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Develop yourself! With a penis pump, a breast pump or a nipple pump

Are you looking for a penis developer for men?

or for women a clitoris, breast or nipple developer? Would you like to discover the pleasures of pumps and intimate suckers? Learn about the best accessories to increase your sensations tenfold and find the pump that will accompany you in your play sessions.


What are pumps and suckers

Although not widely known, pumps and suckers are particularly appreciated for the unparalleled sensations and benefits they provide.
For example, penis pumps can solve common intimate problems such as erectile dysfunction orpremature ejaculation.

The devices intended for the female body (clitoris pump, breast pump...) propose as for them toincrease the sensitivity of the erogenous zones in order to guarantee more pleasure in front of caresses and other stimulations. On the other hand, the pumps and suckers intended for the breast are used toincrease the breast volume in a totally natural way, without surgery and without pain.

A wide range of accessories has been developed, such as :

When it comes to choosing your pump, prefer soft touch materials such as hypoallergenic silicone. Take care to choose one without phthalate, an endocrine disruptor that can be particularly dangerous for intimate use.
If you want to use your toy in the shower, make sure it's waterproof by looking for the " waterproof " label on the packaging.

This type of sextoy is perfect for exploring new and unexpected sensations, whether you're into SM practices or just curious. Don't hesitate to combine different BDSM accessories to vary the pleasures and maximize your feelings!

How to use the pumps and suckers

Nipple pumps

Nipple pumps are used to stimulate the nipples by making them swell temporarily, quickly and without surgery.
The two tips are placed on the nipples, which you will have lubricated beforehand. Then, apply a light pressure on the bulb of the pumps. Take the time toget used to your sensations, then continue to gently inflate the nipples until they reach the desired volume.

The role of nipple pumps, also known as suckers, is to reproduce the sensation of sucking and licking in order to stimulate the blood supply to the nipples, which then become much more sensitive.
The suckers thus guarantee strong sensations and can be used in a fetish context. In the same way, they are perfectly suitable for masturbation sessions, since they act on a very receptive part of the female body. The excitement is thus invited to both lovers, as much for the one who uses the pump as for the other, who can observe him playing with his body at leisure.

The sensation of pleasure quickly rises in intensity and it only remains to remove the suction cups once the nipples are sufficiently swollen. Each caress will then be a source of particularly strong pleasure. Note that a pump is not used for more than 20 minutes per session.

Vagina pumps

The vagina pump and its cousin the clitoris pump, also called clit pump or sucker, are designed to stimulate the female genital area by inflating it. This accessory, which can also be used as a sextoy, acts by sucking the vaginal lips: it exerts a pressure that stimulates the area and triggers pleasure.


This toy with a large potential provokes a hypersensitivity of all the vaginal and clitoral area, and that by simply increasing the blood flow by effect of suction. It stimulates the genitals while multiplying the female pleasure.
In the same way, it is used to loosen and relax the vagina, which allows in the long term the muscles to find their tone.

Used solo, it will help you explore your sensations and add exoticism to your masturbation. Testing several sex toys at the same time as a pump can also lead you to orgasm.
It is of course possible to invite your partner to handle this BDSM accessory himself: this way, you reinforce your complicity while going beyond the routine.

It's up to you to determine which type of use suits you best. Do you prefer ephemeral or sustained pressure? An erotic game with a fetishistic tendency or a session of domination tinged with SM? It is also possible to use the pump as a preliminary, or on the contrary to exploit its potential during a sexual romp.

If this device allows experienced women to cum almost instantly, the delay before reaching orgasm is sometimes longer for some users. In addition to the time needed to adapt to the sensations, the fear of possible pain or injury can considerably slow down the pleasure.
It is advisable to get sufficient information before using it for the first time, which should be done in complete relaxation and without external pressure.

How to use it

Pumps can generally be used alone or in pairs. Take the opportunity to stimulate your partner and watch his or her lips swell with desire, or take the accessory in hand yourself during a masturbation session.

When selecting your model, choose the suction cup shape, which is the most common and fits all body types. Its dimensions are usually 11 cm x 8 cm x 5 cm.
Regarding the material, prefer quality models made of PVC or ABS, while keeping in mind that a reduced weight will allow you to easily transport the device.

The vagina pump works by causing the vaginal tissues to dilate. To achieve this, lubricate the edges of the device so that air does not escape: the safety valve on the bottom of the pump must be closed.
Place the suction cup on the area to be inflated, with one hand on the bulb and the other on the cup. Press and release until the vulva is sufficiently dilated. Listen to your sensations, which may be surprising at first, but should not cause any pain.

Once the labia are inflated, press the safety valve which will let the air through, before removing the pump. The vulva will then be red, swollen and particularly sensitive to caresses.

Penis pumps

The penis pump was first introduced in the 1900s as a medical device to treat erectile dysfunction. Its design and user comfort have since been revised and perfected.

This accessory is presented as a large condom, vibrating or aspirating, connected to a pump. Check that the dimensions are adapted to your morphology and envisage a few centimetres more.


Used regularly, the penis pump allows to :

  • Trigger beautiful erections on command by filling the penis with blood immediately after pumping;
  • Cure impotence after a few months of use;
  • Topreserve the erection longer and thus to increase the endurance;
  • Tomultiply the size of the penis, in parallel for example of food supplements;
  • Increase the sensitivity of the penis and intensify the orgasms;
  • Toexacerbate the libido in a durable way.

How to use it

In order to guarantee satisfactory results, it is recommended that you use your pump at least every other day. Choose a good quality model made of resistant materials, and preferably turn to a recognized brand.

The part to be placed against the pubic area must be made of soft rubber, both for comfort and waterproofing. The tube should be transparent so that you can check the progress of your erection.
Choose one-piece models, which are more practical than those that have to be connected to third-party parts such as tubes or pears. Finally, there are hydraulic systems that are very pleasant to use but which require you to be in the shower. If you want to avoid the traditional water-based system, try the hybrid models, which can pump both water and air.

Before you try your tool, remember to shave your pubic area so that the base adheres more easily and the tube is waterproof. Don't hesitate to lubricate your penis well to avoid friction and warm it up with a warm towel to promote vasodilation.

Other possible tips depend on the model you choose, and you will only need to insert your penis into the tube when it is at rest. Never place this kind of accessory on an erect penis!
Then, pump gently until you get the desired effects. Do not exceed 10 minutes of use or you risk damaging your member. Remove the device if you feel any discomfort or pain, and read the instructions carefully.