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Fetish dresses

Our sexy dresses for fetish looks

Fetish and BDSM dress

Among the different existing fetish clothes, the dress is a relatively audacious piece which is rather addressed to the regulars.

On the one hand, it is difficult to discreetly integrate a fetish dress to a more sophisticated outfit and such a piece must be totally assumed by the person who wears it. This often implies reserving the dress for romantic evenings or BDSM sessions, where it can help you to enter your dominatrix character.

On the other hand, fetish dresses are often made of fragile materials that require assiduous and regular maintenance in order to keep their shine. This is the case of leather, latex, vinyl, lace, fishnet ... These materials require a minimum of knowledge and attention to remain in good condition.

Latex, for example, must be cleaned regularly and stored in a place protected from the sun, light and heat. Talcum powder should be applied to both sides after use, but also before if you have difficulties putting on.

This material is nevertheless the most temperamental of this list, and can be replaced by vinyl which requires much less maintenance. The other materials found in the fetish dresses section simply require care when you wear them, so as not to damage them.

Lace and voile dresses, for example, can snag and tear easily if you don't take precautions. Fishnet, while not as refined, is stronger and easily resists snags.

Leather, if strong and durable, will appreciate being cared for with the right products and will keep its slightly shiny appearance.

In any case, the best pieces that are both reliable and durable are those offered by serious and recognized brands. That's why it's better to invest in quality models than in clothes of dubious origin, which will not last. They could get damaged quickly and could even trigger violent allergies.

Why try BDSM?

Whether it is through a fetish or wetlook dress, a BDSM accessory or simply by trying new practices, BDSM can bring you a lot and help you broaden your horizons, both personally and within your couple.

This acronym, more or less misunderstood by the general public, is composed of several ideas all revolving around a common point: consent. No practice should ever exceed the will of one of the members, and it is the duty of each participant to ensure that the situation is always under control.

Thus, Bondage, Discipline, Domination and Submission, Sadism and Masochism are ways of discovering oneself and meeting one's partner in a climate of absolute trust, since the person in a submissive situation has full power to put an end to a practice that does not suit him/her.

You can then set up moments to discuss and discover together your respective desires, desires and fantasies. If it takes courage to dare to drop the masks and talk about such intimate subjects, you will both come out of this experience more mature and more complicit.

You can start your initiation to the world of BDSM by assigning to one the role of the dominant, and to the other the role of the dominated who will have to obey the orders given to him.
In the same idea, bondage is a good way to discover the BDSM universe and the concept of submission. The dominant ties up his submissive, who grants him all his freedom of movement. He can then abandon himself completely and let his partner surprise him, once again, in complete confidence.

A BDSM garment or accessory can help you get into the skin of your character, like an actor putting on his costume in his dressing room before going on stage.
By putting on your dedicated outfit, you prepare to open your mind in a new and very pleasurable way, to explore your limits together and to leave judgments in the dressing room.

This exercise, far from being easy, helps to consolidate the couple's relationship and fight routine by adopting an open and benevolent state of mind in everyday life.

The different styles of fetish dresses

There are many derivatives to the sexy fetish dresses that you can find in specialized stores. Take the time to select a model that you like, and in which you will be comfortable. This includes checking several features:

  • The material, which must be comfortable and pleasant to wear. Check beforehand that you do not have any allergy, because some materials like latex can cause reactions in sensitive people;
  • The cut of your fetish dress is among the most important points to check. Indeed, a well-cut dress will have a nice look and will better emphasize your forms;
  • Also, the length of a fetish dress should be checked in order not to be embarrassed by a too short cut during your first attempts. Trust your instinct and take the measurements indicated on one of your own dresses to better imagine the garment on you;
  • The colors of fetish clothing are generally quite limited, especially for latex and vinyl pieces. You will find black, red, beige, pink and purple, and other colors depending on the style you are looking for. For example, the steampunk look is often adorned with brown, chocolate, brocade, green and dark blue...

The models of fetish dresses

If most of the fetish dresses are "3 holes" models, there are many variations to have fun with the styles.

The 3-hole models are usually made of latex or vinyl, which completely counterbalances their wise image... Beware, however, of dresses and jumpsuits with a lot of coverage in this material, because it prevents the skin from breathing. That's why the big pieces usually have a bare back, to limit the feeling of compression.

Some models with a simple cut are inspired by the latex suit. Indeed, we find the same shiny and aesthetic material, and sometimes some details like the zipper in the front or in the back. These dresses are usually quite short and sleeveless.

Short or long, veil dresses are incredibly sexy and let your curves show without completely revealing them. It's a good bet to warm up the atmosphere while ensuring a refined style!

Even more daring, fishnet dresses leave little to the imagination and work well with a confident, authoritative figure ready to take control of her partner.

Other more opaque pieces like the kimono or the wetlook dress will give you a very elegant and sexy style.

Finally, the dresses of disguise are a good way to improvise yourself as a maid, a schoolgirl or a nurse, the space of an evening for two..

Other fetish clothes

Some dress models are directly inspired by latex suits. Made famous by many fictional characters, starting with Catwoman who inspired its other name the "catsuit", the suit is an iconic piece that has crossed the ages without ever running out of steam.
The latex suit has evolved and its reputation has been de-dramatized, among others, by the biggest pop stars who wear it today on the red carpet.

If you don't dare to go for the total fetish look, why not bet on a skirt? More discreet and easy to match with an everyday outfit, the fetish skirt can add a mischievous and sexy touch to your ensembles.

This is also true for latex pants, which have the advantage of shaping the figure and enhancing curves in an incomparable way! Although it requires some maintenance, latex has the fascinating power to sculpt the body, acting as a second skin and playing on the impression of dressed nudity.

Similarly, a piece of lingerie will be ideal to wear under your clothes as a little secret. Choose it pretty and comfortable, so that you can be comfortable without it bothering you.