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Washing: sexual well-being

Enemas may not be essential, but for some they're a vital part of hygiene, and for others a means of pleasure.

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Why have an anal enema?

Enemas have many uses, and there's something for everyone. The practice is not reserved for medical use: whether for impeccable hygiene before any anal activity, or for sexual pleasure in a BDSM context, enemas are for everyone.

For hygiene

Stool residue can be a turn-off for some partners, and even for you. An enema makes you feel clean before any anal sex play, whether with tongue, fingers, dildos or plugs. For both the person about to be penetrated and the one behind, whether the practice is done with a penis or a dildo harness, a clean anus and rectum offer greater freedom in intimacy. Those who use enema often demonstrate a heightened level of confidence when it comes to trying out new positions, sodomy or fisting. Indeed, even if your partner uses latex gloves, it's often more pleasant for both of you to venture into a clean body. What's more, enema is recommended, not to say highly recommended, at swingers' parties, for a first encounter, or as part of a multi-part plan.

In the BDSM context

There's a name for the sexual practice of enemas: clysterophilia, or klysmaphilia. It's about taking pleasure from receiving or administering a liquid into the anus. For the person being washed, the feeling of well-being experienced can become something very erotic, just as this practice can have a humiliating aspect much appreciated by BDSM partners.

For the submissive, the enema can be ordered by the dominant and administered as a punishment, depending on the method chosen. For example, by tying the submissive up with a shibari rope, on all fours, bound hand and foot: washing this part of the anatomy or playing with an anal hook can have a very humiliating effect. Alternatively, you can enhance the session by adding a leash, slipping in a few commands or forcing the person to keep the liquid inside: in this way, the enema can become a real game for the dominant.

How much fun is an enema?

With the exception of sessions between master and submissive, there can be a real sense of satisfaction and well-being in the elimination of all residue. Hygiene is also erotic for some, who feel aroused by the idea of a perfectly clean anus. By ruling out any odor risk during the practice, partners also feel more at ease. Finally, the whole process brings a certain amount of anal pleasure, since it's all about inserting a bulb or hose into the rectum and injecting a liquid that can be kept there during the sexual act. For each of the participants, there's satisfaction to be had from the practice. And even when alone, for klysmaphiles, the enema ritual is part of a whole.

How does the anal enema work?

In practical terms, the anal enema is, as its name suggests, a way of removing all fecal residue by injecting water into the rectum. But how does it work?

With which tools?

For an effective enema, the first step is to make sure you have the right accessories, not only to avoid taking any risks, but also because equipment differs according to the practice you're interested in. The most common accessory, and certainly the most effective for beginners discovering the practice, is the enema bulb: alone or with a hose to be connected to an enema reservoir (also known as a bock), it offers cannulas of all sizes for smooth insertion and controlled filling. For the more adventurous or connoisseurs, enema tips, or douchettes, can be connected directly to the shower hose. Some even take the form of an anal plug for the pleasure of penetration at the same time. For precise practice, medical play or solo practice, the syringe is useful because it's versatile: it can be used to inject lubricants as well as liquids. The syringe, along with the catheter, is the closest thing to the ancient medical practice of using an accessory called a clyster; hence the name clysterophilia!

Advice and recommendations

As with all sexual play, and especially anal play, there are a few risks to be aware of, to ensure that everything goes smoothly. For a start: enema is not recommended for pregnant women, people with severe heart problems or asthma, intestinal bleeding, anal fissures, haemorrhoids or recent surgery from the abdomen to the anus. If you're in any doubt, the best thing to do is ask a doctor: remember, this was originally a medical practice, so there's no shame in asking around.

Secondly, the enema is a practice that should not be abused, as it could upset the intestinal balance and its multiple environments. Don't forget that there are several levels of acidity and bacteria necessary for your intestinal flora. It's for this reason that a saline solution is recommended, as it's the closest thing to the body's salt balance. Here too, dosing must be meticulous, as too much or too little salt can also cause cramps: well-being is essential.

When inserting the cannula, be sure to lubricate it well and not inject the liquid too high up. You can use a special fist lubricant, ideal for the anus. Last but not least, temperature is certainly what you need to learn to control: water that's too cold can cause cramps, and water that's too hot can cause burns, either in the rectum or in the anal area, where the skin is very sensitive. Don't hesitate to test on yourself with care and, if you're administering an enema to your inexperienced partner, talk to him or her throughout the process to make sure everything goes smoothly.

How do you make an anal enema?

Enemas require a great deal of material, physical and mental preparation, especially the first few times. With time and experience, you'll find that the practice becomes easier and easier.

Mental and physical preparation

As with all anal sex, the first step is to be relaxed and calm. This is essential, because a relaxed mind goes hand in hand with a relaxed body. To avoid any discomfort or injury, it's best not to be tense, so that your muscles are smooth. Communicate with your partner, listen to your body and create an atmosphere conducive to well-being. You can use poppers to prepare the anus. Last but not least, take your time: an enema should never be rushed. Not only because your body has to be ready, but also because water can take a long time to come out. What's more, if you're planning to have sexual intercourse during or after the enema, it's best to reserve a sufficiently wide time slot, especially if it's your first time!

Preparing the lavage solution

The second step in the enema process is to prepare the liquid to be administered. Ideally, you need a saline solution between 37 and 40°C maximum, to avoid any risk of burning. Note that 37°C corresponds to a person's normal body temperature, so the closer you are to this, the better the experience, unless you're looking to spice up your session. As for the salt, count on one teaspoon of salt for two glasses of water, or 9 grams per liter of water. You can prepare for 2 liters of water or more, depending on the desired result. Stir well until the salt has dissolved; you can heat the water before or afterwards.

For the more experienced, there are a few variations based on chamomile, milk or coffee. Some are designed to make the experience more pleasant smelling, others are ideal for punishment, since coffee dilates the sphincters and the submissive will redouble her efforts to keep the liquid inside her. Add stimulants for a session that lasts!

In which position?

The most comfortable position for an enema is on the back with legs raised, but the most erotic is on all fours, especially if administered by someone else. For strictly hygienic or solo use, it's easiest to lie on your side with your legs against your chest, in the fetal position. Whatever your preferred position, it must be one that facilitates the experience. At no time is this practice intended to be painful.

The procedure

To perform an enema using a bulb, first empty it of air before placing the cannula in the saline solution. Release to fill the bulb, then gently press it upright to empty the air until a few drops escape. Repeat until the bulb is filled with liquid and no air can enter. The same principle applies to the syringe. Lubricate the cannula before inserting it gently into the anus, then empty it just as gently into the rectum. You may or may not want to hold back the liquid, depending on your sexual games. For hygiene reasons, it's advisable to repeat the process until the water runs clear - between 2 and 4 times.

For practice with a reservoir, place the bock filled with saline water higher up than the anus so that the solution flows faster and doesn't get cold. Empty the hose of air, insert the lubricated cannula into the anus and choose the way and place you prefer to release, be it in the toilet or in a large container provided by the Master.

The history of klysmaphilia

It was in 1973 that Dr. Joanne Denko first discussed the enema used by many of her patients for sexual pleasure. Clysterophilia is now an official term for sexual practices involving the administration of liquid into the colon and anus. The enema, which fits perfectly into this category, can therefore provide excitement and satisfaction at any stage of the practice. Women, men, heterosexuals and homosexuals are all equally concerned, with no distinction made between the two.