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Water-based lubricant

Water-based lubricant for healthy practice

Both body-friendly and eco-friendly, water-based lubricants are the first choice when it comes to combining well-being and pleasure.

Why choose a water-based lubricant?

Which to choose: silicone or water-based lube? There's nothing to stop you from using both, but while silicone-based lubricants have far superior lubricating power, water-based lubricants are compatible with more situations.

The advantages of water-based lubricants

Unlike saliva, which dries quickly, a water-based lubricant is gentle and has a moisturizing action. Its ability to lubricate limits pain during intercourse, particularly in cases of vaginal dryness or anal sex, while enhancing the comfort and well-being of the person and their partner(s). In addition to being compatible with latex condoms for men and women, it also reduces their risk of breakage. Finally, it doesn't stick, doesn't stain and is easy to clean with water.

If I had to mention one drawback, it would be its faster drying time than silicone-based gels. To compensate for this, however, there are water-based lubricants in the form of intimate cream or gel, which are thicker and therefore better able to moisturize and lubricate for longer.

Vaginal dryness

Vaginal dryness is caused by a lack of estrogen production in women. When this hormone, which is responsible for cyprin (vaginal lubrication), is in decline, the vagina no longer hydrates itself. This can be caused by hormonal variations such as pregnancy, menopause and the wrong pill, pathologies such as diabetes and hypertension, certain medications or chronic infections. The result is redness and burning sensations in the intimate area, itching and irritation, and even pain during the act. An under-lubricated penetrated vagina can also cause severe pain.

For a woman's well-being, a water-based lubricant is essential during intercourse. Vaginal dryness can even lead to stress, which in turn can exacerbate this symptom, as can fatigue and a poor lifestyle. A natural, water-based lubricant is also an excellent ally, as it contains no preservatives or perfumes that can alter the vaginal flora. Alternatively, sterile gel is recommended, as it reproduces the desired moisture and is compatible with condoms. Finally, a moisturizing intimate water-based lubricant, enriched with aloe vera, hyaluronic acid and allantoin, is useful for greater comfort during the sexual act.

When should I use a water-based lubricant?

What if the answer was... all the time? A water-based lubricant is certainly the best sexual companion, especially if you or your partner have sensitive skin or mucous membranes. Some people prefer the long-lasting action of silicone, but water-based lubricants are suitable for most people.

Reasons for using water-based lubricants

For women, hormones fluctuate according to stress, fatigue and the pace of life. Just as an erection is not representative of a man's sexual arousal, the natural lubrication of the vagina is not representative of a woman's arousal. Yet many men give up for fear of disappointing their partner. What's more, the worry of using a lube unsuited to intimacy can be alarming. That's why a water-based lubricant can make a real contribution to a woman's intimate well-being and comfort. Just make sure the pH is physiological, i.e. between 4 and 5, to preserve the balance of the vaginal microbiota and respect the acidity of the environment.

Of course, water-based lubricant is also the least expensive on the market, and is compatible with condoms and oral sex (provided this is indicated on the instructions). It cannot be used underwater, but can be used without moderation: so don't hesitate to apply more whenever you want or feel the need. Practical and economical, this product is a safe bet for everyone, including sex toys.

Lubricants and sex toys

Between silicone, metal, glass and latex dildos... you're not sure which to choose? The answer is simple: water-based lubricants.

How compatible is water-based lubricant with sex toys?

Silicone lubricants can damage the coating of sex toys to the point of flaking, so water-based lubricants are the only ones recommended for safe, long-lasting fun with your sex toys and other fetish outfits. Also, whether you're using a dildo harness or an anal plug, a lube is highly recommended in any case to respect the comfort, well-being and hygiene of the person being penetrated. Of course, if your sex toy is made of wood, it may only drink the lube and end up more hydrated than you, but this material is generally not recommended for penetration.

Different water-based lubricants

As with condoms, there isn't just one water-based lubricant. Discover the different categories to find the one or ones that suit you best.

Intimate lubricants

Designed to be hypoallergenic and fully compatible with even the most fragile mucous membranes, this category of water-based lubricants is most often used by women seeking to preserve their hygiene and intimacy. The more classic ones are certainly useful, but if you're looking for a model that's more respectful of the body and the environment, natural lubricants have the particularity of being made with vegan ingredients, without any synthetic components.

Sterile gel, on the other hand, is the equivalent of Vaseline. But unlike Vaseline, it is fully compatible with condoms. What's more, it's non-greasy and washes off easily, making it a good lube for combating vaginal dryness. Finally, some water-based lubricants are enriched to moisturize vaginal tissues over the long term, contributing to comfort, hygiene and well-being during intercourse.

Lubricants to raise the temperature

If you need large quantities of lube in a small format, lubricating powder is useful, as it is compact in a bottle. However, it regains its natural consistency on contact with water. A 284 ml bottle is enough to make 11 l of lube. Alternatively, for those who prefer realism, there are some that imitate the look and texture of semen. They are suitable for both anal and vaginal penetration and, to your delight, can be used over a condom for risk-free creampies.
Like stimulants, some water-based lubricants go off the beaten track to offer a completely different kind of experience. This is true of lubes with a heating or cooling effect: they offer both partners a deliciously stimulating sensation. And others are 2-in-1, serving as both a lube and a full-body massage product - without the need for oil!

For anal pleasure

Here too, the classic water-based lubricant works, but it's advisable to turn to models specially adapted for anal practice, as this is an area that can't lubricate itself. What's more, the tissues there are thinner and more fragile, so care must be taken not to injure the person about to be penetrated, whether with a penis, a sextoy, an enema probe or even an anal hook. Special fist lubricants are designed to work with latex condoms and can be used without limitation.

Can I use a water-based lubricant for sodomy?

Lubrication is the basis of anal pleasure. So if it's water-based, it's even healthier! What's more, today's products know how to adapt to different practices. A classic water-based lubricant will suffice for the insertion of objects like the hook, but to make up for the fact that it dries quickly, there are now gels specially designed for fisting or sodomy. With these, there's no need to reapply every two minutes: all you have to do is get ready.

Preparing for a fist

Fist fucking is a BDSM practice that requires a few preparations, such as latex gloves or a stimulation glove, as well as a suitable lube. You can choose a gel lube or a thicker, water- and castor-oil-based lube to ensure a long-lasting effect. However, for reasons of hygiene and safety, this type of lubricant should not be used with silicone toys and condoms, as the presence of oil can damage them.

If this is your first experience of fisting, make sure you have a towel or sheet to place underneath, and don't hesitate to start with a massage to relax you. It's essential to be relaxed before you start, so you can also use poppers to help dilate the anus. In any case, take your time: it's all about pleasure, not a race against the clock. With the right lube special fist, there's no risk of injury. Finally, insert a finger, then two, and use one or more plugs to prepare the area properly, until your hand is able to enter.