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Electro Mystim

electrostimulation for amplified pleasure

mystim electrostimulation for a tenfold pleasure

for new sensations, to go beyond your limits, for a clever mix of pain and pleasure, we recommend you to try electrostimulation.

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Showing 1 - 6 of 8 items

A sex shop is full of erotic objects to boost, stimulate, fantasize and excite your partner or simply for your solitary games. Today there are some great classics in the sextoy world, objects that provoke pleasure and enjoyment: dildo, cockring, geisha balls, anal plug, vibrator, vibrating egg, ring, whip, whip, fleshlight, chastity cage, naughty lingerie, massage oil ... Whether it is for small naughty games or real BDSM parties, these intimate toys will give you delicious shivers

Electrostimulation and erotic games

Electrostimulation is the use of very low intensity electrical current to stimulate areas of the body. It became popular in the erotic world in the mid-1980s. No matter who your partner is, everyone can get pleasure from electrostimulation. Whether it is for forced enjoyment, pleasure, pain, a SM game ... a multitude of possibilities are available to you. You will be able to set up different games, SM reports, reports without hands

Mystim's electrostimulating sex toys

At Dèmonia discover our selection of electrostimulating sex toys from the Mystim brand. High-end accessories of absolute eroticism that will make you vibrate with pleasure anal plug, chastity cage, clamps, dildo or even cockring. We also offer the necessary adapters and boxes to electrify your partner or yourself. This type of game requires a gentle start for the uninitiated, but also to respect safety measures such as not doing it on wounds and certain parts of the body.

At Dèmonia we respect the privacy of our customers by making shipments in discreet packages. For more information on our products in electrostimulation, please contact us or visit our store.