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Your ideal partner for punishment

The leather strap splits the air, the hissing announces the bite. A moan or a cry rises, mixed with pleasure and pain. You have just given, or received, your first lash. Welcome to the world of SM punishment and its delicious sensations . Here, the field of fetish punishment opens up. Here, you will discover your most intense sensations..

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items

Punishment and bdsm

The bdsm, we do not teach you, is based on a relationship of trust, based on the submission of one partner and the domination by the other. The practice of this type of relationship also aims to create a safe space for people to live their sexuality without danger or judgment. There are no rules, except for consent and respect for the safety of the participants. And once these bases are established, through a solid communication, then the freedom is total to pave one's way to enjoyment..

One of these paths can, when desired by both partners, go through the administration of more or less painful corporal punishments, and always in the search of pleasure. The spanking, erotic game of punishment par excellence, gathers more and more followers. Here again, the degree of pain provided and suffered must be discussed beforehand. No freewheeling improvisation, because once the confidence of the submissive partner has been damaged, the dominant will no longer be worthy of punishing him... in his eyes.

If S&M punishment is part of your fetish fantasies, you may be eager to try more extreme options. Be careful, because some of them can, without control and experience, be a source of injury. That's why we don't recommend using a whip to start. First, familiarize yourself with the range of products available in our bdsm store, where you will find many models of whips, paddles, swifts, badines, canes...

Get used to your sensations, get used to the pain if it is your research, push your limits gently without forcing yourself. All the parts of the body solicited will be a source of excitement: the buttocks of course, but don't hesitate to play with the sex, the breasts, the belly, the soles of the feet, the inside of the thighs, the back, along the spine..

Why practice SM punishment?

It would be difficult, even random, to pretend to understand the psychological workings and generalize the reasons for this taste for punishment. It depends on the background and the expectations of each person. However, it is possible to see, in the case of the submissive, a desire to transgress, followed by a reassuring punishment, framed in a relationship of respect and trust. In other words, disobedience and provocation are allowed, and, in all decomplexity, expecting the associated punishment will be perfectly assumed.

We can also see a virtue of guilt reduction and letting go: the submissive willingly lets go and the control is put in the hands of the other.

Beyond the psychological impact, the practice is also eminently enjoyable. Stimulation of the buttocks area causes a rush of blood to the genitals, which immediately increases the excitement.

On the side of the dominant partner, the pleasure will come from the absolute power he holds. Whip firmly in hand, in front of a fettered partner and entirely at his mercy, from his omnipotence comes his pleasure. Hearing the whip crack, seeing the skin gradually being marked, hearing the moans, even the cries, holding the object of power in your palm, everything contributes to soliciting your senses and your dominating nature.

You have control over your partner's body, you have the authority to punish him and lead him to an orgasmic pleasure... Why not combine the effect of a sextoy or a plug ? Multiple possibilities among the bdsm accessories accessories in our SM store are available to you... Enjoy !

Whether the punitive fantasy concerns the spanking or its big sister, the flogging, there are many bdsm accessories accessories and as many possible scenarios for its realization Leather hammers, whips, paddles, rattan badges, fagsall imaginable materials and shapes Feathersfeathers, leather, suede, pvc, silicone, metal, they all allow you to play with the intensity, the alternation, and the graduation of the pain, but also to stay on a softer and more sensual register.

Spice up your lovemaking by varying the materials, choose the colors and combine them with your other accessories, play director, make this session an unforgettable moment!

The whip in bdsm practice

From spanking, let's move on to flogging.

It's not really about gentleness anymore. As soon as a whip is used, it is because one has crossed a threshold in the acceptance of suffering. The process includes an almost spiritual dimension, where the pain suffered repeatedly can lead to a state of trance, during which the mind detaches from the body and escapes. A semi-hypnosis where your partner's vigilance is essential, as you may no longer be able to speak or feel consciously. It will therefore be up to her or him to end the session in order to preserve your safety.

Keep in mind that a whip is not a harmless tool. Determine in advance what your safeword or backup action will be.

You have the whip in your hand

You will be in charge of your actions. Locate your blows on the buttocks, stomach, lower back, genitals, with caution on the latter. Vary the movements as well as their intensity. Never try on the face, head, arms or legs. We advise you to practice without your partner.

Beware of self-inflicted injuries!

You will need to be very attentive and aware of the reactions of the person at the end of your whip. What are they expressing? Does she seem to be at ease, worried, do you detect pleasure or only the struggle against suffering? Do not hesitate to stop everything as soon as you have a doubt and make sure of her feelings.

You are whipped

You probably have the desire to surpass yourself, to take it until you meet your limits. Don't be too greedy during the first few sessions and don't go too far. Let the pain come, but be sure to associate it with pleasure... You may, during the sessions, feel your mind letting go when the pain takes on significant proportions.

This is precisely the point that many practitioners are trying to reach. Let go without fear the state of relaxation in which your mind plunges you. Enjoy, your partner is watching.

Singletails whips

These whips are not only bdsm accessories, but also, by their design, almost objects of art. We'd almost invite you to own one just for its beauty!

A singletail whip, unlike a a whiphas only one strap. It is braided with multiple strands of leather, and the more strands there are, the sharper and more precise the whip.

It also has a handle, made of wood or leather and integrated to the body. This one can be either in leather, or composed of a pocket filled with various materials. Then comes the tail, or the drop, a single strap constituting the most flexible part. Then the cracker, a small feather duster which when it splits the air, produces this small cracking sound so characteristic of the noise of the whip.

  • There are several categories:

  • Bullwhip, shockwhip, working whips, very long, to be used outdoors, to be handled with great care.

  • Snakewhip and signalwhip, shorter and more precise, commonly used in bdsm.

  • Sjambock and quirt (dog quirt), very short and handy, but formidable.

Whatever model you choose, we strongly encourage you to practice, to practice "blank" before doing it on a real person. Become not only a SM master... but also an expert.

The aftercare

If there is a context where this principle is essential, it is after a session where the pain was particularly intense.

The aftercare is an integral part of a bdsm approach, and inseparable from the relationship between the SM partners. The mere administration of pain without the subsequent tenderness and attention would be meaningless and would leave the submissive in disarray. The trust and therefore the SM relationship would then be at risk of being put into question..

This is why we advise you to take the greatest care. Tenderness, massages, care of the small wounds if necessary, because after a session of whipping, some bleedings are not to be excluded. Softness and benevolence are essential to bring your partner back to a welcome appeasement after such intense sensations. It is a moment of sharing just as important as the session itself, because it reinforces the trust and the attachment. Don't skimp: candles, soft music, creams, caresses... It must be as soft as it was violent.

You will find in our bdsm store, the range of bdsm accessories dedicated to your well-being.