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Anal hook

BDSM and anal crochet: the erotic duo

Take the BDSM bait and let yourself be tempted by the anal hook. This beautiful accessory will allow you to realize your most daring fantasies, from domination/submission to bondage, through sadomasochism.

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Showing 1 - 6 of 7 items

How it works

As its name indicates, the anal hook is a sexual object in the shape of a hook (or hook) which is introduced into the anus. It is most of the time in metal. It consists of a rod, either J-shaped or U-shaped, with a ball to insert on one side and a small ring on the other. Once it's in place, you can connect it to other BDSM accessories to further spice up your erotic play.

Who can use an anal hook?

The anal hook has the advantage of being able to satisfy everyone. This BDSM accessory is however rather reserved for the experienced users. The handling of the anal hook requires indeed a little experience in the field of anal pleasure. You are still a beginner? Discover the plugs and rosebuds offered by Demonia. These accessories will allow you to learn step by step the joys of anal penetration. If you are not a fan of the SM world, you can still use an anal hook. You just have to use it as a simple anal plug.

The ultimate in anal pleasure

If you get a lot of pleasure from using anal plugs, you'll love the anal hook. Ideal for foreplay, this S&M accessory has great arousal power. As a wearer, you will be able to enjoy the delicious sensations caused by the ball inserted in your posterior. Men will enjoy a pleasant prostate stimulation, while women will feel an internal pressure on their G-spot. The metal in which the hook is made allows you to play with the temperature, the cold acting as a catalyst for erotic sensations. The anal hook will make any sexual intercourse much more bestial and stimulating, when used in conjunction with vaginal penetration for example.

An emblematic accessory of BDSM

The anal hook is particularly appreciated in the BDSM sphere, and rightly so. This visually impressive accessory allows you to totally control your partner's pleasure. It is one of the favorite objects of fetishists and sadomasochists, because of the pain it can provide. The hook applies indeed a strong constraint on the person who submits to it. If the arched position is not maintained, it sinks even deeper into the rectum and exerts a stronger pressure on the anus. One of the major advantages of the anal hook is that it can be combined with many other SM accessories. You can connect your hook to a necklace or a harness for example

Domination/submission games with an anal hook

The anal hook can be an opportunity to let loose and indulge in all sorts of power plays and erotic scenarios. If you wear the hook, you will feel a very strong sense of submission. Surrender yourself and leave the control of your pleasure to your dominator. Your master may choose to put you through a few minor humiliations while you are wearing an anal hook. For example, he may connect your hook to a high ring, forcing you to stand on your tiptoes. He will then have plenty of time to use a swiftor a whip or a badinehe may also force you to wear a hook during the day, discreetly hidden under your clothes. He may also force you to wear a hook during the day, discreetly hidden under your clothes. The anal hook is also an instrument of domination during your lovemaking. When you perform oral sex or cunnilingus, your partner can set the pace by inserting a finger into the ring of the hook and moving back and forth. You will have no choice but to follow the rhythm! For the dominant role-players, you can attach a leash to the hook and walk your submissive according to your wishes. You control his movements, his arch and his movements with a simple pressure on the link. Your submissive partner is obliged to follow you, otherwise he will feel a painful pressure on his anus.

The aesthetic dimension of the anal hook

The anal hook is first of all a beautiful object. Its elegant shape and the metal in which it is made make it a sM accessory splendid and luxurious accessory. The suggestive positions to which the hook can give place also take part in its aesthetic dimension. If it is your partner who wears the hook, you will be able to enjoy the superb spectacle of his body which twists under the effect of the constraint. The teasing arch imposed by the accessory on the loins and the back of your submissive will be a real pleasure for your eyes. You will not remain indifferent for long in front of your partner's buttocks thus highlighted.

The anal hook, for a suspended moment

The anal hook has its place in a session of shibari or bondage. The ring at the end of the hook's shaft allows all sorts of ropes and chains to be passed through. With carabinersit is also possible to attach the hook to a pair of handcuffs or to a a spreader bar. These bondage accessories allow you, if you have enough experience, to suspend your partner. The hook intertwined in the ropes or chains thus causes new sensations of very intense tension. These positions in suspension, difficult to support, are however to be reserved for the hardened submissives. Such a constraint requires an adapted training, it is necessary to learn how to deal with the pain.

How to choose the right anal hook?

Here are some criteria you should take into account when choosing your anal hook.

The metal

Anal hooks are almost always made of metal, especially surgical steel. This one is easy to maintain and does not deteriorate with time. Like all metal sex toysthe anal hook has the advantage of being healthy for the body. There is little risk of allergy, intolerance or irritation. Another advantage of metal sex toys is that they do not adapt to the anatomy of the person wearing them. A surgical steel anal hook will show you the real constraint. It will be up to you to bend to the postures imposed by the hook, to put up with these positions that are both exciting and painful.

The shape

The tips to be inserted in the anus are not the same according to the models. Some are simple balls, more or less large. Others are egg-shaped, for an easier insertion. There are also hooks where the tip is made of several balls stacked on top of each other. The choice of the tip depends on your preferences and the sensations you are looking for with the use of a hook. The rod that goes in the back can be more or less long. However, it is always designed to fit your shape. It ends with a ring, which can also be of varying sizes.

Additional features

First of all, it is possible to create your ideal anal hook. There are models that can be unscrewed, allowing you to choose the tip and shaft that suit you best. As you progress in your practice, you can gradually increase the size of the ball or egg that you insert into your anus. Nevertheless, some models are not limited to a hook topped with a tip. For these gentlemen, there are anal hooks coupled with a cockring. Thus, during a penetration, each back and forth movement will exert a new pressure on your anus and on your prostate. What to guarantee orgasms out of the common. In a perspective of domination/submission, you can find anal hooks designed for electrostimulationas well as models doubled with a chastity device. This will give you total control over the sexuality and pleasure of your submissive.

How to use an anal hook?

This SM accessory is generally used in couple or in group. Be sure to lubricate the tip of the hook and your anus before you begin. Also, choose a suitable position. When your sphincter is sufficiently relaxed, gently insert the ball of the hook, without forcing. The accessory is in place when the tip is completely inside. The rod is positioned along the back of the submissive. You can now slide a finger, ropes or chains through the ring to happily torture your partner. When you want to remove the hook, don't forget to first remove all the carabiners and ties that go through the ring. The hook should be removed from the anus last. To do this, gently pull on the stem at an appropriate angle. Do not hesitate to apply a little lubricant if you feel a too strong resistance.

Tips for use

  • If you use an anal hook for suspension, never put the entire weight of the subject on it. The person attached should never be suspended by the hook. This BDSM accessory was not designed for this purpose. Risking it could cause serious injury, such as tearing the anus.

  • When performing BDSM, it is important to make sure that your partner agrees. An anal hook is particularly impressive and can be painful. Make sure that its use does not exceed your submissive's limits, that it is not a problem.

  • Don't forget to set a safe word before you start the session, for added safety.

  • If your model's ball is removable, make sure it is properly screwed in before inserting it into your anus. This will prevent the tip from coming off and getting stuck in your rectum.

  • Clean your hook after each use. Since it is a metal sextoy, you can boil it to sterilize it. Otherwise, use specific specific cleaning products or wash the object with soapy water.

  • If you can't get the hook out of your anus, try relaxing and loosening your muscles first. These can be tense, especially after an orgasm. Then accompany the removal of the accessory by pushing as you do when you go to the bathroom. If after several attempts the hook will not come out, contact a doctor or emergency room.