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When the sextoy becomes a design object at the cutting edge of technology, the top of the range invites itself into the sex market.

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Showing 1 - 6 of 16 items

Lelo, the sex toy brand that is dusting off an entire industry

Before, there was the rudimentary sextoy. Not very beautiful, rather crude, and hidden at the bottom of a drawer. The kind of product you could be ashamed of if someone came across it.

Now there's Lelo, a Swedish brand that makes designer sex toys that you could even display on a shelf.

It all started in 2003 with 3 design enthusiasts. These lovers of aesthetics met in the small living room of a house in Stockholm. During the conversation, an idea came to them: "What if our most intimate accessories could be beautiful, to the point of being exposed to the eyes of all like any object of which we would be proud?

LILY was born! First sextoy designed by our 3 Swedes. At the time, it looked more like a well-cut pebble than the updated technological version of the luxury clitoral vibrator.

Two decades later, Lelo is synonymous with quality and elegance. What to stand out strongly from its competitors.

You just have to visit the website of the firm to realize the uniqueness of their products. Each sextoy is the result of a long research work as much on the ergonomics as the design or the choice of the material. Without forgetting their other strong point: the innovation of their technology. A technology that has won several international awards.

Lelo, sex toys imagined and designed to give you new sensations

The brand wants to stay one step ahead of those who would try to overtake it. Curious about humans and the new pleasures they can bring them, the company is constantly developing innovative technology to provide new sensations.

Who would have thought that a small, delicate silicone penis ring with a very refined design could be a real orgasmic trigger for the couple simply by making it vibrate?

The man who uses TOR 2 sees his ecstasy become more intense during penetration, just like his partner's who vibrates at the same rhythm. Erogenous zones such as the clitoris are then stimulated by deep and satisfying vibrations.

Enter the world of high-tech intimacy

Do you know the F1S V2 from Lelo? This masturbator for men is a concentrate of design and technology. Equipped with 10 hypersensitive sensors, this connected sextoy allows its user to control its performance through a mobile application. Indeed, the application will record the data of the experience to then propose more appropriate modes to reach orgasm more easily. The Sensonic technology combined with the patented Cruise Control technology allows two types of vibrations. Sonic wave vibrations that penetrate deep into the penis for more intense sensations. And more traditional vibrations that, alternated with the first, make the solo experience new and powerful.

Who is the Lelo brand of sex toys for?

The brand is aimed at both women and men. It even positions some of its products in the couple category.

You will find :

  • Sextoys for men like the Bruno prostate massager: a specially curved massager made of soft silicone to tickle the prostate and stimulate the perineum. Through its two motors, this vibrating anal plug with 6 different speeds will satisfy men in search of anal pleasure by stimulation of the G-spot. The material of the product requires a water-based lubricant to facilitate the insertion of the object and make the experience pleasant.

  • Women's sex toys like the rabbit INA 2 vibrator: a special G-spot dildo for those who want to demystify its existence. Also waterproof and made of soft silicone, it adapts to your masturbation sessions in a bath or shower. The dildo stimulates the outer part of your clitoris while tickling its inner part with its vibrations.

  • Sextoys for couples like the TIANI 3 massager: Mr. can control the stimulation of his wife's genitals with a remote control. The principle is simple: the lady inserts the object and keeps it during her intercourse with the man, who plays with the different vibration modes of the sextoy. The games can be prolonged under the shower or in a bath since the dildo is completely waterproof.

  • Sextech like the masturbator for men F1S V2.

  • Luxury vibrators like the INEZ vibrating dildo: Lelo has chosen to work on the nobility of the materials of some of its products in order to make them luxury objects. The consumer can play with a dildo made of 24-carat gold or stainless steel.

  • Condoms like its HEX range: Lelo also stands out from its competitors by offering innovative condoms. Thanks to their unique hexagonal structure, these condoms offer a technicality and aestheticism not found anywhere else.

  • Sex accessories: Lelo also offers its customers massage candles and oils, lubricants and cleaners for sex toys. The Swedish brand also takes a few steps into the world of BDSM with the sale of high-end sadomasochistic accessories.

Why should I buy Lelo products and not those of another brand?

Lelo stands out from the main players in its market. This uniqueness makes it a well-known and internationally renowned brand. But let's remember how Lelo is different from its competitors:

  • sex toys conceived as design objects that one would not be ashamed to leave lying around on a piece of furniture,

  • a constant search for new sensations (the brand wants to create innovative products providing unique sensations that cannot be found anywhere else),

  • quality intimate products,

  • products with patented and internationally awarded technologies,

  • sex toys made with noble materials, making some of its products enter the world of luxury,

  • packaging that reflects the image of the brand (storage boxes that look like any other object, sober and discreet carrying cases).

Lelo to accompany you in your first steps in BDSM

The brand has understood that it was time to give its letters of nobility to an industry that suffered from a scabrous image until now. It does so by offering products that are skilfully worked and pleasing to the customer. BDSM also suffered from a bad image before the film and book industry democratized its practices. The world was then fascinated by the adventures of Anastasia Steele who fell in love with Christian Grey and his sadomasochistic universe. The taboos on the use of handcuffs and other whips during intimate relations were then lifted. Couples quickly became interested in the various objects that populate the BDSM sections of specialized stores and the SM categories of Internet sites. For their greatest happiness! This allowed them to see that the world of BDSM is not a gloomy universe where sexual practices are deviant and sordid. On the contrary, it is a universe where the couple sets out to conquer new sensations and where everything is codified in order not to exceed the limits of the most feverish players. Lelo invites itself into your sado-masochistic play sessions by offering you elegant products capable of making you discover new sensations. If you want to get to know your partner better by testing their limits, Lelo offers dildos and stimulators to accompany you in your wildest sessions.

How does a BDSM session with a Lelo product work?

Just imagine! You are with your partner. You, Sir, want to dominate her. She accepts for her greatest pleasure. You have put on your manly male outfit by wearing a gladiator harness. Your partner feels ready to offer herself to you and your games. The trust is there, you have decided together on the stop word, the one that will immediately put an end to the experience if one of you does not wish to continue it. The lady puts on a hood of her favorite color: purple. She suddenly feels at your mercy, which excites her greatly. To be able to let herself go in all confidence to the envy of her man has always been a fantasy that she dared not satisfy. The moment comes when the submission intensifies with the placement of handcuffs on her wrists. Then you strike a small blow of badine on one of her greedy buttocks. The fears dissipate and behind the effect of surprise are born the first sensations. The roles suddenly seem to be reversed and your partner asks you to stimulate her clitoral area. You take out the Lelo dildo and gently apply it to her. This dildo is the Lelo Sona 2, a clitoral massager where you have control over every vibration. The lady, who has no visual control over the session, lets go completely, overwhelmed by the powerful sensations. You feel her on the verge of orgasm. As for you, you do not sulk your pleasure in front of this new confidence established between you. This discovery of new physical and cerebral pleasures opens a new field of consciousness to you. The next time, it's sure! She will be the one to take the role of dominatrix and you will be her submissive. If that's what she wants too, of course!

Do Lelo dildos require special care?

Even if they are different from their competitors, the Swedish brand's dildos still require the same level of hygiene.

To clean your Lelo dildo after use, we recommend our sextoy cleaner. Easy to apply, you spray the sex toy with the disinfectant liquid. This not only cleans the toy more effectively, but also protects it. The cleaner is also suitable for sex toys of other brands. Are you a fan of natural products? Don't worry, Demonia has a 100% natural cleaner that contains no dyes, parabens, phosphates, chlorine or ammonia. It is also alcohol-free and has not been tested on animals. Plus, it's 95% biodegradable. So come and try it!