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Lingerie set

Discover our lingerie sets for very sexy looks

To feel sexy in all circumstances, boost your self-confidence and raise the temperature in a glance, the lingerie set makes any moment naughty.

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Showing 1 - 6 of 40 items

The lingerie set: an erotic classic

What does a lingerie set consist of?

With a lingerie set, it's impossible to wear mismatched lingerie. It's designed to feel comfortable and sexy, to please yourself and your partner. One-piece or multi-piece, lingerie sets come in a variety of styles to suit all tastes and body types. Whether for wearing under clothes, a naughty tête-à-tête, a BDSM and fetish event or even a swinger's night out, or for libertinage... Whatever the effect you're looking for, there's a lingerie set to suit.

Different types of lingerie

Panties may be a classic, but they don't lack sensuality. In fact, they're coming back into fashion, especially in high-waisted styles, to make you feel both beautiful and comfortable, whether you're curvy or not. It can be worn as is, or in its nude version, under a sheer outer garment to let your curves show through.

The g-string is a must-have for sexy lingerie: with its string or small triangle, or with harness-type straps, it's ideal for being invisible under clothes and revealing the entire buttocks. Its minimalist shape reveals as much skin as possible while concealing the sex.

The tanga is halfway between the panty and the g-string: it offers a high-cut piece, but with more fabric around the hips and buttocks to emphasize shapes in a sexy yet more comfortable way.

Less common yet no less naughty, women's shorties and boxer shorts, often in lace, are the perfect complement to a lingerie ensemble. What's more, they show off round, fleshy buttocks to best advantage.

Finally, split lingerie is an alternative version of each category, with a slit in the crotch to reveal the sex. Often, a small string of pearls is placed just in front to dress the body without hiding it. Open underwear is particularly sexy and popular, and can be worn under a sheer garment such as a kimono or bathrobe to avoid revealing everything at once.

Top lingerie

From breast jewels (or nippies) to bandeaus, open cups or strapless bras, there's something for every style. And for those who like to keep their breasts free, the harness is a good way to decorate the torso without masking the breasts.

As for the different bras, it's all about the shape and consistency of the cup. The balconnet (or corbeille), for example, lifts and shapes the bust to give it more volume. The push-up (or ampliforme) also plays this role, with the difference that it brings the two breasts together to not only add volume, but also lift the bust. The emboîtant model is ideal for generous breasts that like good support or feel more comfortable in it. The bandeau, on the other hand, is strapless, so it can be worn under a garment such as a strapless dress. Finally, the triangle is generally soft, without underwire, for smaller breasts that don't need much support. And for those looking for both underwire and visible bust, quarter-cup bras show off all breasts in a very sexy way.

One-piece sets

The bodysuit is the one-piece lingerie item that replaces panties, bra and bustier. Whatever their shape or material, they enhance every body type and can even be worn under clothes. Some models enhance the silhouette, while others are more discreet or specially designed to be worn with attractive stockings. While they generally feature straps, there are also models with long sleeves or even no neckline to focus on other parts of the body.

Sexy babydolls are part and parcel of lingerie, even if they can be worn over a discreet ensemble for a successful striptease. However, if you're looking to spice up your naughty games, costume lingerie always makes an impact. For role-playing, you can opt for a disguised outfit in fine lingerie, such as the voile soubrette set, which is very light and leaves the buttocks and back bare, while covering the front like a bodysuit crossed with a babydoll.

In a slightly different category is the guêpière. It resembles a corset, but includes a bra, waistband or bustier, as well as garter belts. It's the most elegant piece of fine lingerie, but can also be a real weapon of seduction.

Last but not least, harness dresses that reveal several parts of the body, such as the breasts, belong in the lingerie category. Most of the time, they are equipped with a few well-thought-out accessories for BDSM, such as restraint rings in various places to attach a leash or restraints.

Stockings and tights

Indispensable as a complement to pretty lingerie, stockings and tights can be opaque, transparent, fishnet, with a self-tie band or integrated garter belts. They come in all materials and colors, with lace or sexy patterns, an open crotch or bare buttocks for unrestrained punishment. They're not compulsory, but they're highly recommended if you want to feel good and sexy.

Which lingerie set to choose?

Sexy lingerie is both a matter of taste and circumstance. Depending on the evening you're planning, the choice of lingerie won't be the same. Apart from questions of morphology and classic lace, what lingerie ensemble should be worn according to the theme?

BDSM or fetish undergarments

As a submissive, you can opt for an outfit with rings to hang BDSM accessories like a leash or restraints. Many sets come with a useful choker. Add a headband to awaken your senses and take your first steps into the world of BDSM.

As a dominant, choose a set that gives you strength and power. Make the most of garter belts and opt for leather or vinyl, especially if it's a fetish evening. With rivets or studs, all that's left to do is equip yourself with torture accessories or sex toys to set the tone.

Sexy outdoor lingerie

Lingerie isn't just for the bedroom. Without necessarily thinking of private parties where sexy outfits are welcome, there is a public place where it's fun to show off your little outfits: the beach. A low-cut bikini shows off your breasts and upper thighs to perfection, whether you're dry on the towel or wet when you get out of the water.

Different textiles to wear

For sexy lingerie, the main and best-known materials are obviously lace and voile. The former creates pretty patterns on the skin, while the latter is transparent, stimulating the imagination and arousing the other's curiosity and desire. Of course, fishnet has always been a must-have, as have leather and vinyl. Finally, elastic materials are suitable for all bodies.

When it comes to comfortable lingerie sets, such as those worn under a dress, microfiber proves to be the wisest choice. The nylon and spandex blend ensures well-being, while these models offer a range of skin tones to suit all skin tones.

How to accessorize your lingerie set?

There are no rules when it comes to the accessories you choose to wear or use during your intimate moments. Since the aim is to please yourself and your partner, you're free to make your own choices. But here are a few ideas to inspire you during your next games.

Wear with stockings

Garters, stockings and tights are more lingerie pieces than accessories, but they work wonderfully with shoes. Complete your fetish look with Dèmonia vinyl shoes, whether lace-up thigh-high boots, platform booties or studded pumps. And you'll see that you don't have to be a fetishist to appreciate a woman who wears heels with fine lingerie.

To wear upstairs

Corsets and waistbands are both rigid garments designed to emphasize the waist while supporting the bust. They're also worn by men and come in many styles: black, pink or red vinyl, gold leather, latex or satin... They're an elegant complement to any lingerie ensemble.

For those who like to cover their nipples, nipples are like jewelry for the chest. With a little bow, in the shape of a shiny heart, with sequins or with a tassel, they're the finishing touch to your look.

Finally, ideal for a fetish, BDSM or swinging party, the mask is as aesthetic as it is practical, especially for covering the senses. It's up to you to decide whether you prefer the satin headband, the full balaclava, the wolf or the tulle mask for boudoir and mystery.

To hold in your hands

As for useful accessories, it's up to you to select the ones you'll have the most fun with. Among BDSM accessories, you'll find riding crops, whips, swifts, candles, restraints, leashes and even ropes for shibari, a bondage technique that goes very well with fine lingerie. Of course, there's nothing to stop you enjoying an evening alone, or having fun with your partner, whether male or female, using sex toys. Dildos, anal plugs or Womanizers: choose the accessory that best suits your needs. And to make the evening even better, or even longer, don't hesitate to use wellness accessories or stimulants.

How to care for your lingerie set

As with any fragile garment, there are a few guidelines to follow if you want to keep your sexy lingerie looking its best for as long as possible. For a start, avoid mixing colors, or dark with light. Make sure your underwear is machine washable, and prefer a very gentle program. Otherwise, hand-wash in lukewarm or cold water with Marseille soap or a detergent for delicate fabrics. Do not rub your linen, either with a sponge or with your own fabric. Use a dabbing action to soak up the water, then wring gently. Leave to dry outdoors, never in the washing machine, and store in a special drawer. If your lingerie is made of vinyl, latex or leather, you'll have to rely on the cleaning method that applies to them. Finally, if your lingerie has staples and jewels, and you can machine-wash them, put them separately in nets.