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The perfect combination to spice up your evenings

Don't leave anyone indifferent with your sexy lingerie and play at the border of nude and dressed.
Dress and marry the curves of your body.

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Showing 1 - 6 of 22 items

What is bodystocking?

The bodystocking is a piece of sexy lingerie covering the torso, the legs and sometimes also the arms of its owner.
The Polish translation of this word means "body stocking", which perfectly reflects its nature.

Ideal to play with the border between the naked and the dressed, the bodystocking proposes to go even further to the lovers of guêpières and bodysuit, transparent dresses or sexy lingerie set. The bodystocking has a highly erotic power, especially thanks to the choice of materials used in its manufacture: lace, fishnet, everything is thought to let see just enough...
Ideal to warm the atmosphere or surprise his partner, this piece quite original is declined to infinity to bend to your desires.

Where does the bodystocking come from ?

The first known and referenced appearance of bodystocking dates back to 1861, when the actress Adah Isaacs Menken wore it on stage and caused a real scandal.
Indeed, the role that the young woman played was that of the Ukrainian military hero Ivan Mazepa, tied naked to a horse and tortured by his enemies. The actress played the role of a man, naked, and protected her privacy with the famous body stockings mentioned.

It is since this play - having made great noise - that the wearing of the bodystocking was democratized little by little.
In 1965, the American corsetier Warner's is interested in this clothing and launches its own range, intended for the general public.

How to wear bodystocking?

The bodystocking is originally supposed to hold the role of an underwear. However, it is possible to wear it with underwear such as a bra, panties or a thong, especially for comfort and support. It all depends on your desires and your plans!

Body stockings are actually rarely worn alone, because of their transparency. However, some opaque models exist and allow to blur the lines between tights and blouse.

It is also possible to complete your outfit with a corset or a sexy waistband in order to leave a little room to your partner's imagination!
You can also imagine a naughty outfit including a garter belt, high heels... Everything is possible, as long as you please yourself!

Similar accessories

Be careful not to confuse bodystocking with simple tights or nylon stockings, which only cover the legs.
Also, this accessory is to be distinguished from the jumpsuit, traditionally worn as outerwear, and the leotard, which is closer to the sports field since it is mostly found in the world of gymnastics.

Resolutely suggestive, this piece of sexy lingerie is also worn by belly dancers. We can also make a parallel between this accessory and the zentai, this Lycra suit coming from Japan and covering the whole body, including the eyes and the mouth.

How is bodystocking made?

Bodystockings are most often made of nylon, although you can find versions in lace or fishnet.
Satin can also be used, but only in the upper part of the pantyhose, which allows to wear it as a blouse, under a jacket for example.

These materials are obviously chosen for their transparency, although some materials sometimes give the bodystocking a rather translucent look.

Latex versions and other materials appreciated in the world of BDSM are also available, although less widespread. Indeed, bodystocking generally prefers to cover the body while revealing it, which does not allow materials such as latex, wetlook, vinyl ..

How to choose a bodystocking piece?

The bodystocking may play a role of real aphrodisiac in men and perfectly highlight the female curves (whether pronounced or not), this bold piece of sexy lingerie can intimidate more than one.

Generous shapes

First of all, you should know that bodystocking and generous shapes go together perfectly. Strong curves will only be enhanced by the right size and a well-chosen cut.
So take the time to try on several models, and to test different sizes. A tight-fitting tights will emphasize your assets and refine your silhouette thanks to subtle optical effects, which can also lengthen your legs!

In addition, the cut and materials of bodystocking are appreciated by large sizes for their ability to hide defects and imperfections. It is therefore a good bet to start, especially if you are still uncomfortable with the image that your body reflects.


Can bodystocking be as comfortable as a second skin? Yes, as long as you choose soft and flexible materials that will adhere perfectly to your curves without restricting your movements.
Soft materials also avoid irritation and other abrasions caused by rubbing a poorly chosen fabric against the skin.

The different types of bodystocking

Types of materials

First of all, the material used influences the overall appearance of this sexy suit. More or less transparent, translucent, or on the contrary opaque, the choice is wide!

For a first purchase, prefer a bodystocking in full fabric or made of small mesh, which will reveal less your skin than a more daring piece. Also, choose soft and flexible materials to guarantee your comfort.

The amount of material

Then, the quantity of material also plays on the opacity of your piece of sexy lingerie. If you are intimidated by full bodystockings, choose a model combined with stockings, which is much easier to grasp than a large, imposing piece.

The number of erotic elements

Finally, the number of provocative elements can also determine how erotic your bodysuit will be. Choose between full body suits, crotch holes, chest openings or nipple openings..

The zippers are also a highly erotic bet, since it will be easier to undress you in one move! This accessory can be found on many models of fetish clothing and underwear for men and women.

In general, the imagination of manufacturers seems to have no limits. So have fun trying and comparing models with chains, nails, spikes, or any other detail associated with the world of BDSM.

The colors

When it comes to bodystocking, black is by far the most common, whether in fishnet, lace or other models. It is also possible to find some white pieces, because they are often intended for brides preparing their wedding night.

The color lovers can nevertheless turn to pink or flesh colored models, unless they fall for a red or purple piece of BDSM inspiration!

To begin or to push back its limits

For a first bodystocking, beginners can consider models combined with underwear to reassure themselves and to get used to the new sensations that these sexy lingerie pieces provide.
They can also try bodystocking pieces with a cut-out or with a large neckline in the back.

People who are more comfortable with their body and their sensuality can try completely transparent models, or with particularly daring cuts revealing for example the breasts, the nipples, the intimate parts, the buttocks..

Bodystocking and BDSM

Perfect for taming one's femininity, the bodystocking can be adorned with accessories such as a corset or a sexy waistband, a garter belt, chic pumps...
Whether it's for dressing dominatrixes or submissives, the erotic potential of the bodystocking has of course not escaped the attention of fetish and BDSM lovers. The sensuality of this piece can echo certain practices such as swinging, or libertinage.

Moreover, as mentioned above, many models of body stockings are provided with holes at the level of breasts, intimate parts... This gives of course the possibility to the amateurs of SM sessions to indulge in practices such as masturbation or penetration without having to remove their clothes!
Indeed, the fantasy of a sexual intercourse with a dressed partner is not rare. That's why manufacturers are redoubling their inventiveness to offer pieces that are both aesthetically pleasing, exciting and allow this kind of activity.

However, it would be a pity to let the bodystocking occupy alone the front of the stage of a sexy outfit. Why not dare to couple it with a piece or a resolutely sexual accessory, like a leather harness or a belt dildo?
Adding a sextoy to your dominatrix outfit is sure to raise the temperature, especially if it's during a more or less soft BDSM session. It will be enough for you to appear in front of your submissive to excite him at the highest point!

This can be the opportunity totry new practices, alone or with your partner. Discuss together what attracts you, what intimidates you, but also your respective limits. For example, tryreversing the roles if one of you is always the dominant or the submissive.
By putting on your bodystocking or any other fetish piece, you give yourself the opportunity toembody a whole new character. Take the opportunity to play with the codes, titillate the desire and expectations of your partner, in short: experiment and have fun!