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paddles, fags

The subtle mix between pleasure and punishment

Have you ever been spanked? This now popular practice is a sweet introduction to the world of BDSM.

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Showing 1 - 6 of 15 items

What is the paddle, otherwise known as tapette in French?

We say paddle in English, because of its practice: the paddling. But in French, the current word is rather tapette. It is an accessory from the BDSM universe, used to spank his or her partner. Of various shapes, materials and sizes, it is used in many ways to arouse all the senses and release the hormones of pleasure. Generally speaking, this object resembles a spatula, the tip of which is used to whip, gently or more firmly, in your games of submission and domination. It is one of the less severe accessories, allowing a gentle entry into the BDSM world, although it remains a little pleasure even for the most experienced.

When did the practice of masochism and spanking start?

Spanking has been around for hundreds of years. Whips dedicated to sexual pleasure were already described in a 15th century work, while the writer Leopold von Sacher-Masoch addressed spanking and fetishism in his stories. In 1869, in his book Venus in Furs, he tells the story of a submissive man who finds pleasure in punishment and masochism. The Marquis de Sade himself was a follower of these practices, although at the time the subject was still taboo.
Nowadays, the practice of spanking is almost trivialized, as spanking is commonly used during the so-called "vanilla" sex. However, this is the first step in the SM world, and the fag is the second. We must not forget that pain releases endorphins : a pleasure hormone that provides well-being and pleasure, and we are all designed the same way at the neurotransmitter level. It is therefore normal to feel pleasure under these conditions; bDSM is only a matter of taste, and everyone finds satisfaction in his or her own way. As long as there is consent between the two parties within the practices.

How to use the fag ?

Its use is very simple: the handle held in one hand, it is to whip a part of the body of your partner, using the tip. A firm hand on the handle will give a dull tap, but a soft hand will make the material slap on the skin. Use your hand as an example to understand how to handle this accessory.
It is recommended that you try the item out and practice before your first time. A wrong blow could hurt your partner in the wrong way. To start, try it on your own thigh to get a feel for the material, strength and movement of the paddle. Once you have an idea of how it feels, try it on a soft pad.
Note that a light hit feels great, but the harder and more relentless you go, the more reddened or even bruised the skin will become. Make sure you know your partner's preferences first, establish a safe word between you, and then test her limits gradually. You can touch his whole body: his buttocks, his back, his legs, his arms, his feet, his chest, his sex... And even her inner thighs. The more the skin is tense at this place, the more the slap will be felt. Be careful to avoid areas that are too sensitive, or even dangerous, such as the spine, face, neck, kidneys, tailbone and all joints. Be sure to be more gentle with the genitals, depending on your partner's requests, and always prefer the flat side of the faggot rather than the edges.
For more sensations during bondage practice, attach a leash or collar to your partner's neck, or yours, if not a blindfold, and tie him up. Handcuff him or her or try shibari to expose patches of skin to be whipped and make the experience more spicy. The dominant can also don a hood for a role-playing simulation, while the more masochistic will enjoy being whipped while wearing a ball strecher or cock ring.

How to choose your paddle?

If the shape remains relatively the same, a change of material or weight can make all the difference in terms of sensations. Keep in mind that the heavier, larger or stiffer the paddle, the louder it will be: some people like noise more. A small, light and flexible paddle will whip much more and will sting the skin. It is also the best way to make it redden.

The different materials

In a SM store, many different materials are available. The most common ones are : leather, silicone, rubber, plastic, wood and bamboo. But there are more solid materials, recommended for paddling experts, such as acrylic or stainless steel. The latter material should be tested on a cushion before whipping someone, as it can cause injury.
Leather paddles are generally the most popular, for their elegant and fetishistic look, and the soft feeling on the skin. Whether the leather is rough or smooth, either way the body reacts. Silicone, rubber and plastic paddles whip around more and leave marks more easily, but wooden ones are thicker and heavier, and therefore firmer.
Leather, beyond the fetishism it inspires, is a noble textile that remains pleasant on the skin. So try to caress a zone of it with your fag before slapping it.
Finally, for the softer fun, some paddles are even covered with fake fur to muffle the sound and the pain, but keep only the act on the skin.

The choice of handle

A thin, flexible and long handle will bring softness to your spankings, while a thick, heavy or short handle will mostly give strength to your blows. Some handles are wide and others are very thin: it all depends on the importance you give to the grip and the effect you want. But know that it will make all the difference in your mutual quest for pleasure, so don't hesitate to turn to comfortable SM accessories.

The size

Your fag doesn't have to be huge to have an effect. On the contrary, sometimes a small square of leather is all that's needed to provide great pleasure. In the case of soft paddles, prefer a tip and a long handle. For BDSM accessories in the same category, such as the baton and the cudgel, don't be afraid to select objects that are long enough for ample movement. If the cane, for example, is much longer, it also inflicts more painful sentences.

Shape and design

Beyond the sensation provided, shape is an integral part of sex play. BDSM stores offer a lot of diversity. For example, there are paddles with decorative tips, heart-shaped or patterned, or paddles with rivets that readily enter the sphere of fetishism. There are also mini paddles to carry, which are attached to the belt by a carabiner, so that you can inflict a delicious punishment at any time. Double paddles, on the other hand, are designed with doubled tips to bring a kick to the spanking and double the excitement. Silicone has the advantage of regularly presenting surface textures to offer unforgettable sensations when flattering the skin.

The alternatives

In the category of paddling, other accessories have something to delight the BDSM enthusiasts. The "badine" for example is an SM accessory made of braided strands, used simply as a whip or folded and maintained by a ring for a more scathing flagellation. Reserved for regulars or even professionals, the cudgel, made of leather or latex most of the time, is a sadomasochistic accessory that allows severe punishments and leaves marks on the body.
The truncheon, in its case, is a rigid product often made of leather or rubber, present in all Fetish stores. It is used to educate the submissive or during role-playing games involving a policeman.
The whip, if not used to train a horse, is also used a lot in the BDSM world. Its small and sharp tip allows more precision in the practice, whether it is to punish or caress erogenous zones. For this, the handle must be rigid and the loop at the end, very flexible.
As for the swifts, with their long leather straps, they rain down a myriad of divine bites on the skin. Made of hard leather or suede, this accessory can provide gentle sensual movements as well as more severe punishment. The advantage of swifts is their ability to inflict unforgettable sentences, while making the practice totally safe: indeed, the straps will never cause more than a reddening of the skin. And that's even if you tie each strap to administer more rigorous blows.

The whip is reserved for professionals, because injuries happen quickly. However, with practice, the practice becomes a real pleasure. If the whip is a soft whip, the single-tail on the other hand is dedicated to punishment. Braided with 8 to 24 strands, this accessory is not easily found in all SM stores. It takes several months of training before you can use it on a person, with an average of 2 hours of testing per day. The masters who own this BDSM jewel are therefore real experts.
The cane, more punitive, is a kind of dagger, but longer and more solid. Usually made of rattan, this accessory is sometimes covered with leather or latex to make the scathing corrections even more painful.
There are many alternatives, all more sensual than the others. One of them will inevitably suit your practices, even if you are a beginner in the SM universe.

The BDSM practice in a few words

Always ask about your partner's requirements, draw up an oral or written contract if necessary, and contribute to your mutual pleasure by respecting the established consent. BDSM is a healthy and popular practice that serves only to develop the senses and pleasure.