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Demonia Shoes

Demonia shoes, for a total fetish look

Find your Demonia shoes to assert your fetish side!

You'll find the perfect heels to go with all your fetish outfits and instantly brighten up your look.

Assert your dominance and power in your high heels.

Our fetish shoes are incorporated into the domination game.

Whether you are dominant or submissive, our Demonia shoes will fit any trend.

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Showing 1 - 6 of 22 items
Showing 1 - 6 of 22 items

Fetish shoes for a BDSM look with Demonia

High heels, platforms, ankle boots and pumps: Demonia shoes are suitable for all your S&M games. These fetish fashion accessories are very popular with both men and women.

The Demonia shoe range: from alternative to fetish

Asserting a goth and fetish style through sexy shoes, the Demonia shoe line stands out to all subcultures. It redefines old genres and innovates to make each pair unique. Inspired by gothic, punk and underground fashions, Demonia shoes are popular with a wide audience that gravitates to the BDSM and fetish universe as well as the art scene. Dancers, transformers and queers regularly wear these types of shoes, allowing them to be popularized by the fetish sphere, but also by those who are just looking to spice up their style. Because you don't have to be in full bondage gear to have fun, just as Demonia shoes can be worn in everyday life as well as in intimacy.

The style of Demonia shoes in the BDSM world

Men and women, dominant and submissive: these fetish shoes are a natural part of SM, domination and role playing games. They complement outfits, whether they are made of leather or latex, and enhance all legs. Dèmonia's style is based on materials, shapes and accessories borrowed from fetish and SM cultures. Laces, rivets, nails, rings, straps and chains dress up these fetish shoes in vinyl, imitation leather or even patent. On the boots as on the pumps, the chrome stilettos act as an erotic element as well as a torture accessory for S&M sessions.

Why buy Demonia shoes

With their thick soles, these fetish shoes bring a sense of courage, confidence and dominance to anyone who wears them. They are comfortable, with beautiful finishes, and durable. The range is intended to be varied, from simple ankle boots to vinyl thigh-high boots, to heels with straps or platforms: whatever the model, there are seductive details that everyone falls for. And beyond the BDSM aspect and their glamorous aesthetic, it's the sense of daring they give you when you put them on that attracts in the first place. Buying Demonia shoes is to give yourself confidence, to feel good about yourself and to gain self-confidence. An exciting compromise to take your first step into the BDSM world without going too fast.

The BDSM elements

Demonia is full of BDSM references and that's why it's so appealing to people who are looking for fetish shoes. Adorned with bondage rings, metal chains, straps, rivets, studs and silver heels on the pumps, Dèmonia has thought of everything to please the SM community. Leather, imitation leather and vinyl are also very popular materials with fetishists. Some shoes even have a bodice on the heel and the sole to highlight the curve of the foot. Vibrate to the sound of pumps hitting the ground, the texture of vinyl in your mouth or the sensation of studded shoes' stilettos on your skin.

How to choose your Demonia shoes

Whether it's thigh-high boots or pumps, choosing Demonia shoes depends on how you intend to use them. And for this, it is first necessary to know the models offered by the range and their characteristics. The varieties of fetish shoes are so numerous that there is bound to be a pair made for you: in your image and close to your desires. Whether you want to play on your fantasies, gain confidence, get involved in the SM universe, feel sexy or the soul of a dominant, try Demonia shoes and you'll adopt them. They also make a perfect accessory for striptease or pole dancing.

If you're new to BDSM, you can wear simple Demonia's in the evening to get acquainted with it. Adapt your look, discuss your respective fantasies with your partner to know which models to choose and how to wear them. Naked with a pair of shoes as the only clothing in a context of submission, or in a suit adapted to awaken the dominant mistress in you... Whether it's for style or to torture your partner, the best shoes are the ones you want to wear.

The different Demonia shoes

Every pair is different and the Demonia range covers all categories of sexy shoes. In the fetish area, you will also find more elaborate models that catch the eye. Although these are mainly women's shoes, the exceptional range of sizes means that men can also get them. All feet can fit into the fetish shoes of the Demonia range. You can choose from several types of shoes, from the simplest to the most sophisticated, including:

  • wedge boots;
  • platform ankle boots;
  • strappy thigh-high boots;
  • studded or strappy pumps;
  • open toe platform pumps.

All materials of fetish shoes

The models offered respect the tastes and erotic aesthetics of BDSM. You will find shoes made of vinyl, leather or imitation leather. The soles have been worked to offer a good support of the foot, stability and especially a comfort of wearing and walking. On the platform sandals, for example, the sole is padded so that the 15 cm heel and the 4 cm platform remain comfortable in all situations.

The high heels of Demonia shoes

The Demonia range has been developed to offer unique soles and heels. Very thick, with original shapes, decorated or notched, they are a big part of the design. And whatever the size of these, it is never by sacrificing the comfort of the foot, because each shoe was studied to ensure holding and ease in all circumstances. You can choose from :

  • platform shoes: to raise the foot without arching it;
  • the wedge heel: in a single block to distribute the body weight;
  • the semi-compensated heel: a thick flat heel very high;
  • the stilettos or square heels;
  • the stiletto heel: with a point that tapers from the base.

The size of Demonia shoes

The Demonia range combines fatal charm with well-being by offering a certain versatility in the sizes available. The shoes are comfortable, wide enough for strong or masculine feet, and have straps, belts or straps to adjust if necessary. Your online sex shop Dèmonia offers sizes ranging from 36 to 46, depending on the model, so that everyone can find their pleasure. Beyond the size, think also to check that the height of the heels or the platform correspond to what you are looking for.

What BDSM accessories should I pair Demonia shoes with?

The visible rings on Demonia shoes give original ideas for bondage: it becomes very easy to immobilize your partner's ankles and feet by slipping for example a cord, a ribbon, a scarf or a tie into the buckles. Various restraints can be associated with these shoes, such as spreader bars, hooks, harnesses or handcuffs. If for example you like to see your partner in a latex jumpsuit with fetish shoes and hog-tied, the Demonia's make a perfect fashion statement. Finally, the jewelry is a nice touch, as well as some BDSM accessories like the military cap, the rhinestone garter belt or the gloves and mittens. And this is as true for women as it is for men.

When to wear Demonia shoes?

The shoes of this range are easily worn on a daily basis, at least for the simpler models such as patent pumps with straps or ankle boots with straps. However, thigh-high boots like platform shoes are rather reserved for theme parties, fetish parties, BDSM sessions or even dedicated events. The Dèmonia party in Paris, for example, is the perfect place to show off your shoes. They correspond to the required dress code and are very common in the area. Their comfort allows you to enjoy a party without damaging your feet, whether you are there to watch or to participate. On the cross of Saint Andrew to be spanked or in a dominant posture to train a submissive: it doesn't matter what your role is in the SM sphere, because Demonia shoes are suitable for all situations.

What to wear fetish shoes with?

Create the perfect fetish outfit by pairing Demonia shoes with nipples, a necklace and a wolf. In faux leather, lace or steel, create a very erotic look from burlesque to fetish. For dressier events, the range goes with almost any women's clothing. Fetish dresses, tight shorts, sheer bodysuits, hot pants, latex stockings and costumes: from red pumps to lace-up thigh-high boots, these shoes are a great match for any outfit, especially wetlook. Platform booties, to name a few, sensually complement a latex jumpsuit. If you also like the gothic culture, the shoes in the range go particularly well with corsets and waistbands. Whatever the material or the shape, in a belt with straps or in an underbust corset, the association is always successful.

How to maintain them?

Because they are varnished materials and it is this shiny aspect that pleases so much, you must know how to maintain your fetish shoes. For that, a dry and soft cloth on the surface after each use allows to remove the dust. For the vegan PU, cleaning foams allow to make the material shine by rubbing it gently. For varnish and wetlook materials, a cloth with a little warm soapy water will do the trick as long as the fabric is not rough. As for real leather, cleansing milk or specific products will make the material last even longer. It is advisable to keep Demonia shoes in a closet away from moisture and light. For boots and soft high boots, an upper protects the last without creating unsightly creases.