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Whether it's to get into a good mood and start foreplay with your partner or to prolong your pleasure, stimulants are a reliable and accessible choice even for small budgets.

Why use stimulants?

To relax

Among the infinite offer of aphrodisiac oils and other wellness products, you will easily find something to reinvent your evening together by offering your lover a massage session. Light a few candles and choose a relaxing or sensual background music to create an atmosphere that will awaken your fantasies.

To awaken your libido

Many factors can influence your sexual energy peaks. Your physical and mental health, the use of certain medications, fears related to sexuality, poor communication within the couple, your mood, even a possible depression... When the problem does not require the help of a professional, a little spice in the relationship can be enough to regain a constant libido.

For example, poppers or a stimulant pill will not fail to awaken your excitement and will easily plunge you into an atmosphere favorable to erotic games.

To start foreplay

Offering a massage or a couple's elixir to your partner is a very good way to gently raise the temperature while guaranteeing you a moment of well-being together. In the same way, the taking of various existing stimulants can quite constitute a preliminary in oneself.

For example, you can use crystals to spread in the bathtub before running a bath together, or a nuru massage oil that also acts as a lubricant..

To prolong the pleasure

If you want to enjoy your intimate moments longer, think of pleasure prolonging stimulants. Often presented in the form of creams, pills or sprays, these aphrodisiacs offer to prolong the excitement and take both partners to the orgasm.

To break the routine

If you've been in a relationship for a long time, you may be tempted to offer your partner new experiences before the routine sets in. It's a good way to discover each other in a new light, and why not get interested in the world of BDSM, its various practices and accessories, from the softest to the most extreme.

Which stimulant to choose?

Stimulants include a whole range of products that help to arouse and maintain sexual excitement and well-being within the couple. They can take the form of stimulating creams, poppers or other intimate serums.

Don't hesitate to test several products in order to find the one that meets your needs and expectations: perhaps you prefer a spray that is quick to apply, a cream with which to massage your erogenous zones or a pill to swallow in preparation for the big moment..

Also, for a type of product, there are many variations from one brand to another. So take the time to try several if you don't find a stimulant that works for you on your first try.

Finally, let your partner know that you want to try a sexual stimulant and make your choice based on your individual preferences.

How do I use stimulant products?

Stimulants are applied either orally or dermally, i.e. on the skin.
Intimate stimulant creams and serums are applied to the genitals, i.e. the vulva or the erect penis. Their effects are felt immediately, but may be somewhat uncomfortable at first if you are not used to them.

Relax and take the time to apply the product correctly, referring to the instructions provided. If you experience any itching or pain, rinse immediately with cool water and check for allergies.

Stimulant pills are food supplements to be ingested half an hour before you have sex. Often based on plants, they help to strengthen and prolong erections.
As for poppers, they are a stupefying substance capable of dilating blood vessels. Its euphoric, relaxing and aphrodisiac effects are very much appreciated by anal pleasure lovers since this psychosexual product also dilates the anus, which facilitates anal penetration.

How to choose a stimulant?

Bath crystals

Why not start your wellness session by running a bath for you and your partner? Pour colored or scented bath crystals into the hot water and let them melt and release their sensual scents.
Enjoy this shared moment of relaxation and eroticism by cuddling your guest, before taking him/her to the bedroom.

The massage oil

If you don't know where to start, a massage oil will allow you to start your session gently. Choose a scent that you like or that appeals to you from the wide range of floral or gourmand scents.

Apply the oil after warming it up with your hands, and start with your partner's shoulders for example. Once the muscles are relaxed, move down the back. Take your time, and enjoy the moment to take care of your lover. Then, if you both want, go down to the buttocks and start a massage of the anal area for example.

Don't hesitate to try thenuru massage oil if you want to both relax and lubricate your partner's private parts. Simply rub this two-in-one stimulating gel, mixed with warm water, into your massage and apply an additional dose to the vagina or erect penis. Nuru massage oil is condom compatible and can be used on wet skin, either in the shower or bath.
After use, rinse with clean or soapy water.

The lubricant

Lubricant can easily be forgotten during the excitement of foreplay. However, it helps to avoid unpleasant friction and prevent vaginal irritation.

In fact, using lubricant facilitates penetration and makes the back-and-forth movements more pleasant for both partners.
Don't forget to apply lube when having anal sex, as the anal cavity cannot lubricate itself like the vagina. If you force yourself too hard, anal penetration can lead to tears in the tissue.

How to vary the pleasures

Once you have established your regular wellness rituals, having the curiosity to open yourself up to the different worlds of pleasure that the BDSM world offers can help you recapture the excitement and passion of the early days within your couple.

You can start by exploring the clothing and lingerie departments to project yourself into a character that attracts and excites you and your significant other.

This is a good way to reconnect with your partner and his or her fantasies, especially if you occasionally offer to take a moment together to nurture your mutual affection.

If you like stimulating products such as poppers or stimulating creams, it may be interesting to turn to sex toys dedicated to the practices you both enjoy.
For example, you'll find many models designed for anal pleasure, which you can try out solo or in pairs.
If you prefer vaginal intercourse, a dildo is just the thing. It will allow you to consider penetration in a new light, and perhaps even discover practices that you would not have suspected could please you!

Once you've gotten into the swing of fetish clothing, it might be a good idea to complement your outfits with a few BDSM accessories you've chosen together. Take a moment to discuss what you'd like to try, and don't be afraid to switch roles from time to time.