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Vibrate towards new surprising sensations with electro-stimulation

Electro-stimulation consists of delivering a low frequency electrical impulse to the genitals or any other erogenous zone in order to stimulate the nerves and thus provoke pleasure.

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What is electro-stimulation?


L'electro-stimulation consists of delivering a low frequency electrical impulse to the genitals or any other erogenous zone in order to stimulate the nerves and thus provoke pleasure.

Originally, electrical muscle stimulation was used to work muscles in order to prevent atrophy. However, this concept, which was popularized in the early 20th century, soon went beyond the medical context and became a particularly powerful tool for pleasure. By combining well-placed electrodes and a good knowledge of the human anatomy, electro-stimulation proves to be both exciting and very effective.
Moreover, the strong and unexpected sensations it provokes can be easily included in games of domination with SM tendency...

There are many electro-stimulation gadgets to suit all desires: masturbators, Geisha balls, penis cages, anal plugs, wands, spike wheels... It's the whole arsenal of SM accessories which is declined in e-stim version.
Some manufacturers have also appropriated electro-stimulation and have been able to exploit its potential: this is the case for example with the German brand Mystim.

Mystim offers a wide range of electro-stimulation products in parallel to their traditional ranges. Demonia offers you the best SM accessories signed Mystim, from complete boxes to sex toys with electro-stimulation such as anal plug or cockring. You can be sure that you will be choosing quality, reliable and durable Mystim devices, perfectly safe and dedicated to your pleasure.


Although this practice is still little known to the general public and sometimes intimidates the uninitiated, it presents no risk as long as the safety instructions are followed. Moreover, erotic electro-stimulation is not reserved for S&M practitioners: it is simply a matter ofexploring new sensations and discovering your own limits, without ever going beyond them... unless you are fully consenting.

Electro-stimulation allows you to leave your comfort zone without putting yourself in danger, and thus to release the pressure of everyday life in a secure environment.

The erogenous parts most often stimulated during electro-sex sessions are :

  • The penis, with clamps, rings or patches;
  • The testicles, with tweezers or a ball-stretcher to be fixed on the skin, which is particularly thin and sensitive;
  • The nipples, on which a clip is fixed;
  • The anus and the urethra, two very sensitive channels...

All these areas lend themselves well to electro-stimulation and to the intense and surprising sensations it provides, on a completely different level from what a masturbation session can offer. If a touch of pain does occur, it depends largely on theintensity you choose and quickly gives way to raw pleasure.

Whatever electric fantasy you want to achieve, brands like Mystim offer advanced BDSM accessories and electro-stimulation sex toys designed for maximum pleasure and safety.
Mystim's complete kits in boxed form have the advantage of providing everything you need to start electro-sexing and offer several modes and degrees of intensity.

How to start electro-stimulation?

BDSM electro-stimulation accessories can take many forms. Take the time to think about your desires, your expectations, and take stock of what you want and what you don't want.
If you're going to test your e-stim toy together, discuss it with your partner and agree ona word or phrase to use as awarning if you ever want to end the session immediately. Choose one that is easy to remember, but unusual enough to avoid using it unintentionally.

Which device to choose?

The most common electro-stimulation device is the nipple clamp. Very practical, it allows for ease of use both during insertion and removal. In case of pain, or any unexpected problem, you are in control and can remove the clamps immediately.

Patches are also very easy to find in SM stores. Just as simple to place, they are commonly used on the abdominal area, although they can be adapted to any area of the body.

Both of these accessories are sold with a box, from which the electrical impulses come. It is thanks to this tool that you can control the intensity of the shocks.

Other more specialized devices offer to target specific areas, such as the genitals or nipples. This is the case, for example, with Mystim type electro rings, which are placed on the penis and act by sending shocks all along the penis.
If you are looking for original sensations, there is also the Mystim ballstretcher , a sextoy with electro-stimulation that spreads its impulse at the base of the sex and into the bursa.
Would you like to test an e-stim anal accessory? Turn to Mystim anal plugs once you are comfortable with electro-stimulation. Likewise, the Mystim urethra rod is a tool to be handled with care, and is best suited to experienced users.

Electro-stimulation and BDSM

The erotic potential of electro-stimulation has not escaped the attention of BDSM lovers. As domination practices lend themselves particularly to punishment games involving pain, e-stim is used quite a bit to raise the tension and spice up SM play sessions.

While the term "BDSM" may be intimidating to some, the basis of these practices remains consent.
Indeed, the contract on which you must agree with your partner must integrate your desires to both, and especially fix your respective limits in order to abandon you to the other in all serenity.

Making this elementary effort of listening will reinforce both your complicity, your mutual trust but also your self-confidence, because you will learn to know each other better and will come out of this experience grown up. Making the choice to open up to someone andexpose your fears and weaknesses shows great maturity.

In addition, the materials used in e-stim devices are safe and healthy. The stimulation generated is excellent for the mind, and the pleasure that follows can help combat, among other things, depressive illnesses.

The possibilities for S&M role-playing including electro-stimulation are endless. Incorporating a BDSM e-stim accessory into your sessions, alone or in addition to other sex toys, guarantees you will discover new sources of pleasure.

It is not uncommon in the BDSM world to use sexy clothes or exciting lingerie. The role play proposes to slip, the time of a session, in a character which attracts you or fascinates you. Just like on a theater stage, the goal is to enjoy yourself while becoming someone else, without fear of judgment.

Gentle foreplay can help you relax and tame your reluctance to the unknown. Why not start your session with some stroking, candles, and then a full body massage?
Choose the well-being products that tempt you and let yourself be carried away by this moment of sharing and pleasure. Stay aware of your partner's body language, and don't hesitate to ask him or her what he or she would like.

How to use electro-stimulation

To start your session, apply a generous amount of special electro-stimulation gel, preferably non-saline to avoid corrosion of the metal parts. This will ensure a good electrical connection between the contact point and the skin. Without a good conductive gel, you risk serious burning sensations.
Water-based, silicone or greasy gel lubricants are not suitable, so don't use them.

Next, spray the connectors of your cables to prevent false contacts: plugs, sockets, all metal parts except those intended to be inserted or in contact with the skin.
This will clean any greasy films that may compromise the quality of the contacts.

Finally, avoid all "conductive silicone" accessories. They have a high resistivity, which means that the current does not travel as well, so its effects are weakened. This forces you to increase the power of the device, which can be dangerous.


As with any use of electricity, certain precautions should be taken to avoid unnecessary risk.

First of all, do not use a BDSM electro-stimulation accessory on a person :

  • equipped with a pacemaker;
  • with a heart condition, even a mild one;
  • prone to epileptic seizures...

Ask your doctor if you have heart problems, or if you have the slightest doubt.

Also, the current should never cross the chest area, the neck or the head. This means, for example, that you should not place the two electrodes on the breasts with the + pole on the right breast and the - on the left.

Finally, avoid low-end boxes: they can be really dangerous, especially if you are just starting out. Do not use a box that has been diverted from its original purpose or connected directly to a mains socket, but only on batteries or internal battery.