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The balaclava, to free oneself from taboos

Taking a step towards the SM universe is not easy. The hood becomes the essential fetish accessory to get rid of morals and prejudices. And dare to go towards a fulfilling and uncomplicated sexuality.

The hood, the essential accessory of BDSM to keep anonymity

The world of BDSM is still badly perceived by the uninitiated. It is perhaps your case. Prejudices are numerous and difficult to overcome. The weight of the morality of our current society. However, sado-masochistic role-playing games have become very popular. Literature and cinema have even taken hold of the phenomenon. The commercial success of the trilogy 50 Shades of Grey proves it. The world of fetishism and bondage has been democratized and has opened its doors to a very large number of people, whatever their age or social background. If there is an accessory which becomes essential to these games, it is indeed the hood. Real star object of the fetishists, it allows the most shy to dare to go to the meeting of their fantasies by protecting themselves from the external glance. The fact of wearing the hood helps to lift the complexes. It is easier to be naked physically and morally by becoming anonymous. This need for anonymity can be found in SM clubs, for example, where the dominant and the dominated remain hooded so as not to be seen and recognized. Once the first step is taken, the world of BDSM, with its rules and codes, opens up to you. It is a learning path, to discover yourself, through a relaxed and non-judgmental sexuality. The goal is to test and know your true limits - not those imposed by society - in order to reach true enjoyment. In BDSM, you don't cheat, you don't look, you feel. The testimonies of those who have managed to feel better in their skins thanks to sadomasochism are no longer a minority. If you feel convinced, our online store offers many accessories to introduce you to the pleasures of bondage and fetishism.

What is the specificity of the hood in SM erotic games?

We have just seen it, it allows to be freed from the moral glance. The partner who will wear the hood will thus wear a new identity: that of the submissive and/or the sexual object. From there, the roles are determined and the game can begin. Let's now discover the main specificity of these hoods. Sadomasochism allows you to discover yourself through your practices and accessories. The hood allows to increase the senses during the session. It is what we call the sensory increase. By depriving the hooded person of one or more senses, he will develop the others in a significant way. For example, if he does not see anything, each sound, each sensation, each emotion will be increased tenfold. The least small blow of whip or of swiftthe slightest caress or sexual act, will be amplified at the level of the feeling. This overflow of sensations allows to reach the ecstasy, which we do not find in the classic lovemaking. The partner is thus maintained in a second state, called subspace. The brain, deprived of certain senses, can no longer control events. A loss of control sets in and each lash will trigger the production of endorphins, which is the pleasure hormone. Pain will quickly become a source of pleasure for those who gain experience.

The hood to strengthen the bonds in the couple

Not being able to control events means, of course, that you must have complete confidence in your partner. He or she has full responsibility for what happens to you. You are giving them power and control over you. Your vulnerability becomes his gift. Many couples have tested and strengthened their mutual trust through this process. Letting go and surrendering to the other requires some rules between the two lovers. A contract of submission must be established before starting. Respect is the key word. A safeword (one or more words) or safemove (sign) will be used to stop the game. Experimenting with these brain and body games allows partners to get to know each other better. Knowing the other and knowing oneself, testing one's senses, one's limits, through experimentation. Taboos are broken in the couple and a real complicity is established. It is therefore necessary to show a great tolerance. If the idea of associating bodily pain with a love relationship makes you feel embarrassed, you should know that human beings have a sadomaso side by nature - although they will say the opposite to remain in good morals. Athletes, for example, are constantly pushing their physical limits to reach their pain threshold. Remember the story of the endorphins? It is the same with sexuality.

Discovering your body and your feelings

As we said above, the senses are multiplied tenfold. Some hoods allow you to go even further in the control of your body and your feelings. The hood of respiratory constraint or the vacuum forces the wearer to be master of his breathing. To do this, he will have to manage his emotions, not to let himself be overrun by them, not to enter a state of panic. This is called breath control. The submission reaches an additional degree also with the integral hood. The deprivation of all senses causes a phenomenon of isolation and disorientation which, if not controlled at the emotional level, can also give way to anguish. Each balaclava has its own specificity. You should make your choice according to what you want to experience. Remember that each function is not intended to torture, but to test new sensations and strengthen the bond with your partner. Only BDSM and its rules allow this kind of intense sensory experiences.

The different hoods and their uses

Here is what you can find in our SM store:

Sensory hoods

  • Open mouth and eyes hoods made of lacquered lycra, latex or lace. To keep control over what happens to you during your sessions.

  • Those with open mouth made of stretch fabric, lacquered lycra or latex. They allow access to your mouth while depriving you of the sense of sight. They are ideal for developing the other senses.

  • The integral ones made of stretch fabric, leather or neoprene. They allow disorientation and facilitate self-abandonment. Some of them allow to free the sight or the mouth according to the wish of the partners.

  • Those of respiratory constraint or vacuum to take control over the emotional state of the subject by the respiratory constraint. The latter will be obliged to manage his emotional state by breathing. This breathing process increases the blood flow in certain parts of the body, increases the erection and the female orgasm.

  • The vinyl cat hood to play at Catwoman.

The masks to put yourself in the skin of a character

If being impersonal makes you feel cold, what better than playing a superhero character during your role-playing games? Play as a catwoman wearing a vinyl suit and get the upper hand on your partner, for example. Playing as a superhero is fun and makes it easier to establish a position of authority. Or you can personalize the game by playing your favorite animal with what is called puppy play. Little brother of dog training, it's about expressing your animal side by putting yourself in the shoes of a puppy. The puppy, who wears a dog hood, has a master and must obey him. We are well in the dominant / dominated relationship and the universe of BDSM.

How to choose the material ?

The fabric material, very light and comfortable, weakens the vision by letting little light through. It is ideal for those who do not wish to be in complete darkness. It also allows to breathe and to hear. Perfect if you are rather in the discovery phase of the practice. The maintenance is easy.

The lacquered lycra is also very light to wear. It is a slightly elastic and shiny fabric. Its maintenance is also easy. It is for those who want to "shine" at home or at parties.

Latex is the star fabric in the world of fetishism. It completely fits your face with its second skin effect. More difficult to maintain, we have a range of maintenance products for it. The material is sold already heeled.

The lace, for a glamorous and sexy look. Very light to wear, its material is also very elastic.

Leather is the noble material par excellence. Very supple, comfortable to wear and blackout, it delights the fetishists of the first hour. It is recommended when the sessions are long: it is less hot than other materials.

With which other BDSM accessories should the hood be associated?

The dominator, after having hooded his partner, can use a pair of handcuffs and anklets to immobilize him and have a greater control over him. The latter can even display his belonging and his total submission to his master by wearing a collar and a leash. Whips, swiftlets or fags are, as for them, intended to awaken and play with his senses. And if the dominant demands silence during the session, he can use a gag.

If you feel like playing the Marquis de Sade or Christian Grey, you will probably enjoy it and not want to stop. Many people have found sexual fulfillment, self-confidence and confidence in their relationships through BDSM. Life and sexuality are a game above all. It is up to you to dare to free yourself from your prohibitions.