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Men's clothing in BDSM

If the general public imagines the world of BDSM to be populated by women dressed in black and adorned with various pleasure accessories, it would be unfair to neglect the wide choice of men's fetish clothing.

To match the distribution of the roles of dominant and dominated, men's clothing must meet the growing demand of the public. Thus, we find in fetish stores pieces undeniably intended for master characters on the one hand, such as suits, and for submissives on the other hand with, for example, the harness to which handcuffs or chains are attached.

Playing the men's clothing game can therefore make you want to explore the possibilities of BDSM in more depth. This includes working on communication with your partner, mutual trust and listening to each other and to yourself.
Engaging in BDSM practices together therefore requires you to think about your respective desires and limits beforehand. Discuss it and take the time to establish together what you want to test or not.

What kind of clothes to choose ?

Men's clothing is often made of recurrent materials that are particularly appreciated in the fetish world, that's why knowing the main characteristics of these materials can help you make your choice.


Latex is widely used for its sheathing properties capable of making it look like a shiny second skin, like a substance covering the naked body of the wearer.
Although it requires some daily maintenance, this material shapes and enhances the figure like few others can.

It is also appreciated in a sensual context because of its ability to cut the senses of its wearer. The wearer is then immersed in a true sensory cocoon and experiences unique sensations.
By being isolated from the rest of the world, each stimulation from the partner will be multiplied.

The vinyl

Like its luxury cousin, vinyl curves the shapes and presents a shiny rendering conducive to various fetishes. This material requires very little maintenance and shines naturally thanks to its ability to reflect light.

It has no odor and lets the skin breathe, which makes it easier to wear, especially over long sessions.

Note, however, that while vinyl men's clothing is allergy-free, it is less durable and looser than its latex counterpart.


Wetlook, although less common, has some serious advantages. This material made from polyurethane has a slightly shiny matte appearance that gives it a noble and metallic aura.

Its steel reflections enhance the silhouette, while its shaping and sheathing properties smooth the curves of the body.

In addition, men's wetlook clothing is both soft and elastic: on the one hand, this makes it very easy to put on and take off and optimizes the wearer's comfort. On the other hand, the skin breathes better and can withstand prolonged wear without problems.


Leather is a material made from animal skin. Its appearance can vary depending on the origin of the skin and the manufacturing process, which makes this material unique and endearing.
There are plant-based substitutes called organic leathers, allowing vegans to enjoy this unique aesthetic.

Most clothing made from leather is black. This infuses your fetish outfits with a virile spirit. Choosing a leather piece guarantees a masculine and sexy touch that will awaken your partner's fantasies!


Lycra, also known as elastane (contrasting the words elastic and polyurethane) is a synthetic fiber known for its great elasticity. Originally used in the textile industry for its comfort, it invaded the sportswear market in the 1970s.

Lycra can resist up to 600% elongation before breaking, which makes it a particularly strong and elastic material. Moreover, it dries faster than most fabrics available for sale and therefore, wicks away perspiration quickly.

There are many fetishists of this material with a second skin look and soft touch, especially in China and Japan where the zentai was born, a full body suit often made of elastane.

However, beware of allergic reactions to lycra for sensitive people: if you feel itchy, remove your garment immediately.

The different types of men's clothing

Choosing your fetish clothing allows you to highlight the part of your body you want to enhance: buttocks, thighs, pectorals or shoulders can stand out with a quality piece that will give you a singular charm and a strong identity.

T-shirts and shirts

Fetish t-shirts and shirts are often made of materials reminiscent of the BDSM universe, such as latex, vinyl, wetlook, lycra..

T-shirts with inscriptions can also be used to remind the different lovers of the distribution of roles within their power games. Thus, a t-shirt mentioning "slave" or "master" can change owner as the roles of the ones and the others are exchanged. It's also a way to display one's status as dominant or submissive and to fully assume it.

Fetish stores also offer disguises, aprons and other uniforms for both men and women.

Pants and kilts

Fetish pants and kilts are perfect to slip into the skin of your dominator or submissive character. You'll find mostly black latex, vinyl and leather, easy to match with a full outfit.


Men's jumpsuits are similar to women's latex jumpsuits, except for a few physical details. Most men's suits have long sleeves and are often less varied, mostly latex and black vinyl.

Plastic Clothing

Plastic men's clothing, both original and unexpected, is perfect if you want to create a climate of domination or try your hand at wet play. There are colored or transparent models to hide nothing!


Men's underwear, while not as varied as their female counterparts, are still full of choices. Take the time to determine the pieces that you like, but especially the parts of your intimacy that you want to highlight.

The different men's underwear

  • The underwear is indented on the thighs and covers the bottom of the pelvis. It is one of the most common underwear for men.
  • The underwear is usually short and looks like a loose short. Its loose shape and the presence of legs distinguishes it from briefs.
  • The boxer is longer than the brief since it has legs, and offers a support just as optimal. Cut close to the body, it is a compromise between the brief and the boxer.
  • The thong is famous for its minimalist shape exposing the buttocks. It can have a sexual connotation, and in this way represent a fetish interest or refer to games of domination and submission found in particular in BDSM.

The accessories

Men's underwear also has some surprises in terms of accessories. We find for example in fetish stores models of briefs with penis cases in which to slip your sex, or with integrated butt plugs...
These complements are directly thought for the amateurs of BDSM accessories used during the various games of power. Indeed, these models of men's underwear are particularly suitable for punishments or rewards that can be found in BDSM sessions.

In addition, some models are equipped with a zipper, which helps to gently increase the sexual tension. No need to remove the underwear to penetrate your partner or a masturbator, just pull down the zipper..

Similarly, you'll find bare-assed models that allow you to both turn on your play partner and get penetrated without removing the clothing.
Dressed sex is a widespread fantasy, which can be fulfilled if you have the right pieces in your closet. Of course, there are just as many equivalents of open panties in the women's department.