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Chaste cage

Increase pleasure with a chastity cage

The chastity cage and the chastity belt are essential for BDSM pleasures. Discover their many advantages and give in to the model that suits you.

What is a chastity cage?

A chastity cage is an accessory mainly used for SM practices. It is placed around the man's sex and prevents any erection, penetration or masturbation. The chastity belt is the female version of this cage. It also aims to prevent any access to the erogenous zone of the pubis and those below.

For the newly curious about BDSM pleasures, you may wonder what the purpose of such a device is. What could be the purpose of such a restrictive accessory for the wearer? This is the advantage and the particularity of SM games. By using this kind of objects during the lovemaking, you discover new pleasures, far beyond the conventional areas of sex.
The body is a vast world full of sensations justwaiting to be discovered. The cage and chastity belt encourage your partner(s) to explore the infinite possibilities of the pleasure you contain. Subjected to the other, you rediscover yourself, caught up in the whirlwind of new perceptions you weren't even aware of. You learn that apart from your genitals, many other areas of your skin make desire rise until it bubbles up inside you. Dare to break away from convention and embark on a quest for unprecedented pleasure, guided only by the actions of the other person and the attainment of a desire that is pushed to the limit.

What is the origin of the chastity cage?

The origins of these devices may seem rather vague. Indeed, no evidence really attests to their existence in the Middle Ages. Concerning the female belt, the accounts discovered on this subject however testify to a very particular interest in the fantasy of submission and chastity.
Although this idea is now more fiction than fact, it is said that the chastity belt was used to prevent adulterous affairs of women in the absence of their husbands. In some versions, they were imposed by men when they went on a campaign. They feared that their wives would fall into the arms of the cooler young men left behind. Other stories imply that women imposed the belt on themselves in order to avoid external temptations. All these stories about possession show that control, whether given or suffered, has always been part of the fantasies in society, and more broadly of human nature.
The chastity cages, intended for men, would have appeared much later. They would be at the origin of beliefs relating to the harmful use, even dangerous, of masturbation at the young generations. It was thought that it diverted them from an active daily life and could even cause infertility.
These accessories are thus the result of false beliefs of the past. Today they are used for the sole pleasure of the partners, who voluntarily put the attainment of their own pleasure in the hands of the other.

What does a cage or chastity belt feel like?

The accessory is usually accompanied by a padlock and one or more keys. Once the device is locked, the person is in a state of total submission to his or her partner. A game of obedience is then played in order to obtain the ultimate release from the master of the situation. Abstinence and excitement are mixed in a real tornado of unfulfilled desire.
The use of a cage or a belt generates, in the person who wears the accessory, a state of constant stimulation associated with that of lack. The partner can brush against, touch and provoke desire in all the other erogenous zones. The body and mind become hypersensitive, reacting to the slightest action. To use a cage or belt is to discover the ultimate rise of desire. The resulting explosion of pleasure is all the better for it.
Of course, it is an object aiming at offering you completely to the other. It aims in particular to establish a relationship at the same time of confidence and domination between Masters or Mistress and subjected or subjected. It is in particular the occasion to affirm a sexuality which accepts to open itself to the action and the gestures of the others, to be in some way dependent on that of your partner and to assume it fully.
This kind of accessories opens infinite doors to the universe of pleasure. Indeed, it is not necessarily limited to what we can consider as the norms of sexual relations. Spicing things up with objects is a great way to discover new sensitive areas and create a unique bond between partners.

How do you choose your chastity cage?

It can be difficult to make a choice when you're an amateur. These types of devices can seem somewhat intimidating, but when used correctly, they provide a new and exciting experience. The most important thing is to choose the right cage or belt for your level of experience.
Choose a cage that you are sure you can put on and still be comfortable. Take the time to measure your resting length and testicle circumference. You will then be able to choose a product with a suitable cage size and ring. Some models, like the CB 3000 or CB 6000 available on our site, come with additional rings of different diameters to adjust the length and width of the cage.
The material is not a criterion to ignore. For example, silicone or polycarbonate cages have the advantage of being easy to put on and easy to clean (for this practice, cleanliness is essential!). They also allow the cage to be worn more or less long. For use throughout the day, choose a cage that allows easy and hygienic urination. On the contrary, leather is preferable for occasional use, only during BDSM games. It has nevertheless a very aesthetic and exciting aspect for the partner.
Note that the belts for women can be coupled with integrated handcuffs. You increase the level of constraint and spice up the submission game. Some models even include a customizable lock to mark the territory of the master or mistress!

What accessories should you use with your chastity cage?

Chastity devices are real engines of the imagination. If you want to spice up your play with your partner(s) a little more, the Demonia BDSM store will guide you in choosing the accessories to add to your panoply.
Handcuffs are of course a must for BDSM games. They will further restrain the person and submit them totally to your control. Our selection of handcuffs and bondage tape includes a wide choice of products that will fit your requirements and the cage or belt you choose. Some even come with a collar and chain to push the restraint even further.
For the SM enthusiasts, the spanking accessories, such as the martinet, the whip, the paddle or the whip, reinforce the domination of the one who uses them. In addition to restraining him or her with the cage or belt, you have the power to punish the mistakes of your submissive while showing yourself inflexible. Finally, the more experienced can engage in the art of shibari to fully submit the body of the other and expose it to his care with our selection of strong and colorful ropes.

Let yourself be tempted by the experience of chastity

Some BDSM practices may seem unclear to the most novice. The use of a cage or a belt is nevertheless part of a practice that is highly appreciated by lovers of the genre. It widens the field of possible sexual experiences. The body is no longer limited to the pleasures of the penis or the vulva. They grow in every corner of the skin, guided by the gestures and control of the master or mistress.
Objectivized, the person submits entirely to the other. She discovers unsuspected erogenous zones and accepts to let herself go to the other person's action. The achievement of orgasm and delivery then become an obsession that encourages her to follow the partner 's directives. You willingly act on orders and learn the pleasure of being the one who obeys.
As explained above, the subject of chastity is not a taboo. It has always been present in the morals and minds of man, even in much earlier times. It has long been the subject of many fantasies and today has evolved into a more widespread BDSM practice than one might think. The cage and the belt are the expression of a fulfilled sexuality, of a will to submit oneself totally assumed and satisfied.