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badines, rattan

Discover the art of spanking with badines and canes

Rediscover the art of spanking with canes and badines! Receive or inflict painful punishments with these mythical SM items. Spanking with bare hands is good, but with accessories, it's even more fun.

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Showing 1 - 6 of 13 items

What is a dagger? What is a SM cane ?

Badines, rattans and canes are more or less flexible rods used in the BDSM sphere. Rattans are so called because they were originally made of rattan wood, a type of palm tree often used in basketry because it is very flexible.

Why use a rattan or a badine?

Using an accessory like a cane will allow you to take your BDSM practice a little further. Rattlesticks and canes generally leave a much more vivid impression on a submissive's mind than a simple spanking, given with the hand. The pain is also stronger. Interesting for those who would be used to receiving blows without accessories and who would like to go to the next level. For those who like to remember a crazy night, the badine is known to mark the skin, depending on the intensity with which it is used. You can then look at your few bruises as a reminder of the pleasure you felt.

The badine in BDSM

The world of sadomasochism has a wide range ofbDSM accessories accessories revolving around the theme of punishment. The spanking comes in more or less painful versions, with the use of whips or paddlesfor example. Receiving and giving a spanking is often very exciting for both partners. It is also an intense moment of complicity, with the submissive letting go completely. The trust given to the dominant person during a session with a rattan is the witness of the special bond between the two partners. It would be simplistic to say that canes and rods are only used for sexual intercourse and erotic scenarios, in order to play a severe correction. For the regulars of the SM domain, those who are in a relationship of submission/domination with one or more partners, the rattan is a real object of discipline. On a daily basis, it allows the master to call his submissive to order if he is not satisfied with his behavior. Rest assured, you can also use a cane occasionally just to have fun with your partner, without experiencing continuous domination.

What kind of games can I play with a SM cane?

A cane offers great opportunities for erotic play. If you dominate, you can order your partner to count the strokes out loud. A mistake can then be the pretext for an even more severe correction. This practice will also allow you to push your limits. As a submissive, you will be able to set pain resistance goals and evaluate your progress.

The SM cane is an object associated with quite a bit of pain. To avoid rushing things and to savor the rush of excitement and pleasure, opt for less physically taxing BDSM accessories at first. You can start small with a featherfor example. The tickling caused by this object will have the gift of annoying your partner with delight. Then, you can move on to more spanking-oriented accessories, such as a fag or a riding crop. The blows with these objects are generally well tolerated. They are not very painful and allow you to warm up the skin gradually. If you feel that you and your partner are ready to go further, take your dagger and give your partner small blows. You can vary the strength, intensity and frequency of the blows to surprise your submissive.

What other BDSM accessories should I use to enhance the experience?

You can give your session a whole new twist depending on the accessories you choose to use, in addition to the SM cane. If, as a dominant, you wish to immobilize your submissive partner while he or she is being caned, be sure to restrain his or her feet and/or hands with handcuffs, spreader bars or ropes. You can also immobilize your submissive in a more subtle way than with bondage, by using breast clamps or thai sticks, for example. These accessories cause additional pain at the slightest movement as they pull on the nipples. This should discourage your partner from moving when you correct them with a stick.

You can also focus your session on psychological domination by playing on the senses. By depriving your partner of sight, with a blindfold or a hoodyou can easily control him and make him undergo a delicious psychological torture. Since he cannot see you, your submissive cannot anticipate the blows of the cane and is constantly expecting the shocks. Sense deprivation enhances the impact of the cane during submission/domination.

The erotic potential of canes and badines

The badine is one of the BDSM accessories with the highest erotic potential. You will feel all tingly at the mere sight of it. A little tap here and there is a great way to get all your senses going. The sound that a dagger makes as it slices through the air before hitting its target is unmistakable, like a soft whistle that caresses your ears. The cudgel then gives you immense power. With a single blow in the air, the characteristic sound will excite your submissive. Hearing the sound of the dagger is the signal for an intense session of domination, the promise of future delights. Even before your erotic games begin, your partner is already under your control.

What body parts should be avoided when using a cane or a rattan?

Fleshy areas of the body, such as the thighs and buttocks, are the best places to go when hitting with a cane. These areas are also the ones that will provide the most sensation. You should never hit the stomach with a stick. There is a high risk of internal injury if you hit a vital organ. The goal of this practice is not to hurt the person, but to allow him/her to experience submission through a bearable pain. There should be no danger to the submissive who trusts his or her master. Therefore, do not hit the stomach, head, neck or other fragile parts of the body. You may tap your submissive's sex or breasts, but the blows should not be violent or they will hurt her. They should be gentle, like a mouthful before moving on to more suitable areas like the buttocks.

How to choose your SM cane or your badine?

Take a good look at these essential criteria when choosing your cane or rattan.

The shape

There are both round and flat canes. The latter produce a louder sound on impact because the surface area that comes into contact with the skin is a little larger. However, this also makes the impact less painful. The energy released on impact has a larger area to dissipate. It's up to you what you're looking for in using this accessory. Paddles are not always straight sticks. Some have a curved end. There are models with a strap, which comes in handy during a punishment session with intense and repeated hits. Sticks without a safety strap are more suitable for everyday discipline, for small taps from time to time.

The material

The most classic canes and badines are made of wood, most often rattan. To increase their flexibility, some models are covered with leather or latex. This particularity also has the advantage of making the blows less biting, more bearable. These models are therefore more suitable for beginners. They are more comfortable to use if you have never tried this BDSM accessory. They also leave a little less marks on the body.

The length

As with whips or swifts, the longer the object, the harder it will be to control. With a short rod, you will be able to make accurate strokes and therefore have a safer practice. There will be less risk of injuring your partner with an unintentionally misplaced shot. Another advantage of short canes is that the dominant person stays physically close to the submissive when using this accessory. It can be really reassuring to feel that the master is not far behind, especially for less experienced submissives. Once you have some experience, you can move on to longer models if you wish.

Precautions for use

  • Strikes with a cane or dagger often leave marks. Bruises and red marks can persist for weeks or months. Make sure your partner is fully willing to be hit. Make sure that he or she is aware of the marks that can be left and that this is not a problem.

  • The "safe word" is essential when using a cane or a rattan. The pain can be severe, and it takes a long time to learn how to handle it. It is important to agree on a word before the session that will stop the beating if you can't take it anymore.

  • Some days, a submissive person will not be able to take the blows as well as usual and the psychological impact they can have. This may be due to fatigue, stress, or simply a bad day. If you are dominating, take the time to assess your submissive's physical and mental state in order to adapt the session.

  • If you are a beginner in this field, do not use too powerful blows. We often don't realize how strong we are when we handle a cane. Listen to your partner so that you can learn to control the strength of your strokes. You can then, depending on your intentions, modulate the intensity of the shocks and make your partner tremble with pleasure.

  • Don't forget to clean your rod after each use, especially if you change partners regularly. If your stick is covered with leather or latex, turn to specialized cleaning products. They preserve the condition of the material while ensuring impeccable hygiene.