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The spreader bar for an orgasmic submission

What could be more exciting than power plays? The spreader bar is here for you. This BDSM toy is used to subdue and thrill your overly insolent partner by forcing him to stand still and helpless while you correct him

How it works

As its name suggests, the spreader bar is used to keep the upper and/or lower limbs away from the rest of the body. In concrete terms, the bar is equipped with rings where handcuffs are attached, at the wrists or ankles. It is intended to hinder the freedom of movement of the person tied up. Access to the chest and sexual organs is simplified. Its use is suitable for women as well as men.

The different models

There are many different types of spreader bars. To choose the right one, it is important to look at the following criteria.


Bars generally measure between 40 and 100 cm. Choosing the right size is important because it will determine the degree of stress. The longer the bar, the more difficult it can be to maintain the posture. It would be a shame to stop because of painful cramps. If you are not used to this type of equipment, it is best to start with a short bar. This will allow you to practice and get used to being shackled like this before moving on to the next step.


Most spreader bars you can find are made of metal. There are also some made of wood. The material will determine the weight of the bar. It is important that it is not too heavy for you, especially if you are just starting out. Demonia also offers nylon "bars". This material makes them flexible, without losing strength. This is a huge advantage for anyone who has never experienced the pleasures of restraint before. The flexibility of the bar allows for a gentle introduction to its use before switching to a fully rigid model.

Which parts of the body are concerned?

This type of accessory is mainly fixed on the ankles and wrists. Some models offer variations by integrating a second bar connected to a collar for example. Others can be attached to the thighs.

The specificities of some models

BDSM stores compete with each other to make the use of spreader bars even more fun and safe. Some models are equipped with a quick release system. In case of emergency, the restrained person can quickly regain control of his or her movements. A detail that will make all the difference for those who still hesitate. For a perfect fit, there are bars with a velcro attachment system. Ideal if you decide to exchange roles or if other people invite themselves into your sexual games.
Other models prefer interchangeability and the attachment system is then limited to rings at the ends of the bar. In this case, you can attach your favorite handcuffs with carabiners and/or chains and get a customized bar. Handcuffs are sometimes provided but you are free to exchange them for more comfortable ones or lockable ones, according to your preferences. Finally, some metal bars are telescopic. This can make for some delightful games. You can extend the bar as the session progresses, for example, for greater and greater strain and pleasure.

What can these bars do? When to use them?

If you're new to the world of BDSM, you're probably wondering what you stand to gain from this accessory. Here is what a spreader bar has to offer.

Heightened sensations

For the restrained person, the inability to move makes the senses more receptive. A kiss, a tickle, a suck, every touch is intensified. The inability to respond to caresses is confusing, but it makes the play exquisite for both partners. The erogenous zones of the submissive person are also solicited in a different way. The inability to squeeze the legs causes more powerful orgasms. Penetration is also deeper, whether vaginal or anal. Both of you will experience new and intense sensations.

Discovering submission

The person wearing the spreader bar is completely at the mercy of their partner. If you are the dominant person, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful vision of his or her body. Your partner will be completely subject to your will. He will have to undergo each of your delicious whims. It's up to you whether you prefer to make him languish, tease him a little or get down to business.
If you're the submissive one, get ready to let go and let the one who dominates you be in charge. You'll be in the middle of a terribly exciting power play. Your partner is in control of the situation, in control of your body and your pleasure, which can lead to extreme enjoyment. The submission is not only physical. It is also psychological. With your crotch exposed, you are vulnerable, powerless. For some people, humiliation is an important component of erotic feeling. The spreader bar combined with nudity plays with this fantasy by forcing you to maintain an indecent and unusual posture.

An infinite number of possible combinations

You can choose to tie the wrists in front or in the back. The second solution has the advantage of offering total access to the chest or torso of the submissive. You are not obliged to confine yourself to a single bar. On the contrary, the possibilities are numerous. You can use two bars simultaneously, one for the wrists and one for the ankles. The subject will then not be able to move at all. Some models have additional attachment points in the center to chain hands and feet to the same bar, or attach another bar with a collar for example. There are also devices with two bars, cross-shaped or T-shaped.

Spreader bars for your erotic play

If you find that habits die hard and you want to give your sex life a new lease on life, the spreader bar is the perfect accessory. Positions that you used to find too conventional or too routine will take on a whole new twist. Revisit your classics with an SM sauce! One of the great things about these bars is the ease with which you can change positions. Unlike ties connected to furniture, there is no need to remove and reattach the ties between each position. This not only saves time, but also guarantees that the temperature will not drop a single degree.
It is possible, and even recommended, to use other BDSM accessories, in addition to the spreader bars. Their use is perfectly compatible with the wearing of high heels. The result will be particularly sexy and will certainly please fetishists. For a higher degree of submission, you can use a headband. Immobile and without visual reference, it is impossible to anticipate your partner's gestures. The anticipation will be irresistible. The dominant person can use a dildo or a vibrator for a double penetration or a prostate massage. And why not vary the pleasures with vibrating objects? For S&M enthusiasts, the spreader bar can be coupled with a suspension device. However, this category of bondage is reserved for experienced users. It is necessary to have a good knowledge of the body and accessories to indulge in this practice safely.
To get the most out of a spreader bar, it is advisable to make the pleasure last. By starting directly with sodomy or vaginal penetration, you risk missing an essential dimension of this kind of play. To get you in the mood, you can imagine a scenario. Did your partner misbehave? Has he been cheeky? In this case, you will have to give him a little correction. In the same way, the dominant person can make this naughty prelude last by titillating his submissive, with a feather, a martinet, wax or a whip. All the parts of the body of the submissive are accessible, that it is his thighs, his buttocks, his penis or his clitoris, his chest.. This offers a wide range of possibilities. If you want to stop teasing and get down to business, don't rush, prolong this extraordinary moment of fusion. The tension and temperature will soar, until the climax. The more time you take, the greater the pleasure.

How to use a spreader bar?

The spreader bar is one of the easiest SM accessories to use. At the beginning of the session, adjust the length of the bar if it is an extendable model. Attach the handcuffs to the rings with carabiners or chains. Then simply attach the wrists or ankles to the bar in the position you want. To make sure that the ties are not too tight, check that you can insert two fingers between the handcuffs and the body part that is tied. The same rule applies to Velcro restraints. The only thing to do now is to: have fun!
Once you're done having fun, it's important to get off gently. Using a spreader bar takes sex to a whole new level. The submissive may have difficulty emerging after such intense orgasms. She needs to be gently and sympathetically released. Why not lie down together to calmly regain your senses? This moment of complicity will bring you back into the real world.

Precautions to take

  • The restrained person should never be left unattended. They could be seriously injured if they fall and would be unable to get up.
  • Do not use this type of accessory if you suffer from respiratory or cardiac problems.
  • Be careful not to over-tighten the handcuffs. Check regularly during your lovemaking to make sure your blood circulation is good. Stop your activities immediately if the skin becomes abnormally colored, if the wearer notices a strong heat or if he/she notices a loss of sensation.
  • These SM accessories should only be used with a trusted partner. It is best to discuss the limits beforehand. Respecting the rules that both partners have set for themselves and consent are the basics of BDSM.
  • To prepare yourself and avoid painful cramps the next day, you can warm up, like before a sports session.
  • The use of this accessory can be dangerous if you are not in full possession of your means. Do not use a spreader bar if you have been drinking, taking drugs or using other substances.