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The dildo: the first sextoy to pleasure

The dildo is certainly the most famous sextoy on the market of naughty accessories.

The dildo is a sex toy that dates back to the beginning of time! This sex toy is a more or less real imitation of the human penis.

The dildo has become a must-have in the bedroom, and is one of the essential sex toys in the BDSM accessories range. Sometimes called a dildo, this sex toy aims to reproduce the sensations offered by an erect penis, whether during masturbation sessions or during your sexual relations.

How to choose a dildo

Before you decide on a model of sextoybefore you decide on a model, take the time to learn about the different existing models and to think about the areas you want to stimulate. Several questions can guide you, depending on the use you want to make of your intimate toy:

  • Are you going to use it alone, or as a couple?
  • Do you want to use it in the shower, in the bath?
  • Do you plan to take it with you on a trip?
  • Do you prefer a battery-operated model, to be recharged or to be used on the mains?
  • Would you like to experiment with vaginal or anal use? Both?

Alone or as a couple

There are models of sex toys specially designed for couples, perfect if you want to spice up your intimate moments. For example, in a long-distance relationship, a connected sextoy can be a good compromise to compensate for the absence of your partner. He can control the dildo via his smartphone, from anywhere in the world!


If you plan to take your toy in the shower, check that the chosen model is waterproof by looking for the mention waterproof on the packaging or the instructions.

To carry your dildo discreetly, choose a small travel size model that you can easily slip into a suitcase.


Several recharging methods are available on the market. Some sex toys are battery operated and are more suitable for home use. Similarly, plug-in models are ideal if you want to use them at home.

However, more and more manufacturers are offering motors that can be charged like a cell phone, simply with a charger and the supplied cable. This is the best choice if you are often on the go!

The different types of dildos

Vibrating or not, all the accessories of the big family of sex toys are declined according to their use: it is up to you to determine what you want to try with your toy.

Shapes and uses

You might be interested in a model designed for clitoral stimulation, i.e. for external use only. This is indeed a very good choice to start with: the best clitoral stimulators are probably the magic wand and the Womanizer.

If you are interested in vaginal penetration, a non-vibrating dildo will meet your expectations while giving you the opportunity to tame your sensations. Or try the vibrating dildo to explore all the possibilities that this legendary sextoy has to offer!

Perhaps you would like to discover the thrill of the G-spot, located at the entrance to the vagina. Don't miss out on the special G-spot dildos, designed to stimulate this often forgotten area and yet capable of causing violent orgasms..

However, with a rabbit dildo, there is no need to choose! This famous sex toy provides both penetration and clitoral stimulation. With its two rabbit ear-like antennae positioned around the clitoris, the rabbit is one of the most popular sex toys.

If you want to try your hand at anal pleasure, you'll find many models of anal plugs perfect for gently discovering these new sensations.

Finally, don't forget that nothing prevents you from testing different models to find the intimate accessory that suits you best!

Dildo variations

If you have chosen a dildo, you should know that many variations are available and offer specific sensations, intended for the regulars or the simple curious.

Metal dildos

The metal dildos allow an intense penetration. Heavy and massive, these intimate toys offer a cold touch and keep their shape, without adapting to their user's body.

It is recommended to start with soft sex toys, as they are more comfortable to insert and remove, but also less intimidating.

However, if you already have some experience, this is a very good alternative to the more common models you may have tried in the past.

Suction cup dildos

The suction cup dildos are attached to a hard and smooth surface, like a shower wall, and allow you to masturbate while keeping your hands free to caress your clitoris, breasts, anus..

It is the occasion to vary the positions, but also the places of pleasure! You will find models of varying length and realism, sometimes with vibrations. Try fixing it to your headboard or against a wall to use it doggy style, or on a tiled floor to test the up and down..

If you want to discover double penetration, anal and vaginal at the same time, or simultaneous penetration, the suction cup dildo is perfectly suited.

Similarly, it can be transformed into a belt dildo and used for sodomy for example: you just have to attach it to a harness.

Finally, if you want to rediscover the sensations of vibrating sex toys, don't miss out on the vibrating suction cup dildos!

Inflatable dildos

Inflatable dildos can be a good compromise for shy beginners who are reluctant to test large diameters. Insert the inflatable dildo into your vagina as you would a period tampon, then inflate it until it reaches the size you like.

It's also an interesting model to turn to if you can't figure out your ideal sextoy size. Indeed, an inflatable dildo adapts immediately to your desires at each use!

Glass dildo

The glass dildo is also an option for regulars who want to discover new sensations. Beyond their very elegant aesthetics, glass dildos and plugs offer the possibility to observe through the accessory, but also to indulge in hot and cold games by dipping the sextoy in water at different temperatures.

Double dildo

Also known as a double dong, the double dildo is designed to penetrate the vagina and anus at the same time, or to experiment with double penetration on you and your partner. It is also possible to use it during a fellatio.

This original model of sextoy comes with an artificial penis often quite realistic, molded at both ends, which will bend to all your desires...

Belt dildos

Dildo belts, or dildo harnesses, are most often used as a male prosthesis allowing women to penetrate their partner anally, vaginally or orally, while stimulating their own clitoris and G-spot.

The dildo belt consists of a harness dildo, which is the penetrating phallic part of the accessory, and a strap-on harness sometimes sold separately, allowing its owner to wear it at pelvic level. The strap-on dildo kits provide all the necessary elements for experimenting with this very particular type of sextoy.

Dildo share

The dildo share is an interesting alternative to the strap-on, as it does not have a belt and therefore looks more natural once installed. The strap-on models propose to introduce the base of the dildo, in the form of an egg, into the vagina.

Models with vibrations that increase the sensations tenfold are becoming more and more common among different manufacturers. The biggest brand of strap-ons is, unsurprisingly, Strap On Me, which offers high-end accessories with clean lines.

Quality and maintenance

Whatever sextoy you choose, keep in mind that it is an accessory intended to be in contact with your intimate mucosa.

These thin layers of tissue lining the inside of the vagina are particularly sensitive, and can quickly become irritated if they come into contact with porous materials, for example. However, the materials used by low-end manufacturers are often of poor quality, sometimes allergenic, and can become a real nest of microbes after only a few uses!

Therefore, always prefer to invest in quality equipment, i.e. reliable brands known for their seriousness. This way, you can be sure that your accessories will last for many years and that you will have safe sex without any risk of allergies.

By brand


Lelo offers a variety of high quality sex toys for men and women as well as for couples, not to mention their range of BDSM accessories and massage products.

Fun Factory

Fun Factory is known for its pop and offbeat universe and its large selection of sextoys, original and sometimes surprising..


Strap On Me is the French reference in terms of dildo belt. Its many models without harness, with or without ejaculation, offer women a totally new and incomparable penetration.


Lovense stands out in particular on the market of connected sex toys. Ideal for distant couples, but not only! Take advantage of a romantic outing to try one of their remote-controlled vibrating eggs for two..

Since its inception, the famous brand has greatly diversified and now offers a wide range of masturbators, special G-spot vibrators, anal plugs, vibrating eggs, magic wands, prostate stimulators, etc.

How to use a dildo

First use

Start by relaxing and choosing a comfortable position, on your back for example. Feel free to start your masturbation session with candles or a sensual massage. Use this time to explore your erogenous zones with your hands, then when you feel ready, rub lubricant on your intimate toy and genitals.

Take your time inserting the dildo and make sure you are relaxed. If you feel any pain, don't force yourself and simply try again later, when you're sufficiently aroused.

Once your sextoy is in place, try a few back and forth strokes to locate your pleasure zones. If it has options such as various vibrations, test its possibilities until you find the mode that suits you best.


Clean your dildos and other sex toys regularly to keep them looking good for as long as possible. Before and after each use, run them under water and rub them with a suitable sex toy cleaner.

Store your intimate toys in a clean, dry and dust-free place. The original case is particularly recommended, but a closed box may also be suitable.