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Why choose latex clothing ?

Choosing latex for your naughty sessions is not insignificant. Indeed, this material is full of history and refers to a whole universe formerly taboo, now accessible to all.

Latex suit

The latex suit is a real symbol, worn by several strong and rebellious fictional characters through the ages, especially since Catwoman played by Michelle Pfeiffer in 1992.

Latex suits have since been adorned with bright colors, like the iconic red piece worn by Britney Spears in her Oops I Did It Again video. Since that cult appearance, many pop stars have also chosen to proudly wear latex and de-dramatize this long-time BDSM accessory.

Whether you are a long-time fan or a curious beginner, it is the perfect outfit to indulge in fetish or BDSM domination games. Slipping into this second skin of the most erotic allows you to abandon yourself without complex to your partner and to the character you wish to embody, the time of a session.

Latex and BDSM

Fetishists of this unique material often appreciate the texture it offers, similar to a shiny substance coated on the skin of its wearer. The wearer appears naked without being naked and can play with the material to have fun with their partner and really slip into someone else's skin.

If a zipper is sometimes integrated in the front or in the back, the latex suits have the particularity to cut the senses of the person who wears it. By compressing his body from neck to ankles, it plunges him into a sensory cocoon and provides unique and inimitable sensations.

Latex has a very good capacity to shape the silhouette and suggest curves, which can help beginners to find confidence in them during their first fetish sessions.

Liquid latex

If the shiny look, color or smell of this material appeals to you, try liquid latex. It's a natural and easy-to-use product that allows you to coat bodies and objects with a layer of latex in the manner of bodypainting. Once applied, it hardens in contact with air and forms a thick layer of elastic rubber, very flexible and resistant to tearing.

However, a few precautions are in order: remove hair from the skin before using liquid latex and coat yourself with a thin layer of body oil. Carefully avoid the area around the eyes and lips and remember to ventilate the room.
Spread thin layers of latex with a brush and let it air dry or blow dry. If you want thicker layers, you can layer more layers once the base is dry.

You can remove the liquid latex once it has hardened. It will come off the skin on its own, but you can make it easier with warm water and soap.

Be careful not to use this product on very sensitive skin, injured skin, or skin that is allergic to ammonia, sulfur or latex. Finally, do not keep the liquid latex on your skin for more than 5 hours.

Which latex garment should I choose?

The vast majority of women's clothing has its equivalent in the latex department. If a complete latex suit can intimidate beginners, it is possible to start your initiation with small pieces, less engaging but also more discreet.

You are free to match them with the contents of your wardrobe, or to create a complete latex look for your BDSM sessions. The main thing is that you feel comfortable in your outfit: this implies being both free in your movements and confident enough to slip into a dominating character.

Latex gloves and latex stockings

Latex stockings and latex gloves are discreet accessories to store at home, but terribly effective when worn. They add a touch of dominance to a demure look, or complete a bedroom ensemble.

Latex Lingerie

Latex lingerie is also a clever way to try your hand at fetish wear. Hidden under your outfit or displayed in front of your partner, the pretty lingerie pieces will give you the confidence and determination of a professional dominatrix!

Latex bodysuits and tops

An equally discreet but effective alternative: latex bodysuits and tops can be worn alone or under clothing. It's up to you to match these sexy pieces with outfits you feel comfortable in.

Latex hoods

A must in fetish culture, the latex hood is the star of BDSM accessories. Depending on the model, it can have holes for the eyes and the mouth, a single hole to let the face be seen or even cover the entire head of its wearer.

Latex pants and skirts

Latex pants and skirts have the advantage of shaping the silhouette, emphasizing the shape of the legs and buttocks. Adding a sexy dress or skirt to your outfit is guaranteed to warm up the temperature!

Latex dresses

Finally, latex dresses suggest curves as well and are perfect for suggesting a dominating yet sexy spirit.

What you need to know about latex

Tips for putting on a latex suit

Before trying on your first latex suit, a few precautions should be taken to make it easier to put on and avoid tearing the fabric. Indeed, latex is a capricious material that does not appreciate being pushed too hard.

Talcum powder

Using talcum powder will help the garment slide on, no matter how tight it is. Apply a generous amount on the inside, then remove the excess with a sponge.

Next, shine your latex suit with silicone. In addition to adding shine, these sprays maintain the material and contribute to its longevity.


It is also possible to use silicone to facilitate the donning stage. Rinse the latex suit in clear water without soap and then dip it in a silicone bath.

How do I care for my latex suit?

A latex suit should not be thrown away after use. If you want to enjoy your BDSM accessory for many years to come, you need to care for it carefully before and after your sessions.

Maintenance products

The use of a cleaning spray helps to delay the appearance of the first signs of wear, but also to prevent porosity.

The most important step, however, is to wash your latex suit in warm water with a little washing-up liquid. Soak the garment in water, without rubbing, then rinse it on both sides.

Then place the suit on a hanger and let it dry out of direct sunlight and away from any heat source. Sunlight can discolor the fabric, so it's best to keep your BDSM accessory in the shade.

Once dry, apply talcum powder to both sides before folding your garment. This will keep the plastic soft and in good condition, without the risk of retaining its folded shape.


As previously mentioned, it is best to store your latex suit in a dark and warm place. Also, beware of the sun and its UV rays which are very harmful to this material.

The best way to store your fetish clothes is to have a dedicated place, like a closet or a cupboard. You can either fold your suit and put it on the floor after you have heeled it, or hang it on a hanger.

If you have several latex suits, do not store them together as their colors may rub off on each other. Store them in a protective cover or in large freezer bags to keep them separate from each other.

Keep your latex clothing away from any metal parts that are not an integral part of the outfit. Metal can leave stains. Also beware of other items that are incompatible with latex that can discolor or stain it:

  • Temperatures above 40°C;
  • Humidity and prolonged bathing;
  • Greasy products (oil, soap, grease...);
  • Acidic solutions;
  • Metals like copper, tin, silver...