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Clitoral or vaginal pumps

Choose a vaginal or clitoral pump to increase your sensitivity.

Increase your sensitivity with clitoral and vaginal pumps

Vaginal pumps are not well known to the public, yet they are among the most popular sex toys for ladies.

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Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items

What is a clitoris or vagina pump?

The sex pump is a sextoy created for the pleasure of women, whether alone or with others. It is a sucker which, by a suction cup effect, increases the blood flow to the labia and clitoris, so as to swell the tissues and make them more sensitive. The air vacuum created in this erogenous zone will make the blood flow, and make the female sex hyper-sensitive to touch. Of course, the effect as well as the aspect are only temporary, and have no risk to remain so after a use, even prolonged.

Why use a vagina or clitoris pump?

Whether you have difficulty reaching orgasm, getting aroused, or are attracted to the idea of a simple graze becoming a tidal wave of sensations, the clitoral or vaginal sucker is a good way to get there. Indeed, once your sex is gorged with blood and the skin swollen, the slightest touch, the slightest caress offers incredible sensations. For S&M lovers, it is also a way to make the sex more sensitive to soft or intense tortures: a little blow of swift on the lips will offer a delicious bite. As well as the art of shibari a rope tied around the labia will expose the vulva more, which will feel new sensations.

Many also enjoy the appearance of the labia after a vagina pump. They are swollen, red and the clitoris is clearly visible. In addition, the clitoral pump is a soft BDSM accessory, which is suitable for many women, but also for many couples who try SM practices, as there is no pain during the process. It is only a question of exacerbating the sensitivity of the woman's sex so that it becomes receptive to the slightest thrill.

Thus, the clit pump allows to stimulate the vagina, the lips as well as the clitoris, but also to reach more easily the clitoral orgasm. A localized massage or cunnilingus after the passage of a sex pump allows to reach the seventh heaven in no time. Take the time to walk your fingers, or accessories, all around the clitoris, and continue to stimulate it gently, for example by blowing on it or by playing on a hot, then cold effect.


This practice, called cupping, consists in pumping a part of the body to provoke blood flow. You will know that the vagina or the clitoris are not the only areas that can be pumped: there are also breast pumpsbreast pumps, nipple pumps, and penis pumps. So, men are not left out, and will be able to enjoy, with or without madam, this sensual adventure.

The term cupping refers to the cup used as a suction cup, which is reminiscent of the breast pump. If this term is used more for the chest, the process is the same for the sex. Moreover, some models are used as well for the nipples or the breasts, as for the clitoris, given the narrow base of the suction cup.

Models of all kinds

There is no lack of models: there are all kinds of pumps, or suckersthere are all kinds of pumps, or suckers, as the term is used. The classic form of vaginal pumps is characterized by the presence of a suction cup mask, connected to a bulb, which is used to pump. Most pumps are manual, but some are electric, and others are vibrating. For this, a vibrating egg is placed near the clitoris, to send waves of pleasure throughout the suction.

Finally, some models are even used for several purposes: this is the case of electric pumps for the breasts, which can also be used for the clitoris, as the cut at the end is not very wide.

Choosing the right sex pump

Ideally, the perfect clitoral or vaginal pump is made of plastic, with a seal and rubber. The goal is for the accessory to remain light, for the suction effect to be optimal, and for it to be easy to clean. Then, the bulb must be flexible but strong enough to take the pressure of Mrs. or Mr. continuously.

For those who consider that the pump is not efficient enough, it is possible to add a small and simple accessory, called vaccum hand pump. It is a universal pump that fits on the bDSM accessories accessories, and which allows to suck harder. It works with a plunger handle and trigger, and fits directly onto the pump.

What is the difference between a clitoral pump and a vaginal pump?

Vaginal pumps have a cup that looks like a mask, so that it takes in the entire vulva and acts on the entire area: labia minora, labia majora, clitoris, and even the tissue around it. They work mainly with a bulb system that needs to be pumped to empty the air. Clitoral pumps, on the other hand, have a narrow cut, about 2 cm to 4 cm in diameter, to take only the clitoral space. Most of the time, they have a button on the pump to help with suctioning, but sometimes this is also the case with vagina pumps.

As for the pleasure felt, the orgasm will not be the same for one and the other, since the suction is not located at the same level. Vaginal pumps allow to accentuate the sensations, as well for caresses as for masturbation, or even penetration. They are therefore more designed to lead to orgasm, even though many women experience it during the process. Clitoral pumps, on the other hand, are more likely to create an orgasm, even during use, as the application is localized. But in both cases, it is the orgasm that is the key. And if it doesn't happen during, it will come soon after.

The guide of use of a sex pump

The most important thing to do before using a sex toy is to clean it well. Then apply a water-based lubricant on the outer edges to help the seal work as a suction cup, while protecting your skin. Then, make sure the safety valve only lets out air. Once done, you can apply the sex pump to your desired erogenous zone: the clit pump for the clitoris, and the vagina pump for the vulva.

Hold the suction cup on your sex while your good hand squeezes the bulb, in order to start the suction and make the air vacuum. Pump until the cup holds itself against your skin: air should not be able to pass through in any way. Once well stuck, you can start the regular suction by pumping little by little. The sensation is particular at the beginning, and especially the first times, but do not worry: it is normal. However, no pain should be felt.

As for the limit to be reached, there are two ways to see the process. Either you stop when you feel your skin swell or when it touches the walls of the cup. Once stuck against the suction cup, it means that the air can't go through anymore, and you've reached the limit: no need to keep pumping.

To remove the vagina sucker, activate the safety valve to let the air in: the cup should fall off by itself. To avoid damaging your skin, avoid pulling, especially if you didn't activate the safety valve beforehand. From there, you can look at your swollen vulva or clitoris and start playing with it.

What to pair the vagina pump with?

To go further in the sexual games, accompany the suckers with some BDSM accessories. For a solitary pleasure, opt for a sextoy a dildo or a vibrator will give you a nice orgasm, if you haven't opted for a vibrating vagina pump. However, avoid combining the two!

In duo or with others, succumb to a sexy lingerie or clothing for role-playing, for example. A throbbing and swollen vulva may require the naughty expertise of a dominant doctor.

Precautions for use

Although there are no known risks with these SM pumps, the discomfort generated can be off-putting when first used. In addition, and because it is one of many BDSM accessories in contact with sex, it is better to be careful. First and foremost, the equipment should always be cleaned with a mild, PH-neutral soap before and after each use. Then, the use of lubricant is mandatory. It is important to use lubricant to protect your skin and to prevent vaginal dryness. Don't forget that the principle is to empty the air, the vagina can be temporarily affected. It is, in any case, plausible for women suffering from this particularity: to do this, you just need to apply a lot of lubricant.

Another precaution: do not pump to the extreme. If you think that you will gain more sensitivity by doing this, you should know that the opposite is likely to happen. In fact, if you pump too much, you will start to feel tingling and then insensitivity in the long term. In addition, the pump may get damaged faster than expected. So, take it easy, pump until the skin touches the walls of the cup, then stop. You can also stop before and test gradually, at your own pace.

Of course, it is forbidden to use a vagina pump at the same time as a dildo: with the suction, you could jam the dildo or hurt yourself.

Finally, if you feel pain while sucking, stop immediately. The sensation should be, in the worst case, strange at the first use, but not painful. So if you don't feel it, don't force it and stop the experiment. Nothing prevents you from trying it little by little and coming back to it another time. And why not start with other models of suckers? Breast suckers, nipple suckers or clitoral suckers might be a better introduction to this sexual pleasure.