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Our sexy outfits for your Fetish parties

In the department of fetish clothing for women you will find models of fetish dress transparent or vinyl, the sexy skirtsmini skirts and fetish skirts, the vinyl shorts tops in latex or fishnet, leather or steampunk corsets and waistbands leather or steampunk trend, the pants and leggings..


Intimate relationships are primarily about breaking away from the daily routine by trying new things, and it's an opportunity to slip into the shoes of people who don't look like you.
Ask yourself what attracts and excites you, but also what intimidates you. Take the time to talk about it with your partner, agree on your respective limits and organize a nice fetish evening!

BDSM offers to release the pressure of everyday life by slipping into the skin of a sexy character that you would not necessarily have the opportunity or the audacity to embody other than in an intimate and secure setting. Take the opportunity to spice up your relationships, reverse the roles to better discover each other!

Which costume to choose

If there is no lack of possibilities in terms of fetish clothing, your choice will mainly depend on your desires and your budget.

For a first experience at a lower cost, turn to the accessories! More affordable both financially and psychologically, they will allow you to slip into the skin of your fantasies, without risk and without pressure. It is indeed easier to put on a pair of long vinyl gloves or sexy shoes than a tight black suit.

Many of these accessories are also available in men's version in order tosatisfy the fantasies of the greatest number. The fetish clothes for men have nothing to be ashamed of in front of the large choice offered to women.


Why not put on some nice gloves before you start playing BDSM games?
Lace or satin gloves will bring a touch of elegance and refinement to your play sessions. On the contrary, latex gloves, biker style mittens or vinyl gloves will not fail to bring you the authority of a ruthless dominatrix, ready to make a bite out of her submissive..

A nice pair of fetish shoes is a great ally to slip into the skin of your character. Your partner will tremble, just at the sound of your stilettos treading the ground...
Falling for pretty fetish shoes does not necessarily mean wearing them only in the bedroom! Metal spikes or silver chains will match perfectly with your daily outfits, while ensuring you a spicy and assertive style.

Fetish clothes

You will not lack choice in the department of fetish clothing for women among the models of fetish dress transparent or vinyl, the sexy skirtsmini skirts and fetish skirts, the vinyl shorts tops in latex or fishnet, leather or steampunk corsets and waistbands leather or steampunk trend, the pants and leggings...
Choose pieces that you imagine yourself comfortable in, so that you can better apprehend the moment of the fitting.

Jumpsuits and bodysuits

Adored by fetish outfit lovers, the latex suits and vinyl suits are a must for BDSM games. Well known by the general public, they are enough to excite the crowds with their cold and superior texture!

Vinyl suits are preferable to latex for bringing a sexy touch to your everyday life with memorable fetish clothing.
Latex is smooth, elastic and very soft, and requires some maintenance to keep it shiny and in good condition. However, the sensations it offers are as soft as they are sensual: it shapes the figure, protects from the cold and adapts to outside temperatures like a second skin.
Vinyl, while looser and less durable, is shiny and odorless. Moreover, it does not stick and lets the skin breathe, it is less expensive than latex and, unlike latex, it does not represent any risk of allergy.
As far as maintenance is concerned, vinyl can be washed by hand in cold or lukewarm water, with a little soap, without drying.

The body is a lighter version of the jumpsuit, since the legs and arms are uncovered.
It is also available in several materials, such as the latex bodysuit, the vinyl bodysuit and the wetlook bodysuit.
There are also models of fishnet bodysuit, revealing better the curves.

Other fetish pieces

What would the BDSM world be without its naughty disguises? The nurse, the schoolgirl, the maid or the policewoman are all ways to play with one's own limits and toexplore the boundaries of domination by appropriating well-defined archetypes.

Some materials such as latex, vinyl or wetlook immediately refer to fetish clothing for men and women. Whatever the piece that makes you dream, these materials will not fail to awaken your fantasies..

If you wish to initiate yourself to the pleasures of BDSM and roleplay, why not try a contrition accessory such as the harness and its cousin the maze harness ?

Why choose by brand

It may be wise to do your research not by category, but by brand. Several houses are indeed specialized in erotic clothes and lingerie.
It is the guarantee to find perpetual novelties, intended to renew your naughty wardrobe. Indeed, letting yourself be carried by a brand that you appreciate allows you toconsider pieces that could have intimidated you at first.

It is also a sure guarantee of quality and seriousness. By investing in a recognized brand, you are assured of durable parts and accessories that will accompany you in your fantasies for many years.

You will find on our site categories dedicated to the biggest brands of erotic clothes:

  • Patrice Catanzaro is specialized in women's underwear and latex suits;
  • Dead Lotus offers simple design pieces for a successful BDSM look;
  • Noir Handmade provides mainly fetish dresses, underwear and black accessories with a sober style;
  • Leg Avenue is full of disguises, dresses and transparent bodysuits that will enhance your shape;
  • Maison Close offers beautiful, sexy and refined lingerie.

The brand Indiscreet Jewelry also proposes accessories intended to dress your chest, your ankles..

Latex outfits

Latex suits are particularly tight, so it can be difficult to put them on or take them off. It is a fragile material that can tear if you force it too much.
You have two options:

  • Use a generous amount of talcum powder, simply remove the excess with a sponge and then polish your outfit again using silicone;
  • Rinse the garment with water and immerse it in a silicone bath for a few minutes.


Such a material requires regular maintenance.
Apply a suitable spray cleaner to delay premature wear, to avoid porosity of the fabric and to preserve its authenticity.

Some models of latex garment shine cleaners allow, in addition tomaintaining the material, to facilitate the putting on of the suit by helping it to slide on your skin.

In addition to shine products, it is important to follow certain maintenance steps for latex clothing if you want to keep your outfit as long as possible:

  • Wash your latex bodysuit or wetsuit in warm water, by hand, with washing up liquid. Let it soak and simply shake it in the water, without rubbing.
  • Rinse your latex bodysuit right side up and then inside out.
  • Dry your fetish garment on a plastic hanger, away from light and any heat source. Avoid the sun at all costs, as its UV rays can discolor the fabric.
  • Pat both sides of the garment dry.


Store your latex fetish garments in a dry and dark place, on a hanger or folded flat. Don't forget to smooth both sides of your garment before storing it, otherwise you risk tearing it when you unfold it!

To prevent colors from bleeding between two suits, don't store them against each other and prefer protective covers if you want to cover the hangers. Large freezer bags will suffice if you store your outfits flat.

Also, be careful not to leave any metal parts in contact with the latex, other than those that are part of the outfit, to prevent any risk of staining.

Finally, some elements are incompatible with this material because they threaten to discolor or stain it. This is the case of the sun, but also excessive heat beyond 40°C,humidity and prolonged baths, greasy products such asoil, soap or grease, acid solutions, metals such as copper,tin,silver...