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disposable latex gloves

For safe practice or fetish fantasies.

Our high quality disposable natural latex gloves offer great protection and comply with the EEC standards EN 420: 2003, EN 374: 2003, EN 388: 2003 and EN 455 T. 1-4 V. These latex gloves used in medical environments are sold in boxes of 100 units.

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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items

Disposable latex gloves for your fetish practices

Whether for safe practice or to fulfill your fetish fantasies, find our disposable gloves in high-quality natural latex.

The history of latex

Before embarking on any sexual activity and buying your disposable gloves, it's a good idea to know a little more about latex: where it comes from, what it's used for, its advantages and even its disadvantages. Whether you're taking your first steps into the world of fetish or BDSM, or looking to equip yourself for your next sessions, nothing should be left to chance.

Where does latex come from?

Our disposable latex gloves are natural, i.e. of vegetable origin. The precious latex is harvested from the trunk of the rubber tree. Latex is not extracted directly from the sap, but from a white liquid contained in the lactifers, very specific vessels that are incised.

Our disposable gloves meet all the standards used in medical circles, so they offer the same advantages, namely a very fine, elastic, flexible and resistant material. Disposable gloves have the advantage of molding well to the hand and retaining the tactile sensitivity needed for precision gestures, which is very useful when playing with certain sex toys or looking for a precise spot. They are also resistant to many chemicals and contamination risks.

Why wear disposable gloves?

There are several reasons to wear disposable gloves during intimate relations. On the one hand, to complete a fetish and/or BDSM look, or for sexual play, whether erotic or extreme. For example, for fetish games borrowed from the medical sphere, where we find the vaginal speculum and the anal speculum: nothing beats disposable gloves for stepping into the role of the doctor examining and exploring his patient. Disposable gloves are also indispensable for practices such as uro, finger fucking and fisting.

On the other hand, they are useful for couples or partners seeking to avoid contact with each other's bodily fluids or mucous membranes. Just as a latex condom is put on the penis for certain types of intercourse, hands can be protected when it comes to manual sex or potentially contaminating games. Disposable gloves can therefore be used to prevent any risk during heterosexual, homosexual or lesbian intercourse, in particular to prevent STIs (sexually transmitted infections).

Why is latex so popular?

A real source of excitement for fetishists and sadomasochists alike, latex sublimates a body or shapes by marrying them. For latex wearers, it's the sensation of a soft, smooth second skin that molds to the body part being dressed or gloved, but also the warmth provided. The texture, sound and even smell of latex awaken the senses and bring about something terribly erotic. Not to mention that the vision of latex is sexy, whether as an accessory or a complete garment.

For others, it's seeing the material compress their partner's body. Latex acts as a constraint, suggesting the silhouette without revealing it, letting the imagination do the talking. There's a strong connection with BDSM.

Disposable latex gloves: fetish or BDSM?

Disposable rubber gloves are for everyone! They can be worn for safe sex, or to try out new games. For some, latex has a role to play in many areas.

More fetish

Latex fetishism, or latex fetish for those in the know, is the feeling of being sexually stimulated by wearing, touching or seeing this rubber. In fact, it's become much more democratic, as shown by popular culture with Catwoman and celebrities in latex outfits. It's also the material of choice for erotic uniforms, bringing to life the fantasies of the nurse, the cleaning lady, the mistress or the policewoman. For dehumanization enthusiasts, there are latex catsuits, hoods and partial or full animal suits. Its liquid form, to be spread over the body to create your own garment, can easily be used in body painting games.

The role of disposable gloves in fetishism can either complete a panoply or be a first step into this universe. For you or your partner, they're a great way to discover and explore the material.


Often associated with sado-masochism or bondage, latex can be found in the full outfits of dominants as well as in the restraints of submissives. These range from simple sensory deprivation to vacuum beds, although many fetishists also enjoy the sight of a body entirely molded in a latex sarcophagus. The principle of compression is generally what's most appreciated in the SM world.

Disposable gloves can dehumanize the person who dominates, for example in role-playing games or certain practices. Strangulation with gloved hands brings a different kind of pleasure to devotees.

Special fisting gloves

Disposable gloves are ideal for fist fucking, as they require no maintenance or cleaning after use. We offer you the most suitable examination gloves for this practice, thanks to their professional quality that complies with good hygiene and all the necessary standards.

How to prepare for the fist?

For a smooth and successful fist, you need to relax. And to create the right atmosphere, don't hesitate to light a few candles and start with a massage: it's also ideal for raising the temperature.

The second step, if the idea of anal penetration puts you off, is to perform an enema beforehand. This way, you won't have any risk during penetration, and no material will get on your gloves.

Set up a healthy, sterile environment in advance by washing your hands properly: hygiene must be beyond reproach. The person being penetrated must also be clean. Put on your special fist disposable gloves and double glove if necessary. When it comes to lubricant, don't be stingy and cover your whole hand, front and back. Water-based lubricants are highly recommended, as they are suitable for latex, unlike oils. Otherwise, opt for special fist lubricants.

Once you've got everything you need, then don't neglect physical preparation, especially if you're new to fist fucking. Feeling good is the first step to anal pleasure, but know that special fist poppers can also help dilate this area. The use of anal plugs or dildos is also recommended to avoid hurting the person and to anticipate penetration by your fist, whether in the anus or vagina.

What should I wear disposable latex gloves with?

Penetration isn't the only benefit of fisting gloves. For fetishists, it's also a question of visual appeal and awakening the senses. So they're the perfect accessory to complete a fetish look.


Doctor, nurse and cleaning lady fantasies are commonplace. What could be better than latex gloves to play your role to perfection? Accessorize your outfit as a soubrette to pass the feather duster over your partner, or choose the nurse to perform a gloved examination.

The right outfit

Of course, disposable gloves can be the finishing touch to a full cats uit, the accessory to a cat mask, or the detail that enhances sexy latex lingerie like stockings or a bodysuit. Sometimes, all you need is an accessory to complete the outfit: gloves and a little apron can be enough to spice up your lovemaking.

Hygiene and safety instructions

There are a few tips and hygiene rules to be aware of, so as not to take any risks with disposable gloves. No matter how careful you are, and no matter how well-equipped you are, you may still miss a detail.

What are the right things to do?

First of all, do a trial run to make sure you're not allergic to latex: this can happen to sensitive people.

If you're worried about contamination from mucous membranes or the secretion of body fluids, you can perform a double glove, like a surgeon. Simply put on two pairs of gloves.

Remember to keep your fingernails short before doing anything else: no matter how tough and elastic, the best latex can't withstand a scratch, especially when you're doing something as advanced as fisting. Sometimes all it takes is a little snagging, so it's also a good idea to file them down.

Don't use Vaseline on gloves, as it attacks the latex. Oils should be avoided for reasons of compatibility with the material, but also because they are not recommended for this kind of penetration. Water-based or special fist lubricants are strongly recommended.

Don't force penetration, and listen to your partner and his or her body: they'll guide you through the experience.

Don't go from the anus to the vagina: just as condoms need to be changed in this case, so do gloves. Since they're disposable, simply replace them for good hygiene and remember to re-lubricate them.

You can also use stimulants to make the session last and prolong the excitement.

How do I remove my gloves?

To avoid any risk of contamination, there's a little technique borrowed from doctors for safely removing your gloves. To do this, pinch one of your gloves at the wrist and remove it by turning it inside out in a single movement, so that it rolls and forms a ball on the reverse side. Use this side, which was previously only in contact with your skin, to do the same with the other glove and cover the first. Throw them away and wash your hands.

How do I choose my disposable glove size?

Our gloves come in 5 sizes: XS (5 to 6 cm), S (6 to 7 cm), M (7 to 8 cm), L (8 to 9 cm) and XL (9 to 11 cm). To know which one to choose, simply measure the width of the palm of your strong hand, from the outside to the base of the thumb. If in doubt, or if you find yourself between two sizes, choose the one above. Latex doesn't let the skin breathe and compresses it, so you need to be comfortable in it, especially if your sessions last a long time.