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Strengthen your erections and enhance your orgasms

If you don't know it yet, it's high time to discover the cockring, this affordable and easy to use accessory.

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Showing 1 - 6 of 26 items

What is a cock ring?

Also known as a "penis ring", this sexy accessory is placed at the base of the penis, much like a ring. It was invented around the 13th century and was initially made from goat eyelids. Eyelids of which one took care to leave the lashes in order to increase the sensations. Fortunately, the cockring evolved a lot and diversified since, for our greater pleasure.

Why use a cockring?

The penis ring has several functions. It makes it possible initially to increase the duration and the intensity of an erection. By enclosing the base of the penis, it maintains the blood pressure naturally present and reinforces it. The penis is harder and the erection longer. The visual is also more impressive: the penis looks bigger, stronger. Nothing better to boost self-confidence and desire. The penis ring also clearly increases endurance during intercourse and allows for better control. The opportunity may be to experience the simultaneous enjoyment, your partner will appreciate. The penis is also less sensitive. This slight loss of sensation has a delaying effect on ejaculation. The path to orgasm is more sensual, more voluptuous. Moreover, when you reach the seventh heaven, the waves of pleasure are much more powerful than usual, as if multiplied by ten. The memorable orgasm that you will experience will certainly make you want to try again.
The cases in which you can use a penis ring are numerous. It is possible to use it for masturbation, during solitary pleasures. Of course, you can also use it during intercourse with your partner(s). If, for example, you are a fan of fellatio, but the excitement of this act makes you come too fast, the penis ring is the ideal accessory. During penetration, whether anal or vaginal, you'll have more control and therefore experience more pleasure. Most penis rings are waterproof and can be used in the shower or bath, which further expands the possibilities. The cockring will be anyway a great ally in your quest for pleasure.

The penis ring in all its states

A small overview of the models that you could meet. To offer more pleasure and possibilities, some rings are equipped with clitoral stimulator, anal plug or dildo. The penis rings can also be connected objects: you control the vibrations from an application on your smartphone. Finally, there are cock rings with several rings. You can then have fun varying the positions (at the base of your penis, behind the testicles, near the glans) to experience new sensations. Depending on your taste, you can opt for a sober or colored ring.

The cockring, an accessory for everyone

Contrary to what one might think, the penis ring is not reserved for men affected by erectile disorders. It is, indeed, intended for a much broader public.

For men of course, but not only

Since it is placed at the base of the penis, the penis ring is definitely a masculine accessory. However, some models are designed for couples. There are vibrating rings, others doubled with a dildo to practice a double penetration, others still having a surface to massage the clitoris of the partner during the act.. As you can see, the penis ring opens up a lot of possibilities, and not only for men.

For beginners and experts of BDSM

You can use a penis ring during BDSM sessions, but it is also very suitable for more traditional sex, to spice up your sex life. The cockring can also be a gateway to the world of S&M and the key to the realization of your fantasies. It's easy to use and very affordable, making it a great item if you're still hesitant to get started. After trying the penis ring, you may want to delve deeper into the S&M world and explore a new facet of your sexuality. You might then be tempted by other BDSM or fetish accessories such as the whip, paddle, collar, gag, handcuffs, hood, martinet, leash, blindfold.. For the experts of SM, the penis ring can for example be used in complement of a ball stretcher during a genital bondage.

How to choose your cockring ?

Now that you are tempted by the penis ring, you are surely wondering about the criteria to be examined before choosing it. Don't panic, here are the characteristics to take into account to find the one that will suit you best.


This is the most important element, the one that will take precedence over the others throughout your search. A ring that is too tight could be dangerous, as it would impede the proper circulation of blood in the penis. If the ring is too large, it will not have the desired effect of improving the erection and will not hold in place sufficiently. It will then be awkward during the movements of penetration for example, it would be likely to wander along the penis.
The size is thus a crucial element in the choice of a cockring. To determine the diameter of your future ring, it will be necessary to leave the tape measure. Wait until you have a big enough erection to make your calculations. If not, you could obtain measurements lower than your real measurements, and you would be likely to find yourself with a ring too small. The safest thing to do is to take your measurements several times. When you feel ready, wrap the tape measure around the base of your penis and record the result. If you are going to put the ring behind your testicles, take a measurement there as well. If you're not confident in your measurements, opt for a ring that's slightly larger than the diameter you got, or simply ask our sales staff for advice and they'll help you find the best option.

The texture

For the beginners, it is preferable to choose a smooth cockring. This is easier to place on the penis. However, once you master the gesture, you can move on to models with a special texture. There are some with ribs, spikes, grooves, bumps, etc.. Some even have little balls inside the ring to stimulate the penis during the movements.

The material

There are several options. If you are using a penis ring for the first time, it is best to choose an elastic material such as silicone. This is safer if you make a slight mistake with the size or if you have trouble with the placement of the ring. When you will have become an expert of the cockring, you will be able to test the metal or leather rings. Steel and aluminum for example are easy to clean and have the advantage of being very respectful of the body. However, no margin of error is possible, the ring must be perfectly to your size, because these materials are not extensible.

The choice of the model

It all depends on the use you want to make of it. The best is of course to start with the simplest: a single ring positioned at the base of the penis. There are nylon lace type models, very secure for beginners. There is no need to worry about the size and they are very easy to remove in case of problems. Gradually, you will be able to move towards more sophisticated models for your erotic or SM games, with for example cockrings comprising several connected rings, vibrating rings or models weighed down by weights.

How to position its penis ring?

The cockring is placed at the very beginning of erection or in semi-erection. For the model with only one ring, there are two ways of positioning it. The first one is to simply make it slide to the base of the penis. However, this technique can cause discomfort for some men, due to the non-negligible pressure exerted on the penis. The second method is slightly more complex, but avoids this inconvenience. It consists of positioning the ring behind the testicles. To do this, first pass one testicle through the ring, then the other, trying not to pinch the skin. Then you just have to insert your penis into the ring.

Precautions for use :

  • Before using for the first time, it is important to read the entire manual. Here are nevertheless the principal precautions to be taken, as well as some councils of use.
  • The cockring should not be used more than 30 minutes. It is thus necessary to withdraw it after this time, and to wait to find a normal blood circulation before any new use.
  • Taking into account the time of use of the ring, it is necessary to take care not to fall asleep with it. It should not be worn continuously. It must be placed just before the act and removed just after.
  • The cockring is not a strictly SM accessory in the sense that it should not hurt. In case of discomfort, numbness, discomfort, redness, heat or hematoma, remove the ring immediately, as this is not normal.
  • Always refer to the instructions before placing your penis ring. Some models must be placed before erection, others offer more leeway. Not all models with a single ring can be worn behind the testicles, so it is important to check beforehand.
  • If you feel the need, you can shave or trim your hair so that it does not get caught in the ring.
  • In case of difficulties when putting the ring on or taking it off, you can use a little lubricant. Attention however, if your cockring is out of silicone, the lubricant must imperatively be on base of water at the risk of damaging your accessory.
  • If you are using a penis ring for the first time, discovering this new accessory gradually is a good way to become familiar with its use. You might want to try it on your own to start with, so that you can master its placement and removal and get used to the feel. This will help you feel more comfortable if you want to use it with your partner later on.
  • Whether it is made of leather, aluminum, steel or silicone, the penis ring, like all sex toys, must be cleaned with a suitable product after each use.
  • In order to avoid counterfeit or poor quality products, it is best to choose your penis ring in a store specialized in this type of accessory, such as a BDSM store.
  • This accessory is not designed to remedy erectile dysfunction. It cannot cause an erection, only maintain the one already present. A medical consultation is necessary in case of erectile dysfunction or loss of libido.
  • The use of a penis ring does not interfere with the use of a condom.