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Bustier and bodysuit

Enhance your shape with our selection of bustier and bodysuit

The guêpières and bodysuits are women's underwear offering to refine the silhouette.
These pieces of lingerie can however be worn as clothing in their own right, especially in fetish outfits.

What are basque and bodysuit ?


The garter belt is a product of the corsetry industry, replacing the corset and the garter belt.

Appreciated for decades, it has many properties that naturally shape the silhouette of its wearer:

  • Acting as a girdle, it shapes and refines the waist and molds the bust without the constraints of the corset;
  • It supports the chest, making it appear more generous, as do the bustier or the balconette bra;
  • It is equipped with suspenders to fix stockings, while taking less support on the hips than a garter belt.

The garter belt appeared after the Second World War, invented to obtain the very thin and marked waist that was in fashion at the time. Advances in the textile industry, and in particular nylon, allowed the creation of new pieces of lingerie that were both light and stretchy.

The first basques inspired by this invention were developed around 1945 by the French couturier Marcel Rochas for the American actress Mae West, a true sex symbol of her time.

The designer Christian Dior adopted it in his collections, sometimes even designing dresses with integrated underwear.
Despite the end of the daily use of these pieces of lingerie during the feminist revolution of the 1960s, there are now wide varieties of bras made of synthetic materials, tulle, lace ..


The multiple potentials of the bodysuit make it an iconic undergarment, reminiscent of Pamela Anderson's one-piece swimsuit in the cult series Baywatch or Wonder-Woman's bodysuit, a true model of feminine power.

However, the origin of this piece goes back to the 19th century. The French trapeze artist Jules Léotard asked around 1860 that we make him a shirt able to accompany his acrobatic movements without hindering him.

Thus was born the bodysuit as a man's piece, then adopted by women during the 1950s when pin-up Bettie Page wore it while posing for the cover of the American magazine Playboy.
The Bunny Girls waitresses of the Playboy Clubs popularized the bodysuit with their uniforms inspired by the brand's mascot rabbit.

This underwear replaces both the bra and panties. Moreover, it girds the silhouette of the one who wears it and has the double advantage of being as comfortable as sexy!

Bustier, bodysuit and BDSM

The basque and bodysuit are easy to integrate under your BDSM outfits, completed by stockings and tights as well as a pair of fetish shoes with chains or studs!

However, it is possible to wear them as clothes accompanied by various BDSM accessories.
For example, if you are not perfectly comfortable, you can wear a mask or a wolf: it's an ideal choice to get into your character while feeling elegant, refined and anonymous.

Otherwise marry your sheathing piece with a sexy kimono, more fluid and light but just as erotic. A kimono will be perfect for creating an intimate atmosphere at the beginning of a play session.
If you are in a playful mood, a body harness is particularly suitable if you want to propose to your partner to take on a dominant role.

A large part of basques and bodysuits are now designed for BDSM practitioners, and are adorned with accessories such as zippers, chains, metal spikes and studs, rhinestones ...
This attraction of fetish lovers can be explained by the very sensual touch of the materials used, but also by their shaping power capable of sculpting the lines of the body.

How to choose a bustier or a bodysuit?

By material


Iconic material made famous by the full body suits of several female fictional characters including for example Catwoman in the 1992 Batman movie, Trinity in the Matrix trilogy or Selene in the Underworld movie series, latex has many advantages:

  • Gainful, supple and elastic, it sublimates the silhouette and enhances the forms;
  • The fetishists appreciate its second skin aspect giving the impression of a naked body covered with paint;
  • Preserving the body temperature, it can be worn even outside.

Beware however of the sun's rays, which can quickly deteriorate the material. It also requires some maintenance in order to be well preserved, but also needs to be heeled to make it easier to put on your latex pieces.


Vinyl completes the advantages and disadvantages of its cousin latex:

  • Often less expensive but also less durable, this material shines naturally by reflecting light and requires almost no maintenance ;
  • Looser and less shapely, it is also perfectly breathable and easier to put on.

After using your women's vinyl clothes, simply wash them in soapy water and let them air dry.


Wetlook has the appearance of a slightly shiny matte and metallic vinyl.

  • Very soft and elastic, wetlook outfits are breathable and comfortable;
  • As easy to put on as to take off, they don't need much daily maintenance;
  • They are perfect if you want to shape your figure and draw attention to your shape.

No matter what your body type, wetlook basques and bodysuits will enhance your body and sublimate your curves.


The fishnet is composed of a mesh of threads crossed in a grid, like a net.

  • This material is reminiscent of punk, grunge and gothic fashions and will bring a rock and rebel touch to your dominatrix styles;
  • Often used in the manufacture of tights and mittens, the fishnet reveals the skin while covering it;
  • It follows the curves by emphasizing them, which makes it a material privileged in the fetish pieces and the feminine lingerie.

Betting on a fishnet bodysuit guarantees you to attract all the attention of your lover and to seduce him without difficulty. Moreover, it is not rare to discover a fetish for this highly erotic material...


As sexy as it is daring, the bodystring offers to combine its sheathing properties with the tempting cut of the thong. As you can guess from its name, it is a bodysuit whose bottom is cut like a thong and shows the buttocks.
The bodystring is therefore ideal for shaping the figure while avoiding traces of panties.

By brand

If you don't know what piece to start with, or if on the contrary you've already tested several models and are looking for new ideas to buy, proceed by selecting the brands you like is a very good bet.

Indeed, if it represents a certain cost, lingerie and erotic clothes of recognized houses guarantee a quality and a seriousness which will allow you to keep your naughty pieces for many years and to accompany your fantasies in a durable way.

In addition, since the brands regularly offer new collections, you are bound to find pieces that will revive your wardrobe and motivate you to dare to wear clothes and accessories that you might not otherwise have allowed yourself..

Maison Close

Maison Close offers many delicate undergarments in lace or veil, aesthetic and mysterious, naughty while remaining simple!

Leg Avenue

You will find at Leg Avenue a large choice of women's clothing in fishnet and transparent veil, in a resolutely provocative and assumed style.

How to wear a bustier or bodysuit?

How to wear a bustier

Although the first basques did not have straps for a long time, more and more models are now equipped with them.
The main objective of this piece is to enhance the chest, so take the time to look for the right bra size and prefer soft materials that will fit your figure perfectly.

If you're planning to wear your glamorous accessory to a romantic dinner, pair it with a figure-hugging dress and a nice pair of high heels to extend your silhouette.

How to wear a bodysuit

You can wear your bodysuit under your clothes, as a discreet seduction ally, or as a top with a skirt or shorts.

In any case, you can appreciate its shaping properties and wear it to refine your waist and sculpt your figure.