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Male masturbator

The sextoy for men par excellence

Dildos, anal plugs or even vibrating egg the sex toy section is not lacking in choice. It is therefore sometimes difficult to choose the right model.

The masturbator for men allows to simulate a sexual intercourse in order to spice up the masturbation. These accessories, also called vacuum cup, offer unparalleled sensations: their goal is to recreate the movements of back and forth automatically or manually.

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Showing 1 - 6 of 21 items

What is a masturbator?

A masturbator can take many forms. They usually consist of a small, rigid case with a soft, elastic interior, the purpose of which is to reproduce the texture of a vagina in order to provide similar sensations.

The case has an opening in the front, into which the man can insert his sex.

Sales of these sex toys have exploded in recent years. This is largely due to the very real sensations they offer. Masturbators are designed to imitate the sensation of fellatio, vaginal or anal penetration.

There are vibrating masturbators, connected, with suction effect, in the shape of a blow-up doll or with 3 holes.

Far from being only for singles, these sex toys for men are also for couples and homosexuals, who can turn to models molded on the sexiest porn actors and actresses.

How to choose a masturbator?

Whether you're looking for it in a sex shop or online, check out some features before making your choice.

The shape

The different shapes of masturbators simulate the orifice they imitate: it's up to you to determine which sensations attract you. If the vagina and the mouth are very similar, the anus is tighter.

You should know that some models are equipped with an interchangeable sheath to vary the pleasures, as well as customizable sheath sizes. You can also turn to a masturbator with two openings, i.e. equipped with a vagina and an anus.

Also check the dimensions of the channel, which vary in length and thickness. Not all models are equal if you already have your preferences. Ergonomics are also crucial. Look for curved, anatomically correct shapes and sizes for both manual and automatic devices. A sextoy must be designed for its user in order to be used without risk.

The material

Choose healthy, durable and hypoallergenic materials. Silicone is one of the best materials: non-porous, non-toxic and phthalate-free, it is soft and very pleasant to the touch.

Avoid PVC and jelly, however. Their porosity makes them a real nest for microbes, and as their generally low prices suggest, they are not reliable over time.

In any case, the best compromise is a very soft, skin-like accessory that is compatible with your sensitivity and the type of lubricant used.

The price

An expensive toy is not necessarily a sign of quality or efficiency, which is why it is important to consult the technical specifications. However, a very cheap intimate accessory often reserves bad surprises, either immediately or after some time of use. Therefore, it is better to invest in a reliable and durable accessory, both for your health and your wallet.

There are a few brands and models that you can trust, such as the ARCWAVE ION and the SUCK-O-MAT.

Take into account the prices of sex toy cleaners, lubricants and other supplies you will need to get an idea of the true cost of your investment.


Pay attention to the look of your device when choosing it, as it plays a big part in the excitement of masturbation. A realistic accessory will be more expensive, but also more exciting than a simple box. Some models take the shape of a buttock or a breast, and can even be molded directly on famous X actresses. Others, on the contrary, are more discreet and are aimed at users who are not yet comfortable with their purchase.

The options

Some high-tech devices offer interesting options to open up your experience to the new.

For example, you can turn to masturbators with speakers, self-lubricating, vibrating, connected ... You should also know that practical elements such as non-slip pads, emergency switches, handles and various supports are sometimes integrated.

Also, before taking your masturbator with you in the shower or bath, make sure it is waterproof. Ask around and look for the word "waterproof".

Automatic or manual

A manual masturbator allows you to keep control of your pleasure with the same sensations as masturbation and just as much flexibility.

On the contrary, an automatic model requires no effort. Rechargeable or battery-operated, all you have to do is insert your sex and let it happen.

The choice depends on your personal preferences, test both to find what suits you!

Why buy a masturbator?

Self-pleasuring tools are now legion and are becoming more and more adapted to the male anatomy. All the user has to do is insert his penis into the canal, the slit of which is designated as a female vagina.

The fleshlights type of masturbators are aimed at men who like direct stimulation of the glans, the brake and the shaft. They are therefore not recommended for foreplay, anal sex or use on the testicles.

The masturbator for men has many advantages. The devices of this kind often offer an ergonomics developed with scientists, as well as advanced technologies. The objective being the pleasure of its user, this accessory increasingly widespread contributes to increase the intensity of orgasms and sexual endurance, thanks to the duration of autonomy of batteries.

This allows for example to do without accessories such as penis sheaths.

Like any sextoy, the masturbator offers you a unique opportunity to discover for yourself what you like, as well as the rhythm or intensity that suits you best. Moreover, it is possible to use your toy at will for frequent orgasms!

Features such as mobile control often appeal to couples separated over a long period of time and long-distance relationships. Indeed, it is possible to make good to two while being away, thanks to the connected models.

How to use a masturbator for men?


Start by coating your sex with lubricant to make penetration more pleasant. Feel free to start the session with a classic masturbation to increase the excitement. Then, insert your erect penis into the opening of the sextoy, moving back and forth at your own pace.

If the device offers it, activate the vibrations while continuing the movements. You can then close your eyes and imagine a scene or fantasy that excites you.

Although it is designed for solitary pleasures, the masturbator can also be used in couples during naughty sessions. For example, a connected and vibrating sextoy offers a sensational experience for two. You can also settle down and let your partner take control through his smartphone, and thus totally manage your pleasure and your orgasms.


The masturbator requires rigorous maintenance and cleaning with each use. Before trying your intimate toy for the first time, run it carefully under water with soap if it is made of silicone. For TPE models, use a mild anti-bacterial soap to preserve the material, and do not put it in the dishwasher. Some sex toys can be washed this way, but not TPE.

Finish the cleaning with a brush stroke in the corners. Single-port toys are more difficult to clean, so consider this when purchasing.

Also, a masturbator is only used with a clean sex. Use a water-based water-based lubricant to avoid damaging it: this guarantees good hygiene, and you can keep your accessory for many years.


There are certain conditions that may prevent you from using a male masturbator.

People with a very curved penis, due to Lapeyronie's disease for example, may have great difficulty in penetrating such a device without pain. Manufacturers are addressing this problem and working to remedy it.

Similarly, men with erectile dysfunction may have difficulty using this sextoy. The use of lubricant is sometimes not enough, especially with a machine requiring deep penetration. If you are in this case, think about buying a penis pump.

In addition, a relationship that forbids any use of a sextoy necessarily plays on the feeling at the time of use. You may feel excited about crossing a forbidden line, or you may feel intimidated and guilty.

On the other hand, if your partner approves of your masturbation sessions, make sure you include him or her in them from time to time, in one way or another. That way, he or she won't feel left out.