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Why choose sheets and pillowcases for your sexual games ?

Using fetish sheets and pillowcases for your sex games has many advantages, especially for those who wish to engage in wet practices such as urophilia or squirting.

On the one hand, an adapted bed linen serves to protect the bed from stains. It is installed before each session and washed and stored afterwards. Putting fetish sheets in place can thus constitute a preliminary in its own right!

On the other hand, the materials usually found in this type of accessory can be enough to excite your senses, to you and your partner. Indeed, the texture of the sheets and other factors such as the smell, the color or the sounds that these materials produce in contact with the body are highly erotic.
It is not uncommon to discover a fetish for these unique and sensual plastic materials..

How to choose your sheets and pillowcases ?

Choose the right bed linen

To choose your fetish bed linen, start by taking the measurements of your bed. Fetish sheets and pillowcases are primarily used to protect the mattress from stains, so it is important that they cover your furniture completely.
Find out the measurements of the sheets you're considering, and feel free to add a few inches to your calculations to ensure that the entire bed will be covered.

Then make an inventory of the different materials that tempt you according to the visual rendering that you wish to obtain. This also includes the colors, which mostly vary between black, red, purple and white.


Latex sheets and pillowcases are very popular for their shiny and enchanting look, just like full suits. However, they require a different kind of maintenance since they are not used in the same way.

First of all, it is recommended to put your sheet twice in a chlorine bath to avoid that it sticks to your skin when it will be in contact with the fabric. Make sure you have a basin or box large enough to completely immerse your bedding.

Once chlorinated, latex sheets and pillowcases are soft and glide like satin. Don't be surprised by their cold texture, and simply allow your linen to warm up against your body. Take advantage of it to discover the unique sensations of the material sliding under your skin...
Be careful if you sweat, as your sheets will tend to stick when in contact with acidic fluids. Sweat can also damage the material due to its acidity, so you should clean your clothes after each use. However, there is no need for such regular maintenance with sheets, since the sweat is much less concentrated.

If this fetish material is largely extensible, it cannot however extend to infinity. Tears can therefore occur if you force your linen too much, by installing it on your bed for example.
Be careful with sharp and metallic objects when handling them near your furniture, as metal can damage the fabric and leave stains. Sharp accessories can also puncture or tear your sheets if you are not careful.

Also, be aware that latex does not like sunlight, at least in high doses. So remember to close the blinds or shutters to keep your sheets in good condition as long as possible.
Finally, latex can cause allergies in sensitive people: check that you do not have an allergic reaction after being in contact with this material. If in doubt, turn to vinyl instead.


The first contact with vinyl sheets and pillowcases can be quite cold, but the material will soon warm up on contact with your skin.
Derived from plastic, vinyl is resistant to all types ofmassage oils, even stubborn ones such asnuru massage oil, but also to lubricants, without leaving stains on the mattress. It is therefore an ideal material for wet sex sessions.

However, be careful when using gel, massage oil or lubricant, which make this material very slippery. Do not stand on the bed under these conditions.

After use, remove the sheet from the bed and wash it by hand with soap and water. Then dry it out of direct sunlight and store it in a dedicated area. Be aware that vinyl sheets and pillowcases can be quite bulky, so plan for enough room to store it away from light.

The different bed accessories

Mattress covers, sheets and pillowcases

Fetish sheets and pillowcases allow you to use massage oil in abundance without dirtying your bedding, but also to engage in wet sex games.
Adopted by manufacturers for their waterproofness, the materials used allow lovers of slippery practices such as urophilia or squirting to let themselves go without fear of soiling their furniture.

Once your fetish sheets are unpacked, remember to let them air out for a day before using them for the first time.
Also, before testing them, don't hesitate to create an atmosphere of well-being by offering your partner a massage or a stimulant adapted to your desires.

Massage tables

The fetish massage table allows you to indulge in regular or body-to-body massage sessions without having to install sheets and pillowcases adapted to each session.

Designed with solid and durable materials, the massage mats with or without edges come with a bottle of lubricant to be diluted in water. You'll have a total of about 5 liters to spread on your table: don't hesitate to install the inflatable edges so you don't get it everywhere!

If it is generally possible to combine the lubricant supplied with latex condoms, check the instructions beforehand to make sure.
After each session, clean your massage table with soap and water.

Why be interested in BDSM?

Experimenting with BDSM practices can have many positive effects on your mind, but also on your relationship.

What BDSM can do for you

Start by exploring the different BDSM props that exist for tying and submitting to each other.
By surrendering yourself to your partner, or having full power over his or her body, you will strengthen your trust in each other while discovering a whole universe of possibilities, always governed by one simple condition: consent.

Play with established roles and try out new practices together, after discussing them in advance. These experiences will solidify your bond and, just like in the theater, you will be allowed to fully play a role and release the tensions of everyday life in the privacy of your dedicated playroom.

The best props to start BDSM

Try your hand at the world of BDSM accessories by starting with fetish clothing. You can choose a leather accessory, sexy lingerie or a pair of fetish shoes to wear on any occasion to reveal your dominatrix temperament.

Once your wardrobe is perfected, you might be tempted to try out contrition in its various forms. Many accessories are available to you:

  • Handcuffs allow you to gently tie your partner to the bed. Beginners and occasional BDSM practitioners are fond of this unintimidating accessory;
  • Chains and carabiners remain relatively soft, and are usually combined with a harness to completely immobilize the wearer;
  • The ropes, if they are addressed rather to the experienced persons, has a very big erotic potential and invites to play with the roles of dominant and dominated;
  • The constraint kits are more complete, but also more ambitious since they completely isolate the submissive in a real sensory cocoon;
  • The spreader bars are also intended for a more sophisticated audience. It is a bar fixed to the ankles and obliging the dominated to keep the legs spread, which allows the dominant to masturbate or penetrate him at leisure.