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Unisex sex toys: the great classics

  • Dildos are generally the first objects that we think of when we talk about sex toys. Very present in the pornographic universe, they are the most known sex toys of the general public. The dildo is multifunctional: everyone can use it, whether for anal or vaginal penetration. It comes in a vibrating version, an inflatable version, a double version, etc.
  • The plug is also a must for sex toys. It allows an anal stimulation during a sexual intercourse and can also be used to prepare a sodomy. An anal plug can be conical, curved, with balls, oval, in tunnel, but also vibrating or connected. Both men and women can easily use this sextoy as long as it remains adapted to their level, to their experience.
  • Like its cousin the anal plug, the rosebud is unisex and intended for anal stimulation. In addition to exciting this erogenous zone, it is presented as a real jewel of anus. With its discreet and elegant appearance, the rosebud is an excellent sextoy for gentle initiation into anal pleasure. Some fancy models end with a furry tail. They then allow naughty role-playing games of the "petplay" type.

Sextoys for men: more daring lovemaking

  • Do you know the cock ring? This small ring is placed at the base of the penis to increase the duration and size of your erection. A real gain in libido and self-confidence. Easy to use and very affordable, it is ideal as a first sextoy.
  • TheAneros is a prostate massager specially designed to enhance male pleasure. It will allow you to discover a whole new type of orgasm, deeper and more intense: the prostate orgasm. Choose the model most suited to your level and try it out without further delay!
  • To diversify your solitary pleasures, discover the masturbator for men. It can be realistic or not, vibrating or aspiring. Some models are equipped with innovative technologies that reproduce the sensations of penetration or fellatio. They are easy to use and give a lot of pleasure to the one who uses them.

Sextoys for women: an avalanche of orgasms

  • The magic wand is one of the most famous vibrators. It is a sure value in the field of female pleasure for over 50 years. The magic wand stimulates the clitoris directly with powerful vibrations and thus promotes multiple orgasms.
  • The womanizer is a revolutionary sextoy that sucks in the clitoris to stimulate it. Unlike vibrating sextoys, it does not irritate the most sensitive women. The womanizer is known to induce an orgasm for sure, which makes it a great ally for the longest to come or the most difficult to satisfy.
  • Originally used to strengthen the perineum, geisha balls are also used as sex toys. Inserted inside the vagina, they stimulate its walls and the G-spot while toning the pelvic floor. Multitask, the geisha balls are recommended against loss of libido and against urine leakage!

Toys for couples: complicity and pleasure guaranteed

  • If you want to dare erotic games outside, thevibrating egg is the sextoy you need. Previously introduced into the vagina, it can be controlled remotely via an application or a remote control. Each discharge of pleasure will have to be supported discreetly so as not to arouse suspicion around you. Perfect for raising the excitement before a hot sex party, the vibrating egg guarantees an incredible moment of complicity.
  • With the dildo belt, discover a little known practice: the "pegging". The roles are reversed and it is the woman who finds herself penetrating her male partner. A good way to shake up preconceived ideas and to discover sex from a completely different point of view. Lesbian couples can also use this sextoy for a vaginal or anal stimulation.

How to choose well its sextoy ?

In general, it is preferable to avoid the models too low range. These are often of poor quality and may not be suitable for intimate use. You should also make sure that the sextoys you buy do not contain phthalates. This toxic substance, although forbidden in France, can sometimes be found in products coming from abroad (and therefore subject to different legislation).