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Medical fetishism, a widespread fantasy

Still a little shy, but definitely appreciated, medical fetishism has many followers. Who has never fantasized about the sexy nurse, or an expert doctor with his hands?


What is medical fetishism?

It is a sexual fetish in the medical field, which presents itself in several forms: through its situations, its material, and its environment. It takes the form of examinations, practices, body knowledge, medical role-playing, uniforms, exploration, and power play, namely domination and submission. There are many ways to appreciate the medical fetish, from the simple nurse's outfit to the prostate exam, the urinary catheterization or the enema bulb.

The purpose of this fetish is not to inflict pain, but rather to auscultate, or to heal through a therapeutic sexual game. Moreover, the sexual act itself is not an obligation, since pleasure is often stimulated in other ways. To practice this fetish, accessories accessible to all are available latex gloves for example, surgical masks, medical medical clothesand even urinary catheters. The most fervent lovers of this theme will sometimes go as far as renting or buying an auscultation table, like the one used by general practitioners or gynecologists, to enjoy the best simulation of medical context. The leather of the reclining seat, or the stirrups, are very immersive elements that can easily be used in these practices. Nothing prevents you from covering your chair with a vinyl sheet to protect it and bring a new fetishistic dimension.

Where does this attraction for medical games come from?

The attraction for the medical field often comes from the fantasy of the nurse, the white coats and the auscultation. It can be a matter of exhibition, with the idea of showing off and offering one's body to expert hands, or a feeling of well-being induced by the care and attention given to the body being examined. For some, it will be a fetish linked to medical professional clothing, while others will seek above all the intimate link created between a patient and his doctor. Palpation, touch, intrusive questions, positions and placements... These are all details that the followers of this fetish appreciate.

But the main attraction would come from the power game exercised between the professional and his patient. The latter is the submissive, who must not move or give in to the instructions of his partner, while the doctor is in the role of the dominant. The latter orders, without being a torturer, and gives off a feeling of confidence due to the practitioner's expert knowledge.

Finally, a certain fascination emerges from the medical context, insofar as offering one's body to a doctor sometimes leads to situations of humiliation and violation of intimacy, inherent to BDSM, which are moreover not incompatible with bondage. Just the legs in stirrups for gynecological games, or the restrained limbs for psychiatric games, offer many perspectives on the BDSM side.

It is also worth mentioning that the medical fetish allows the exploration and discovery of the other's body, from angles usually little or not considered in normal times. It is also a way for many men to put themselves in the shoes of women, and vice versa. There is often a genuine desire to see one's partner from every angle, which makes the practice of medical fetish healthy, if not benevolent.

Medical role-playing

This is one of the oldest pornographic movie scenarios. The sexy nurse in a white coat who comes to examine her patient, administer a shot or massage her private parts, is an old symbol of porn. The medical role-playing game has thus rapidly become more and more popular, and is still attracting more and more new fans. Women, moreover, are becoming more open to the practice, both to offer themselves and to occupy a place of power.

In medical role-playing, the partners decide in advance on a scenario that will be applied to the letter, as well as the BDSM props props to be used during the session. The roleplay can be limited to the consultation, or it can continue during an auscultation or even a sexual act.

Medical BDSM accessories and their use

Medical BDSM props are numerous, but a few are more popular than others. From specialized clothing to latrine gags, medical scenario enthusiasts have a choice. Just remember that the quality should be surgical, with props that are sturdy and routinely disinfected before and between uses.

Medical masks and gloves

Medical gloves like the masks are part of the costumes. They bring a real cachet, if not an immersive dimension to medical games, as well as a rather particular sensation, since the contact with latex gloves gives the impression of being touched by a stranger. Latex puts you immediately in condition, and is very practical for any vaginal or anal examination, or even dental. The ideal is to buy them by boxes of 100, like doctors, so that you always have some close by. Of course, like all disposable gloves, they are for single use only and should not be used, for example, to explore the vagina after an anal examination, at the risk of spreading bacteria.

The mouth spreader

For those who like their teeth and mouth cavities, the mouth retractor (or mouth spreader) is an essential accessory to force the opening of this one and lock a jaw. It allows to humiliate, by playing on the uncontrolled production of saliva and the grunts due to the obstruction of the speech. The practitioner will thus be able to exercise in the best conditions, both his medical role and his power.

The vaginal speculum and the anal speculum

These two accessories are among the most appreciated medical BDSM accessories. They are available in different sizes, generally ranging from S to XL, for the exploration of both orifices. Once well lubricated with a lubricating gelonce well lubricated with a lubricating gel, they can be used exactly like those of a gynecologist, i.e. by modulating the opening thanks to a tightening screw, a holding screw, and a handle. Their body must be made of medical steel, and they must not be used simultaneously for the vagina and the anus, without complete cleaning between two uses.

As their name indicates, the vaginal speculum is inserted into the vagina and is gradually opened to spread the walls of the vagina, allowing free access to the vaginal opening The anal speculumthe anal speculum, on the other hand, performs exactly the same function, but is generally chosen to be small in order to gradually accustom the body to this sensation.

Urethral probes and rods

Many men, but also women, have found in this practice an incomparable pleasure: that of orgasm by urethral stimulation. Indeed, by inserting a rod in the urethra, one stimulates directly the G-spot from the inside, but also the prostate for men, which are both close to the bladder. Some people even take great pleasure in being probed, especially to achieve what is called the squirt, or fountain emission: an emission of urine during sexual activity Urethra probes and rods are therefore excellent companions for medical role-playing, and for exploring new facets of one's sexuality.

The role-playing can take place between a patient and his general practitioner, a nurse, a gynecologist, a dentist for those who like to use amouth spreadera podiatrist for foot fetishists, a urologist or a proctologist. Otherwise, a physiotherapist to benefit from specific massages, a cardiologist to practice electrostimulationa surgeon, or a psychiatrist to explore other facets, ranging from therapy to straitjackets, for the most enterprising.

The medical dress code

It is difficult to talk about medical fetishes without mentioning clothing and costumes. The white, blue or green coat is a strong symbol that directly represents the practitioner. It can be associated with a cap, slippers, a surgical mask, latex gloves, and different accessories to perfectly fulfill the role of doctor. For example, the famous stethoscope, a flashlight or a blood pressure bracelet can accompany the game. Medical lingerie medical lingerie is also very popular, for both men and women, as well as specialized shoes, both realistic and aesthetic models.

Hygiene and safety reminders

Especially because it is the medical field, all accessories must be cleaned and disinfected before and after each use, even if it is the same person. Gloves and masks must be single-use, and everything that comes into contact with the patient must be washed and sterilized. Ideally, each accessory should be stored in a closed bag. For the more invested, a medical playroom that looks like a doctor's office is the best, but not everyone has this option. The lucky owners of a medical recliner should then, like their doctor, protect the surface with disposable toilet paper or a bath towel.

These instructions should be followed seriously, especially for those who play with several partners. To do this, simply stick to your role as a doctor until the end, so as to respect your partner(s). Finally, as with any SM act, a safe word should be planned in advance, to be pronounced or mimed according to the restraints, so that the medical practices remain in the order of care, and pleasant for everyone.

What other BDSM props can be used for medical roleplay?

Overall, all sM props props can be used. For example, combining psychiatry and bondage, one can imagine his partner in a straitjacket or a sensory deprivation hood, shackled by handcuffs, a spreader bar or straps. An ideal moment to insert in him different sex toys after a long examination.

The gynecologist's stirrups will also give beautiful ideas of constraints via, in particular, the practice of of shibari. A rectal touch can lead to an enema. And candles for therapeutic massages, syringes for injections, as well as wheels with spikes for acupuncture? What is certain is that the medical fetish is growing and there is no shortage of SM accessories, for the greatest pleasure of everyone.