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The right gestures for material that lasts

The care of latex garments and accessories is essential to keep them looking their best for as long as possible. Discover the rituals to adopt and the products to use.


Why is latex care important?

To keep your latex garments, fetish dresses or vinyl shorts looking their best for as long as possible, it's essential to know how tocare for your latex. From initial use to storage, cleaning and shining. For a successful, long-lasting wetlook, the right products are highly recommended. The advantage of fetish is that, over time, this latex maintenance ritual becomes an integral part of the pleasure.

The risk with latex

It's not called "second skin" for nothing: a particularly fragile natural material, it requires appropriate care and attention to maintain its shape, shine, curves and elasticity. It's not a material that lives like leather, but latex maintenance is just as rigorous. It can be quite expensive to buy, especially if you invest in a latex suit, but it can last a lifetime if you take good care of it. If, on the other hand, you leave your rubber garments lying around carelessly, you run the risk of seeing them deteriorate, reducing their lifespan and your comfort in the process. A poorly cared-for latex garment can crease, crack or even tear for life. And that goes for clothes as well as accessories like sex toys, so don't neglect latex care.

Latex care from A to Z

For someone taking their first steps into the world of this rubber beloved by BDSM devotees and revered by many fetishists, its care can be scary. But rest assured, once you know the right gestures, they become automatic and can even offer a certain satisfaction.

A ritual as erotic as it is important

Rubber clothing isn't something you can put on in seconds and take off in less time. The preparation, dressing, undressing and care of latex are part of what is commonly called ritual, or ceremonial, in the fetish sphere. It's something you have to be able to accept when you want to get started, but it's important for many lovers of this shiny second skin. It can also be an order given or a punishment during a BDSM session: the submissive will then have to help his or her master or mistress dress and wash the equipment after use. The dominant may also require the garment to be perfectly shiny, failing which he or she will be punished. For others, taking care of the garment creates a certain relationship with it. If the first time can be seen as a constraint, it should be seen more as a preliminary.

Keeping latex shiny

When latex is unpacked for the first time, it looks nothing like the shiny accessories you see in the photos, and that's perfectly normal. It's matte because talcum powder has been sprinkled on and in it so that the rubber can absorb all the moisture and doesn't stick to itself. Simply wipe your latex products with a dry cloth to remove any residue. You can start by restoring the shine to the garment in question by first running a damp cloth over it and then drying well with a soft, dry cloth. But for the ultimate latex shine, there are lotions or gloss sprays to spread or spray on. These are specially designed for this material and should never be replaced by products such as oil or polish. As for preserving this shine, all you need to do is take good care of it and repeat the process every time you use it, so that it continues to shine like new.

Latex cleaning and care

When first used, it is not necessary to clean new latex. Simply wipe with a soft cloth and polish. After each use, however, it should be washed with lukewarm water. Latex care products are available for cleaning, especially if the material has come into contact with various bodily fluids, whether large quantities of sweat or semen. Follow the manufacturer's instructions. If you need to disinfect, use a latex sextoy cleaner and rinse thoroughly. Otherwise, wash by hand without soap, or only with a neutral, non-greasy soap. Rinse thoroughly, then blot gently with a soft towel to avoid scratching. Finally, leave to dry in a dark, cool, dry room. You can ventilate the room or place a dehumidifier in it, just in case. Once the outfit is dry, store it properly.

The importance of storage

Storing your favorite latex suit or gloves is also part of the long-term latex maintenance process. There are a few rules and tricks you need to know for optimum storage.

Can latex garments be folded?

While some people prefer to hang their garments on a hanger after storing them in a suitable cover, others are more inclined to fold them. Both are possible, but the cover has the advantage of being able to protect each garment independently if you have several. As for folding, this is useful for smaller garments and accessories. To do this, smooth the back and front to absorb moisture and prevent the material from sticking or wrinkling.

How do I store this material?

When it comes to caring for latex, a number of precautions must be taken: above all, it must not be exposed to heat, sunlight or humidity, but also to certain acidic or greasy solutions such as soap or oil, or metals such as tin, copper or silver. Ideally, store your equipment in a dry closet or drawer. Nothing should be placed on top to prevent the weight from damaging the material. Always lay your fetish garments and accessories flat, and if there are any metal parts on them, such as zippers or jewelry, cover them to prevent them from browning your latex lingerie.

Tips for using latex garments

To ensure the necessary comfort and preserve the appearance of your garment without damaging it, it's important to follow the correct procedure. These simple instructions are essential for prolonging the life of your garment.

Garment preparation

Latex is a garment that encloses the skin and doesn't let it breathe. To ensure a perfect fit and feel as close as possible to a second skin, you need to prepare your garment. Since this material retains body heat, talcuming the inside not only helps you put it on easily, but also prevents sweat-related discomfort, especially when it comes to taking it off. You can use talcum powder on the garment, but also on yourself.

For shining, you can either use an after-dressing spray, or use a soaking solution. Vivishine is renowned for its shine potential and ease of use. Simply clean the latex with lukewarm water to remove the talcum powder, then run water over it in a bathtub or large basin. Add a tablespoon of the solution, stir until well blended, then soak your garment in it for around 2-3 minutes. Stir gently so that no area is missed, then wipe your outfit with a paper towel or soft cloth without rubbing, before leaving to dry naturally on a hanger. Now your fetish dress or accessories are shiny, all you have to do is put them on.

Dressing and undressing processes

You can put on your outfits yourself, ask your partner to help, or order your submissive to do it for you. By the way, whether it's you or someone else, each of you should make sure your nails are perfectly filed and, ideally, trimmed. Even if they complete a BDSM outfit, nails are a lethal weapon against the fragility of latex, which can be both scratched and completely torn.

Once the garment or accessories have been talcummed, roll them up and put them on step by step. As you progress, press out the air so that the latex sticks completely to your skin. If an air pocket remains, you'll need to unroll the garment again at this point, then start again, pressing flat and pushing the air out.

To make dressing easier, you can also opt for Vividress, which can be applied to the skin or garment for easy gliding. This will also help you when undressing, which should be done just as carefully, rolling up slowly to avoid cracking the fabric.

Usage precautions

A little reminder never hurts: latex is flammable, so it should never be within reach of a flame. Unless you're having a BDSM session with professionals prepared with flame-retardant products, don't light candles or play with any heat source at the risk of damaging your outfit or, worse, your skin.

Vinyl care

While latex is made of natural rubber, vinyl and most wetlook materials are made of PVC. Whether for lingerie or accessories, the care of fetish clothing is not to be neglected.

What are the differences between latex and vinyl garments?

PVC has the advantage of being odorless, shiny even without care, non-sticky, breathable, less expensive and allergy-free. Nevertheless, it's also less shapely, less durable, looser, and therefore more suited to BDSM than fetish fantasies. However, this material can be a good way to get started, or if you don't practice frequently.

Caring for vinyl

Unlike latex, PVC is relatively easy to clean. It's also done by hand, but with soap and water. Drying is done in exactly the same way as for latex, except that you need to check that the material is not tarnished in places by traces of water. If this is the case, simply rub with a soft, dry towel, or even a slightly damp one if the stain is difficult to remove. As for storage, do the same: flat or hanging, but above all not glued together. These gestures are essential for the care of latex and vinyl.