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A naughty bookstore to educate you in erotic games!

What if you let your fantasies take shape by choosing to fill your library with erotic books? Come and discover our many books that will help you better understand different practices and that may also help you discover some. Don't hesitate to browse through our photography books that may spice up your daily life.


Dèmonia, your naughty store specialized in BDSM.

The store that in addition to offering a wide range of accessories also offers erotic literature to educate you in many practices such as bondage, libertinage, erotic games...

The so-called erotic literature is aimed at different people:

The initiated who are looking to feed their imaginations, their fantasies or give them ideas for fine parties with their partner, their submissive or simply their master.

The uninitiated who wish to start in BDSM, erotic games or any other practice by informing themselves. These books are a good way to get started.

You will discover different types of erotic books in our library, novels, initiation books, humorous books such as "Dare", guides, but also photographic books on the libertine environment, the BDSM environment, bondage...

Erotic literature can have a bad press, which is why at Demonia we strive to meticulously select our various books to offer you a rich library from an erotic, artistic and intellectual point of view. Let's not forget that in some sexual practices, intellectual excitement and imagination are often the basis.

If you come to our BDSM store in Paris, we will accompany you to select the most adequate books according to your profile and especially your desires.

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