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Remote controlled vibrating egg

Vibrate with pleasure with the vibrating egg

Alone or in couple, the vibrating egg is one of the naughtiest accessories to use. Discreet and practical, it is controlled with a remote control or a smartphone.

Ideal as a first sextoy, it is very simple to use and adapts to all tastes thanks to its many modes of vibration!

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Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items

What is a vibrating egg?

The vibrating egg is a sextoy intended for anal or vaginal pleasure. Often oval or elongated, it is a mini vibrator that can be controlled from a wireless remote control or a mobile application.

Perfect for spicing up your life as a couple, it will offer you pleasant moments together or alone to explore your feelings and discover what you like. Browse through the different vibrations until you find the ones you like best, and look for the positions that best promote your pleasure. For example, try using your toy against the G-spot and clitoris to maximize your sensations.

You can take the pocket-sized egg with you anywhere for the most exciting use. Why not indulge in some deliciously dangerous play in public with your partner! The vibrating egg and all connected sex toys lend themselves particularly well to long-distance relationships, as they allow you to control the toys' vibrations via a smartphone with no distance limitations.

It is used both to stimulate erogenous zones from the surface of the skin and to be introduced into the vagina or anus: be careful, however, not to transmit anal germs to the vagina. Also, choose a model with a long enough cord to prevent it from getting lost inside your anal cavity.

What is the difference with a vibrator?

The remote-controlled vibrating egg provides the same kind of vibrations as its cousin vibratorit stimulates your body in the same way.

However, the small size of the egg allows it to be used discreetly in public places. You can wear it for a whole day, as long as it is not too big to avoid any risk of irritation.

It is a compromise between efficiency and discretion, because the vibrating egg is very compact compared to the traditional vibrator. More noisy and cumbersome, vibrating dildos are, in fact, intended for more intimate masturbation sessions, at home or in places where you will not be disturbed.

The main difference is that the vibrating egg focuses on the use of two. This is an opportunity to test it in different public places, depending on your moods and desires, to raise the temperature. Its round shape is particularly stimulating and pleasant to insert: simply add a cord to facilitate the removal.

Vibrating eggs are generally used for vaginal use. Slide your lubricated toy inside your vagina, where it will naturally position itself against your G-spot while stimulating your vaginal walls.

Once the egg is placed, you can contract your perineum to move it slightly to better find your pleasure. The gentle vibrations against your G-spot will arouse your whole body, and you can also wiggle the cord when the egg is activated. This allows you to vary between internal and external sensations, and discover new ways to stimulate yourself!

The vibrating egg also shares features with other sex toys. Geisha ballsgeisha balls, vibrating anal plugs or even connected sex toys are all examples to know to explore your desires and your desires.

Indeed, some accessories provide very special sensations that can attract people already experienced, used to wearing various sex toys. For example, geisha balls help to strengthen the pelvic muscles while stimulating the walls of the vagina.

However, even different features with one type of toy can be enough to open up new horizons for you. While hard materials are quite popular, as they are ideal for testing new things, anal penetration has been a fantasy shared by a wide audience for millennia.

How to use a vibrating egg?

Take time to relax by taking deep breaths. Lubricate your toy sufficiently with a sextoy lubricating gel, and pass the egg over your clitoris. The surge of excitement will relax your vagina, and you can then insert your accessory.

If it's intended for your anus, be careful not to hold it during vaginal penetration: your movements will create an unpleasant suction effect in the intestine.

Use the remote to control the toy yourself, or give it to your partner. He or she can surprise you by choosing the regularity or intensity of the vibrations. You can even use your vibrating egg on a romantic date, at the movies or in a restaurant. Very discreet, the egg can indeed follow you everywhere without anyone noticing!

In order to use your vibrating egg, you must start by taming it. Pass it over your arm, your belly, in order to get used to the sensations it provides. Then, explore your own erogenous zones and choose the vibrations that you like the most.

Whether you use it as a couple or solo, take the time to look for the parts of your anatomy that give you pleasure. Then insert the egg into your vagina, varying the rhythm and intensity of the movements.

For anal use, you can stimulate the area in order to dilate it, and then follow up with a vibrating anal plug, for example. Their conical shape with a wide base allows you to wear them without the risk of losing them along the anus.

If you entrust your pleasure to your partner, he will be guided by the involuntary contractions of your muscles, the changing expressions of your face or your sighs and other moans...

He is free to stimulate your body before introducing him into you, until you have to beg him! It's up to him to determine the rhythm and intensity of the vibrations to play with your excitement.

Unlike other sex toys, the vibrating egg stands out because of its small size, allowing it to be used outside discreetly. For this use, prefer a silent model with a remote control with a range of 10 meters, or connected to a smartphone. You are free to test it in the subway, on the train, at the cinema or in a restaurant... Choose crowded places, first to live the experience fully, but especially to reassure you if you fear that the noise is heard.

It is also a perfect accessory to spice up your foreplay and discover new games. Create desire by placing the egg at the entrance of your vagina, then insert it gently before removing it... Play with your excitement until you feel that orgasm is near, then let it penetrate your vagina while vibrating.

How to choose a vibrating egg?

There are different models of vibrating eggs, each offering interesting features. Preferably turn to the wireless accessories, with a sufficient range of at least 10 meters, so you can have fun without constraint.

If you want to use it in the shower or bath, remember to check that the chosen model is waterproof.

If you plan to wear it in public, choose a silent toy for more discretion. Fear of being caught can be a serious hindrance during such an experience, which implies being well relaxed in order to enjoy your sensations.

Which material to choose?

Egg sex toys are usually made of silicone, which guarantees softness and flexibility. ABS can also give a firm and more solid feel.

Both materials are recommended for all categories of sex toys: reliable and durable, they are hypoallergenic and non-porous, meaning that bacteria cannot settle on them like on a cheap toy with questionable materials. That's why it's best to invest in a quality accessory, which will be much more durable and suitable for intimate use.

A soft toy is perfect for beginners, because it will be able to adapt to your body and will be much more comfortable than a hard sextoy, rather addressed to regulars in search of new sensations.

How to maintain a vibrating egg?

Do not omit the crucial step of cleaning your vibrating egg. Choose a sextoy cleaner spray suitable for the material of your toy, and wash it before each use.

If you are sensitive or have any doubts about the quality of the material, place a condom on your egg to protect your mucous membranes.

Also, remember to lubricate your accessory sufficiently. Choose a water-based lubricant for silicone toys, and apply the gel liberally before inserting your egg.