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Dildo Belt, the stunning pleasure!

Dare the dildo belt, the accessory that will turn your lovemaking upside down. Say goodbye to your sexual routine and take your pleasure in hand. Woman or man, the dildo belt will not leave you indifferent.

Principle of operation

The strap-on dildo can be used by a woman for anal or vaginal penetration of her partner. It is a dildo that is attached to the body, often with the help of a harness. The penetration is done with back and forth movements of the pelvis. The dildo belt can also be the ally of men with erectile dysfunction or those who want to offer a double penetration to their partner.

The different types of strap-on dildos

The strap-on comes in several versions to best suit what you are looking for.

With harness

The strap-on dildo with harness is the best known, as it is older and more present in pornographic images. The harness is usually made of a belt and leather or plastic straps. It has the advantage of being adjustable, the straps being able to adjust perfectly to the hips of the wearer. The dildo can be attached to the harness, so the two pieces are one. However, there are strap-on harnesses that allow you to choose the dildo you want to use and change it as you wish. The dildo is positioned in the front on a dedicated surface. It is held in place by a ring and/or snaps. These devices ensure that the dildo is held securely. For more comfort and aesthetics, some dildo harnesses come in the form of panties or thongs. Very sexy, these models are similar to lingerie while guaranteeing optimal support. More rarely, the harness is not limited to the belt and is integrated into a complete leather bodysuit. This object is closer to bondage, with a strong BDSM connotation.

Without harness

New technologies have allowed to enlarge the family of naughty accessories. The belt dildo has been renewed to become "strapless", i.e. without harness. The dildo is not fixed with straps, but with a tip to be inserted into the vagina. The advantage is that it gives pleasure to both partners at the same time. With the slightest movement, the G-spot of the wearer is stimulated while she penetrates her partner. Models such as the bendable strap-on-me adapt to the intimate anatomy with memory technology, for unparalleled comfort. These strap-on dildos without harness are nevertheless more difficult to handle for those who are not used to it. The perineum must be sufficiently muscular to ensure a good support of the dildo. Don't worry, with a little practice you can master this beautiful object of pleasure. It is always possible to secure your first attempts with a harness, to then fully enjoy this model.


The trend today is towards vibrating accessories and the belt dildo is no exception to the rule.

To maximize the sensations, some models have small built-in motors that will make both partners vibrate with pleasure. With a remote control, you can activate a mechanism in the tip of the dildo to stimulate the prostate or the G-spot of the penetrated person. The surface that rubs against the clitoris of the wearer can also vibrate. Some dildos are hollow so that a mini vibrator can be inserted inside to excite both partners. Some dildo harness models have a small pocket on the front to integrate a vibrating egg and stimulate the clitoris. In the case of a strap-on without a harness, the part that can be inserted into the vagina can also be vibrating.

Why use a strap-on dildo?

The strap-on dildo is the subject of many fantasies. It is sometimes taboo, because of its use for sodomy. In fact, the use of strap-on is becoming more and more popular and more people are taking the plunge. So, why not you? Here is what this versatile accessory can do for you.

Reverse the roles with pegging

Pegging is the practice of a woman performing sodomy on her partner with a belt dildo. More and more present within heterosexual couples, this practice reverses all the power relations and stereotypes. It allows another approach to penetration. The woman experiences a new way of giving pleasure to her partner. The perspective also changes: the carrier discovers the point of view of her lover while the man finds himself in the place of his partner.

Assume your sexuality

The best way to be sexually fulfilled is to take responsibility and let go. If you are in a lesbian relationship, don't censor yourself. You can use a strap-on dildo without feeling like you are betraying your sexual orientation. The strap-on is a toy like any other, offering intense stimulation to both partners. So why deprive yourself if you want to? Men are also somewhat apprehensive about using a strap-on dildo. Society tends to impose codes of conduct on them, such as always being the active person in a sexual relationship. Many men count sodomy among their fantasies, but don't dare talk about it with their partner. They are afraid of losing their manhood and being categorized as homosexual. These concerns prevent them from fully exploring their sexuality, which is a shame. No, sodomy is not degrading and a man who enjoys it is not necessarily gay. Indulging in anal sex with a belted dildo will give you new sensations. The stimulation of the prostate offered by the strap-on can lead to very deep orgasms that it would be a shame to miss.

New erotic games

The strap-on dildo can be attached to other parts of the body than the pelvis. You can position it on your thigh or on your jaw for example. You can then test new positions and stimulate your partner in an original way. Using a dildo belt is also an opportunity to engage in role play. You can imagine scenarios of domination to make this game even more exciting, or use some accessories to get into the skin of your characters. The dildo belt can also be used by a man who wants to penetrate several partners at the same time or practice a double penetration on his partner.

A shared pleasure

Some harness models have an inner dildo, in addition to the outer dildo for penetrating the partner. You can then lead the dance while being stimulated with each movement. The dildo share is ideal for couples who are looking for a deep connection. The woman will have a real sense of continuity between her body and the dildo. The vibrating models increase the sensations tenfold and make it possible to multiply the orgasms.

How to choose a dildo belt?

Size, material, color and appearance are all important elements in the choice of a dildo belt. Depending on the effect you're looking for, you can choose a very realistic dildo or one with a designer outline. Dildo belt kits offer the possibility to vary the pleasures unlike the all-in-one dildo belt. You can increase the size of your dildo as you gain experience. You can also choose your dildo depending on your mood or your partner of the day. Also consider whether you want double stimulation, or whether you'd rather focus solely on the person being penetrated. It can be difficult to control your movements when you are being stimulated yourself, especially when you are just starting out. To avoid hurting your partner, it's best to get to know the single belt dildo before moving on to a model that offers dual stimulation.

How to use a strapless dildo?

In the case of a strapless dildo belt, you simply insert the tip into your vagina. Use lubricant if necessary. For a dildo belt with a harness, put it on like a climbing harness. It is important to adjust the straps properly. They should not be too tight so that they do not get in the way. However, if the straps are too loose, you risk losing the harness in action. Models in the form of panties or thongs can be slipped on like regular underwear. Next, choose your dildo if it is not integrated into the strap-on. Pass it through the ring, leaving its base pressed against your pubic bone. You're in for a wild ride!

Tips for use

  • Always use a water-based lubricant with a silicone dildo, so as not to damage it.

  • Accessories should be cleaned with a suitable product after each use.

  • You can put a condom on a belt dildo, if you change partners during sex for example.

  • It is important to communicate with your partner. A woman using a strap-on for the first time will not be used to this type of movement and may not know how much intensity to use. The person being penetrated must therefore guide the person with the strap-on dildo.

  • Not all dildos are compatible with a strap-on harness. To be able to be fixed on the harness, they must have a sufficiently wide and flat base or a suction cup. Some strap-on dildo kits include several sizes of attachment rings, which best fit the dildo to ensure a perfect fit.

  • If you find that your perineum is not strong enough to use a strapless model, you can strengthen it with geisha balls for example.

  • If you are new to sodomy, it is best to start with a small dildo. The diameter is what will most influence the sensations during penetration. So choose a thin dildo to start with.

  • Anal penetration should be done slowly, especially at the beginning. The person wearing the dildo belt has no sensation at the end of it, so he or she must be careful to go gently so as not to hurt his or her partner.

  • Unless you have major digestive problems, you are unlikely to encounter a large amount of fecal matter. There will barely be a trace on the dildo most of the time. However, if this prospect frightens you, it is possible to do an enema with a bulb before performing sodomy.

  • The anus is not designed to accommodate a penis or a dildo. Sodomy will therefore require good preparation, with progressive foreplay and the use of a lubricant (water-based).