen it or to give it more texture.

This sextoy similar to a condom has for objective to give a maximum of pleasure to the penetrated person, by allowing in particular a deeper penetration.

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Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items

How does a penis sleeve work?

Penis sleeves are most often made of silicone. The different models out there offer a wide variety of shapes, sizes and textures, and sometimes even options such as vibrations.

These toys are perfect for helping people who suffer from premature ejaculation. Several types of sheaths are, in fact, designed to block blood, thus prolonging intercourse.

Contrary to popular belief, penis sleeves are not for men who are ashamed of the size or shape of their member. The primary purpose of this accessory is simply to enhance the sexual experience for both partners.

In fact, most sheaths come with buttons, rubber tips and many other exotic textures. These serve to bring new sensations, not to imitate a human penis to perfection.

There are colored or transparent models, allowing to keep the natural aspect of the sex without clashing with the skin tone. Thus, it is possible to notice the difference only during penetration.

In order to make the best choice, first think about what you want from a penis sleeve.

  • If you want to experience a completely new sensation, the best choice is a thickening tip;

  • If you want to stimulate your partner, try vibrating models or those designed to caress the clitoris and the anus;

  • If you want to significantly increase the size of your penis, look into thickening tips.

Penis sleeves have several size advantages over the other solutions available for enlarging the male sex. You can remedy your problem immediately and permanently, without risky and costly surgery, and without side effects or pain.

It is one of the simplest and easiest ways to enlarge the penis, while spicing up your sex life.

Why choose a penis sleeve?

There are several techniques for penis enlargement, including creams or pills that cause a firmer, longer lasting erection.

The penis sleeve, also called penis elongator, offers to reassure men more or less well built, by thickening their sex in an immediate and totally safe way.

Medication and other natural treatments involve a certain investment, both in terms of cost and mental burden. In addition, they often have restrictive and even dangerous side effects.

The penis extender is simpler and healthier to use, and is used like a large condom, but it is thicker.

Be careful, however, as you and your partner will need to adopt impeccable hygiene to use the toy safely. Empty it and disinfect it thoroughly after each sexual encounter, especially if you have multiple lovers.

Also clean the sheath before each intercourse to remove any bacteria and germs.

If you have a problem with the size of your penis, discuss it with your partner and take some time to think about possible solutions together.

Various sex toys for men can help you overcome your anxieties and increase your pleasure tenfold, such as the masturbator for men or the cockring.

If you lack excitement and want to spice up your relationships, you can turn to bDSM accessories. This is an opportunity to rediscover your couple and redraw your own boundaries, while sharing a moment of complicity.

The few prejudices that remain around the world of BDSM often come from a lack of information and a form of fear in front of the unknown.

BDSM accessories are numerous and some are well known by the general public. Sometimes diverted from their initial use, they all have for vocation to give pleasure, sometimes by the means of the consented pain.

Engaging in these games offers many benefits on mental health or stress. In addition, BDSM practices strengthen the bonds within the couple by giving each of them the opportunity to be vulnerable, to abandon themselves to the other and to entrust their body as well as their mind to him.

By refusing to follow established conventions in favor of your own desires, you demonstrate a healthy curiosity and openness.

For example, turn to the chastity cagethe chastity cage allows you to increase your desire by preventing any erection, penetration or masturbation while wearing the cage.

Which penis sheath to choose?

Unlike a condom, it is not possible to fold the sleeve, which must be slipped on like a sock on an erect penis. Choose a size that is smaller than the circumference of your sex and a coating that attracts both you and your partner. This is one of the features that will have the most impact on your sensations.

Some models have soft or hard spikes to caress the walls of the vagina. Ask about your partner's preferences before using the sheath, and respect her choice if this accessory exceeds her limits.

When buying a penis sheath, choose phthalate-free silicone: hypoallergenic, reliable and easy to clean, it is the best material for intimate use. Other solutions such as rubber or latex are good compromises, provided you are not allergic to them.

Check the diameter of the product when you buy it: the tip should not be too narrow, which could cause discomfort, nor should it fall off the penis during intercourse.

The ideal size is 0.5 cm to 1 cm smaller than the diameter of your erect penis. This will ensure that the device sits properly, does not fall off and does not cause discomfort.

The "classic" sizes cover the entire sex and testicles, but there are covers that cover the penis only. These are attached with an elastic band that is threaded over the testicles. Alternatively, manufacturers offer short sleeves designed to increase the size of the glans only.

Try several times to find the model that suits your needs and expectations. Finally, choose a sheath that is easy to clean and of good quality. In general, always invest in reliable and durable intimate accessories to avoid any potential risk of injury, irritation or infection. Moreover, a quality sheath is guaranteed to remain in good condition after years of use.

Penis sleeves fall into several categories:

  • The lengthening models add a few centimeters to the penis. Their flesh color contributes greatly to their natural appearance;

  • The sheaths intended for double penetration propose to caress the anus of your partner during the coitus, thus maximizing the sensations;

  • The thickening models play on the thickness of the male sex. They guarantee a better stimulation of the vaginal walls, for the pleasure of both lovers;

  • Embossed toys have various textures to provide different sensations during penetration movements;

  • Vibrating sheaths are particularly effective and exciting toys. The vibrations, coupled with penetration, offer a tenfold pleasure for sex toy lovers;

  • The heating sheaths work on the same principle, and provide new sensations by gently warming the vagina and its sensitive mucous membranes;

  • The open head models look like a simple tube open at both ends. They allow you to keep the natural sensitivity of the glans while enjoying the benefits of the sheath.

How to use a penis sleeve?

Start by lubricating thoroughly, to facilitate insertion into the sheath. Use a water-based water-based lubricant if the sextoy is silicone, and apply it to the entire length of your penis. For a penis enlarger made of latex or any other material, a silicone-based gel is suitable.

Then slowly slide the sleeve down your member until the hole for the testicles is under the bottom of the toy. Then insert the testicles into their anchor hole and penetrate your partner.

If you feel pain or discomfort, pull out and add lubricating gel. If you or your partner is still uncomfortable, check that the size of the toy is right for you.

Penis girdles increase the girth of the male sex tenfold and are sure to impress their users. The finishes are also quite realistic.

Note that wearing a sheath prevents the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases, as well as unwanted pregnancies. However, always examine your accessory from every angle before use to ensure that it is waterproof.

Don't forget the cleaning step. Use a sextoy cleaner adapted to the material of the sheath. Otherwise, put your sextoy in soapy water until you disinfect it.

It is impossible to bleach or boil your toy, so it is recommended that you do not share it with more than one person.

Keep your sheath in a clean place to limit the growth of bacteria, preferably in the case provided at the time of purchase. Storage in the open air is not recommended because of the dust that could settle on your accessory.