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A brand, a name and fetiish collections to discover

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Patrice Catanzaro: The benchmark for fetish clothing

Patrice Catanzaro, a name, a story.

Patrice Catanzaro is a French fetish clothing brand created in 1989 by the eponymous designer. The brand is renowned for its high-quality creations and avant-garde aesthetic that emphasizes the female form.

The designer began designing fetish garments in the late 70s and developed his brand from his Parisian atelier. The garments are inspired by fetish, 50s, punk and BDSM fashions and have become popular with those interested in fetish fashion, nightclubs and BDSM events.

As a result, the Patrice Catanzaro brand's collections are regularly presented at trade shows, fetish fashion events and fashion shows, famous for their theatrical atmosphere and spectacular staging bringing the outfits to life in a dramatic context.

What makes the brand a staple of the fetish world is its focus on the use of high-quality materials for its garments, with particular attention to finish and detail. The outfits are made in France and are often produced in limited editions, making each piece unique.

Fetish materials in the spotlight

Patrice Catanzaro brand garments are designed to enhance the feminine form, with fitted cuts, plunging necklines and bold scallops. Dresses, skirts, jumpsuits, leggings...whatever the piece, each one will fit your shape perfectly with a fetishistic touch.

Patrice Catanzaro offers a vast selection of fetish garments, including dresses, skirts, corsets and jumpsuits, in a wide choice of materials such as vinyl, leather, wetlook and latex, to satisfy every taste and desire. Each material used is carefully selected for its quality and offers optimum comfort for prolonged use.

Patrice Catanzaro's fetish dresses are the brand's signature pieces, offering a variety of cuts and materials to suit all occasions and styles. The corset skirt is also one of the brand's emblematic creations, with a unique, assertive style that enhances the feminine silhouette.

Latex jumpsuits, highly prized by BDSM devotees, are designed to fit the curves of the body perfectly and offer an advantageous figure. The brand also offers a variety of leggings and bodysuits to complete every outfit for a unique and exciting fetish experience.

In short, Patrice Catanzaro is a must-have reference for all lovers of quality fetish wear. His original, refined creations are sure to appeal to fans of the genre in search of an assertive, elegant style.

Inspired by BDSM codes

The Patrice Catanzaro fetish clothing brand offers several collections of clothing and accessories for those interested in sensual, provocative fetish style. See some of the collections available on Dèmonia.

Each of these collections reflects the aesthetic of the Patrice Catanzaro brand, which is sensual, provocative and elegant. Garments and accessories are designed to enhance the body and encourage self-expression, especially for those who like to explore their fetish side.

The brand is inspired by the codes of BDSM, offering garments and accessories that evoke the aesthetics and codes of this milieu. BDSM is a sexual practice that involves role-playing and activities that can be linked to domination, submission, pain, constraint or even staging. The clothes and accessories proposed by Patrice Catanzaro are often worn by people practicing BDSM, as they reinforce the atmosphere of the practice.

Fitted cuts, lacing details, zippers and straps are also recurring elements in the brand's garments, reminiscent of restraint and domination techniques.

The brand's garments enable BDSM practitioners to feel comfortable and in tune with their sexual identity and personal style, while at the same time adhering to the aesthetic codes of the practice.

A collection designed for the 3rd sex

In 2021, the Patrice Catanzaro brand decided to honor the 3rd sex, that simultaneous belonging to both sexes.When the Madame XY collection went on line, he declared: "For years, many friends and acquaintances have been telling me that it's not easy to dress like a woman with our male bodies and measurements.I thought about it for a long time, and finally this year we decided to create a collection dedicated to the third sex.

We've created ultra-feminine , fashionable models molded on men's bodies. We've taken your desires and dreams into account, so you can live out your fantasies with this collection. At last, you'll enjoy wearing dresses and other women's clothing, designed especially for you."