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breast clamps

For nipples filled with desire

Pamper your nipples with breast clamps! Discover the world of BDSM and shiver with pleasure thanks to this erotic accessory, between exquisite pain and sensuality.

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Showing 1 - 6 of 38 items

How it works

It's all in the name! Breast clamps are designed to stimulate the nipples by pinching them more or less hard. The blood circulation is impeded, which causes an erection of the nipples. The sensitivity is thus exacerbated, for even more intense romps and orgasms than usual.

Who can use nipple clamps?

Nipple clamps can be used by both men and women. Nipples are a very erogenous zone for both sexes, it would be a shame to deprive oneself of them. These BDSM accessories are not reserved for the most experienced. Novices can use them as long as they choose a model adapted to their level and that they take some precautions.

A key BDSM accessory

The breast clamp is one of the most emblematic accessories of BDSM. For the uninitiated, it is as exciting as it is intimidating. Nipple clamps are very popular in sado-masochistic games, as they allow submissives to experience more or less pain. Depending on the model, they can gently pinch the nipple, exert considerable pressure on it, or cause severe pain and leave marks. Dominants are just as fond of nipple clamps as the submissives who wear them. There are nipple clamp/clitoris clamp sets and necklaces with built-in clamps. Fetishists can opt for a model with a leather cord connecting the two nipple clamps. If you want to stimulate your breasts to the maximum, you can, for example, use nipple pumps before positioning the clamps. Nipple clamps can also be used in conjunction with other BDSM accessories such as a swift, handcuffs or a spreader bar. Spanking, strong sensations, constraint, collar and clamps, all the ingredients are gathered for a good BDSM session.

Discover new sensations.

If you love it when your partner caresses your breasts or nibbles on your nipples, the breast clamps will take you to the next level. They allow for much more intense stimulation of this sometimes neglected area. Once they're in place, you don't have to worry about them. Your partner can explore other erogenous zones to make you tremble with pleasure. However, you don't have to confine yourself to foreplay to use nipple clamps. This BDSM accessory, when worn during intercourse, will amplify every stimulation. Your sensitivity during penetration will be increased tenfold and your orgasms will be much more intense. In some positions, doggy style for example, the chain that connects the clamps pulls the nipples down for even stronger sensations.

Breast clamps for your erotic games

In addition to inflicting delicious torture on the submissive, the way the nipple clamps dress the chest is a very exciting visual for both partners. What could be sexier than metal chains on nipples stretched with desire? For an even more fun session, Dèmonia offers nipple clamps with little bells. Perfect for a naughty scenario! Order your submissive to stay still and be on the lookout during your games. At the slightest tinkling, you'll just have to punish him as it should be. To enhance the immersion during your erotic scenarios, you can opt for fetish costumes. To gradually increase the intensity of your sexual games, you can use progressive clamps or change during the session for a more painful model. Using nipple pumps beforehand is also a great way to warm up during foreplay. I've heard that breast stimulation is enough to make some women come. With nipple pumps and breast clamps, you'll have every chance of reaching nirvana.

How to choose your breast clamps?

For a safe practice, it is important to adapt your breast clamps according to your experience. Here are the main elements to take into account.

The shape

The shape of the clamps is what plays the most on the pain that the wearer will feel. Some breast clamps, called thai sticks, are made of two sticks assembled by two small rings. They have the advantage of exciting the nipples by leaving them accessible. So you can always titillate, suck or bite them according to your desires. If you are looking for more classic models, you can find crocodile type clamps, clamps formed by two small balls, notched clamps.. There are even models with claws, which will grip the nipple instead of pinching it. For beginners, it is preferable to choose small and light tweezers, with tips wide enough to be handled without difficulty.
Some forms of pliers are more difficult to handle than others. Scissor-type pliers are very easy to put on and take off, which is a real advantage for novices. Traditional Japanese pliers, a classic among BDSM accessories, are quite hard to handle, especially when it comes to adjusting the pressure and managing the pain. They are therefore reserved for experienced users. For progressive clamps, you can usually adjust the pressure with a screw. These clamps require a little technique. With clamp-type models, the pressure can be adjusted by simply moving up to the next notch.

The material

The vast majority of breast clamps are made of metal. This material is very healthy for the body and allows for surprising temperature variations. However, they are quite painful and can leave marks even several hours later, depending on the pressure applied. To overcome this problem, some pliers have plastic, rubber or latex tips. This still guarantees intense pressure on the nipples while reducing the risk of marks associated with these models. Thai sticks are usually made of wood, with latex or rubber rings. There are also latex-covered models and metal sticks. Finally, some breast clamps are specially designed for beginners. They are made of plastic, which means less pain and much less pressure. They are also much lighter, which makes them easier to use.

The specifics of certain models

Once you have identified your level and the intensity of the pain you are willing to endure, it is time to look at the different models of breast clamps. The most classic ones consist of two small clamps, sometimes connected by a chain. Some offer the possibility of adding weights. Thus weighted, the accessory becomes more painful, but above all allows to immobilize the subjected person. No more fidgeting during spankings! There are also vibrating models and adjustable pressure models, to adapt the stimulation to your desires and your excitement.

Nipple clamps are sometimes coupled with clitoral clamps or sex clamps (labia, testicles, etc.). A set of chains and rings connect the clamps to each other to limit movement and amplify each sensation. Your main erogenous zones are stimulated with a single accessory. Some models also have a strong aesthetic dimension. Japanese clamps or thai sticks, for example, give an almost traditional aspect to the practice. In the same idea, classic clamps can be designed as jewelry, with pearls or stones, to embellish the nipple while stimulating it.

How to use breast clamps?

Classic clamps

Before putting on the nipple clamps, it is advisable to stimulate the area a little. This will make the application more pleasant. Your partner can, for example, use a massage oil for some unusual foreplay. He can also simply kiss, bite, knead or lick your breasts. When the nipples are aroused, simply position the clamps on them. Remember to adjust the pressure you want to apply if the model allows it. If you have a little trouble, you can pull lightly on the nipple with your fingers to place the clamp. When you are done playing or when you want to change the model, just gently remove the clip.

Thai sticks

Thai sticks are not necessarily more difficult to place than the classic models. The adjustment is done with the two latex rings at the ends. The closer you move the rings together, the more pressure is applied. To position a thai stick, simply grasp the nipple with your fingers and pull it towards you, then spread the sticks with your other hand and slide the nipple between the sticks.

Precautions for use

  • Discuss your limits with your partner. If you don't want any marks to remain after the session, don't hesitate to talk to him or her about it so that he or she can choose a suitable model. Similarly, if you can't take the pain anymore, say the safe word and discuss what went wrong so that you can adjust your practices to ensure that both sides enjoy the experience.
  • Before you find yourself with the clamps hanging on your nipples, take the time to learn about them. Test the pressure on your fingers or other areas less sensitive than your nipples. This will alleviate any fear you may feel if you are new to the device.
  • When positioning a clamp, do so gently and listen to your submissive. The placement does not have to be rough, the pinch induced by the accessory is enough pain for successful SM games.
  • Depending on the size and pressure of the clamps, you may need both hands to handle them.
  • Be careful not to cut yourself if you use metal clamps. Similarly, be careful not to pinch your fingers when positioning a thai stick.
  • Be careful not to wear this BDSM accessory for too long, especially when you are not used to it. The pain of the thai stick is proportional to the length of time you are wearing it, and it is even more intense once the thai stick is removed. Don't be surprised!