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Show off your assets with our selection of sexy bras

How to choose your bra

Whether you're interested in the world of BDSM or not, your choice of lingerie can go a long way in leading you into the game of seduction.
Indeed, getting into your dominatrix character through ravaging underwear can be easier to assume than a full body suit or a contrition harness.

By shape

The bra

The bra is often associated with young girls with undeveloped breasts or regular athletes. Indeed, this bra ensures an optimal support and a comfort particularly indicated during sports practice.

The bandeau

Without underwiring, the bandeau bra is easily hidden under a dress or bustier thanks to its lack of straps. Choose it with patterns or reliefs to compensate for its simplicity. Think also of alternative materials such as wetlook or vinyl, which will immediately create a BDSM atmosphere to your evening.

The balconette bra

The balconnet bra offers little support and is more suitable for small breasts, which are half-covered by its low-cut cups. It is ideal for shaping the chest and drawing a pretty, sexy and natural cleavage.

The triangle bra

Very common while remaining stylish, the triangle bra adapts to the majority of morphologies and gives them a delicate touch.
Choose a lace model to avoid a too wise look, or opt for a BDSM-inspired piece: adorned with chains, steel spikes, leather straps or made of latex and other synthetic vinyls, your triangle bra will gladly enhance your sexy and assertive look!

The topless bra

Bold and naughty, the topless bra enhances the chest while revealing it completely! It seems to be held in place by a set of strings, which is sure to excite fetishists of contrition in all its forms.

The topless bra goes perfectly with the nipples and is perfect for a complete BDSM dominatrix outfit.

The half breast bra

The half breast bra leaves the upper half of the breast uncovered. It's a sexy and elegant choice, and will go perfectly with a low-cut top.

Don't hesitate to choose a model with lace, straps or even metallic accessories if you plan to wear your demi-bra topless.

The push-up bra

The push-up bra is well known for breasts that want to be highlighted and gain a few sizes in an instant. On these models, the bottom of the cup is padded to create a plunging neckline.

A push-up goes with any fetish garment that shows off your breasts, and can help you slip into the skin of a greedy or bossy dominatrix.

By material

If we often find the same materials in the women's lingerie department, fetish bras offer a choice of original and interesting materials to try:


Latex is an essential material for BDSM, whether it is used on jumpsuits and other tight-fitting clothes or in the underwear department. If it requires a regular maintenance in addition to the care to be given to the material before and after each use, latex does not miss assets to seduce the amateurs of fetish women's clothing:

  • Very elastic, soft, smooth and flexible;
  • Sensual and tactile;
  • Shapes the silhouette and sublimates the curves;
  • Isolates its wearer from external sensations;
  • Keeps the body temperature and keeps warm even outside.


More adapted to small budgets, vinyl borrows certain advantages from its cousin latex.

  • Non-odorous, it shines naturally by reflecting the light;
  • It is breathable and does not stick to the skin;
  • It is safe for people with allergies;
  • Simply wash your vinyl pieces with soapy water after each use.

However, it is a less shapely and durable material, so think about your budget if you want to keep your women's fetish clothes for a long time.

The wetlook

If the wetlook looks like the two materials mentioned above, it differs from them thanks to its matte and slightly shiny aspect. It is made of polyurethane like its two cousins, which explains why it has the same characteristics:

  • A flexibility and a formidable elasticity;
  • A great comfort due to a breathable material;
  • An ease to put on and take off the garment;
  • A highlighting of the forms whatever your morphology.

The fishnet

Fishnet is reminiscent of the punk movement of the 70s and 80s, the grunge period of the 90s and the gothic fashion with multiple influences. Widely used in the manufacture of black tights and mittens, fishnet is capable of revealing the body while covering it, thus playing with the fetish codes.

The lace

Refined and delicate, lace brings a feminine and romantic touch to any piece. It can therefore be a way to mix styles in a more sophisticated outfit, with for example velvet or nylon lingerie.

It is however fragile: beware of sharp objects and badly filed nails, because a snag is not forgiving! If you are afraid of damaging a lace piece, wear it with a detail on a sexy bra instead.

By brand

  • Impudique offers elegant and suggestive lingerie;
  • Leg Avenue is full of dresses and bodysuits that will enhance your shape;
  • Maison Close offers elegant, sexy and refined lingerie;
  • Miss O is known for its large selection of stockings and tights;
  • Bijoux Indiscrets specializes in accessories for ankles, breasts..

How to approach the world of fetish women's clothing?

If we link all kinds of BDSM accessories to the fetish world, it would be a pity to forget the whole range of women's clothes that can excite curious lovers.

Take a moment with your partner to discuss your fantasies together and talk about what you would be tempted to try. While such an openness to the other requires a great deal of trust in each other, you will both come out of this discussion grown and open to the possibilities that BDSM offers.

Then, it's up to you to create your outfit according to your tastes and expectations. Disguises are for example a very good way to approach your first session serenely, since you will be able to hang on to an accessible archetype known by all.

Many women's clothes and accessories are available: choose pieces that you like and in which you will feel comfortable. This way, you will be able to fully enter your character without feeling embarrassed, neither by the context, nor by a badly cut piece.


A nice bra will help you gain confidence with your partner.
There are many styles of lingerie to choose from. Don't be afraid to overdo it, because the important thing is that you have fun!

Panties and thongs

Whether it matches the bra or complements it in some other way, panties can be a great way to excite your lover in a subtle way. Dare for example the models with naked buttocks, leaving the free access to your intimate parts..

Stockings and tights

Ideal for winter, stockings and tights will keep your legs warm while enhancing your look. Choose black, red and materials such as fishnet to suggest a fiery temperament.

The garter belt

Resolutely sexy, the garter belt is preceded by its reputation as an ally of seduction. Raise the temperature by wearing a pretty garter belt under a dress, and let your lover take it off..

The nipples

Stickers designed to hide nipples, nipples propose to highlight your chest.
Wear under a transparent top with vinyl shorts or a sexy skirt for a very exciting look!

The shoes

A nice pair of fetish shoes is enough to wake up a wise or discreet style. High heels are to be preferred to impose your look of dominatrix!

To be worn with a pair of adapted socks, fetish shoes are often adorned with metallic accessories such as chains, metal spikes, rhinestones, lacing..

Masks and wolves

If you want to taste the BDSM universe in a soft way, masks and wolves are a good compromise. Aesthetic and mysterious, it will give you a feeling of anonymity ideal to try new practices.