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The essential of BDSM: the whip

A desire to spice up your sex life or to quench a thirst for domination that has not yet been acknowledged. The whip is the accessory of your fantasies. The promise of pleasures and enjoyments cradled by your SM lovemaking.

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Showing 1 - 6 of 21 items

The whip : The accessory of your BDSM fantasies

The riding crop has become essential for any sexual partner wishing to have fun without limits.

It has thus become indispensable to any BDSM enthusiast. Essential element of the perfect fetishist's panoply, it is the promise of fiery and sensual erotic moments.

Like the swift or the paddle, it accompanies the spanking of the submissive to increase the pleasure of the partners. Flogging the top of his thigh and the beginning of his buttock accompanied by an adapted attribute guarantees not only the pleasure, but also the safety of the sexual duo.

For a gentle introduction to S&M raptures, there is nothing like the use of a riding crop. The pain of the slap on the sore buttocks is progressive. The mark left by the tap of the accessory marks less the skin than if a hand had caressed it savagely.

Let your imagination run wild by creating, together, sexually extravagant scenarios. The whip offers this incredible perspective of sexual divagation.

It becomes the ideal accomplice for your erotic games. Dominate, flog, whip... Your ambitions are limitless. Your disciple will ask for more and so will you..

A subtle entry into the world of S&M pleasures that will take you to the discovery of other accessories full of promises such as a necklace, a whip, a leash, and many others.

The promise of sublimated pleasures

You'll understand. The whip offers an incredible range of possibilities. The simple use of bodies has limits that only adapted instruments can exceed. Sublimating one's pleasure is the primary concern of every user. Even if the dominant uses it only occasionally, the very representation of this SM accessory contributes to increase tenfold the pleasure of the partners.

It is therefore used to punish, to correct a submissive who has disobeyed. But its handling is not even necessary in the majority of situations. Its simple presence contributes to a sexual emulsion. It symbolizes domination, virility or submission.

Each one will find the representation that he wishes to give him to awaken his senses.

For some, it will even be an essential crutch to become master of the game and feel confident in their role. It is so much easier to get into the skin of a character when you put on the costume. The regulars of BDSM will certainly not need this artifice to fully integrate their dimension of domination or submission. But to do without it, on the other hand, is out of the question.

For others, more novices, the whip will be essential to feel in conformity with their fantasy. The recourse to such an accessory allows to accompany physically the sexual frolics. But even more, it guarantees to assist the SM fantasies of many couples.

It would be a pity not to have such an asset in one's erotic life. Without taboo, many partners have chosen to equip themselves and to let their imagination run free... For their greatest pleasure.

Just like the use of a cockring or a ball stretcher, it answers a not dissimulated thirst of voluptuous pleasures.

The accessory for all pleasure seekers

The riding crop is an essential accessory for any BDSM practitioner. But its use is not reserved for fetish practices. It is democratized and is thus found in the heart of many sexual romps.

SM stores sell them of course, but you can find them more widely in outlets selling simply naughty items. The ranges and the materials proposed are varied and answer to requests just as diversified.

The whip is thus adapted to all sexual practices. A couple in need of libido wishes to spice up their lovemaking. Newlyweds excited by the idea of being locked up in a hotel room for 3 days, promise themselves unforgettable sexual follies. Two young homosexuals try bondage and domination. A duo of parents, lost in their recent parenthood, convinced that their desire has gone far, far away... wishes to find a sexual activity that has been lost for a while. Some of these situations certainly echo in you.

In need of excitement or curious to discover unknown paths, the whip is an answer for many people.

From soft SM to hard SM, it is the ideal accessory depending on your partner and the intensity of the desired sexual relationship. The main issue for those who are intrigued is undoubtedly to assume its use and especially... Its purchase.

Just like other objects with sexual connotations such as handcuffs or gags, it is advisable to reassure oneself about the very process of its acquisition. To pass the step-door of a trade of fetish objects or to surf on a site e-commerce of erotic accessories, should not be source of anguish or shame, but well sign of a will posted of a sexual blooming sought.

Ideal for your erotic desires

The whip and its various models

Like many other sexual accessories, there is a multitude of offers. Different sizes and materials are thus proposed to answer at best the various requests.

The characteristics of the article are thus systematically detailed in order to inform you and to accompany you at best in the choice of the object of your dreams.

Its size

A wide range of sizes is proposed to suit all desires of punishment. Flagellate with softness or with firmness. The size of the rod determines the grip and the intensity of the spanking.

The thinner the tap, the sharper the slap. For a gentle entry into the world of BDSM, prefer wider tips.

Its material

Made of wood, metal, leather, etc. The whip comes in different materials. It is personalized to answer all the fantasies.

The technical characteristics and the material of its fetish object are to be taken seriously.

A PVC whip with a wooden handle? An aluminum whip with a double wick? Or a black leather one? The suggestions are endless.

Leather has, in common representations, a very sensual connotation. Wood, on the other hand, promises more animated romps. And you, what do you prefer?

Its shape

Consisting of a long rod, the interest of this punitive instrument is the tip called the "clapper". The possible variations are in the shape :

  • of hand ;

  • of elongated trapeze ;

  • of heart ;

  • etc.

This shape counts a lot in the sensations it gives to the submissive. The narrower the tap, the more intense and painful the slap. The choice is thus often made on the noise heard during the slapping.

With our know-how and experience, our SM store is there to chaperone you, and help you find the one made for you, for your greatest pleasure.

The BDSM accessory and its use

The comfort of the partners above all

The whip must remain a companion of shared pleasures. To do so, it is essential to keep in mind that both partners must be willing. A successful sex game with assured enjoyment requires successful communication and mutual respect.

Thus, the desired intensity must be agreed upon beforehand between the submissive and the dominant. A sign is often agreed upon to moderate the punishment if the pain is too intense. This precaution is found in the use of all BDSM accessories. When using a restraint kit or a leather swift, the safety and comfort of the partners must take precedence over individual pleasure.

To prepare for future play or to relieve the pain of a powerful spanking, a special cream can be applied to the reddened skin.

Other accessories to go further in BDSM

In this quest for pleasure, some objects can find their full place.

For a better grip on the whip, some purists put on a lambskin glove and thus master their gesture in order to correct their partner efficiently.

The dominated one is equipped with handcuffs, a gag or even a leather leash. The relationship of submission is more complete there... For an excitation pushed to its paroxysm. Certain objects contribute to an explosion of the intensity of the submission and the pain. A whip, a truncheon, a martinet generate more intense, more violent corrections.

It should be noted that a whip is not intended to be whipped on the skin, but to be tapped in jerks. It is the influx of blood coming from these taps that produces pleasure. For a more violent correction, the acquisition of a leather whip or a swift can be judicious.

Demonia: the SM whip expert

Deciding to use a riding crop to spice up your sex life is a decision you won't regret.

The horizon of intense pleasures and erotic jubilations is open to you.

Dèmonia, a store specialized in BDSM, sells quality accessories to satisfy the greatest number of SM moment practitioners.

Made of wood or leather, heart or hand shaped, short or long... The accessory of your dreams exists and is waiting for you somewhere in our store. Give new perspectives to your erotic relationships. From foreplay to orgasm, from novices to the most experienced, the riding crop has its place in your crazy nights of love.

Discover the complete range of quality whips that we have selected for your greatest happiness.